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Anonymous2017-09-14 18:08:06 File: mexicans_in_usa.jpg (86.114kb, 720x709)
Mexicans are the most sneaky people i have ever seen and they come here just to destroy the usa society, give it another copule decades and usa will look like mexico.
Anonymous2017-07-28 21:30:19
I'd be interested in knowing if the crime rate in #mexico will get higher after trump builds the wall ?
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Anonymous2017-02-17 04:22:53
Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices?

Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.

Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News.

With fabricated results, the technology was quickly rushed into every airport worldwide. No one listened to what the scientists in the field of radiation were trying to tell them – it’s not safe.

It wasn’t until the backscatter radiation levels the scanners were putting off began showing an increased incidence of cancer in TSA agents (along with the lawsuits that quickly followed), that the devices were finally yanked. The TSA quickly scrambled for another solution.

Now they also want us to believe that the replacement technology, millimeter wave “digital strip search” scanners, are also “perfectly safe”.

Don’t believe it for a second. The TSA failed to adequately test these devices for health and safety factors as well. Unfortunately, in today’s world, security trumps human safety.

These millimeter wave technologies are designed to bombard innocent travelers with high frequency energy particles known as terahertz photons.

A study conducted by Boian S. Alexandrov et.al. at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, revealed that these terahertz waves could “…unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.”

In other words, this study is the smoking gun that raises serious concerns about the impact of terahertz radiation upon fertility, fetal development, and cancer.

Now think about the thousands of people who are subjected to these levels of untested energy particles every day in the name of “National Security”.

The military’s Active Denial weapon uses millimeter wave technology to create an intense burning sensation on the skin’s surface using a 95 GHz (3.2mm wavelength) beam.

But the TSA tells us not to worry about their millimeter waves because:

“Millimeter wave technology bounces harmless electromagnetic waves off the body to create the same generic image for all passengers.”

This is completely inaccurate because the nature of millimeter waves is that our bodies and water are excellent absorbers of these waves. Millimeter waves do penetrate and absorb into our skin.

At the microwave technology center in Malaysia, health subjects were exposed to microwave radiation between 20 — 38 GHz, the range in which the TSA scanners operate.

They found that millimeter waves penetrated the subject’s skin at depths of between 1.05 mm at 20 GHz to 0.78 mm at 38 GHz. This is enough to penetrate below the epidermal layer of the skin.

Millimeter waves have been reported to produce a variety of bioeffects, many of which are quite unexpected from radiation penetrated less than 1 mm into biological tissues.

Of particular concern is the citing of studies that show there is an irreversible water memory effect by millimeter waves operating in the 36GHz frequency, and that the millimeter wave effects on blood plasma vary greatly from one person to the next.

Does this information make you extremely uncomfortable? Well, it should. And it should also make every one of us mad as hell.

Since the day they first rolled out these human violation technologies in 2007, I have always chosen to “opt out”. I would rather endure the intrusive body pat down any day than subject myself to covert DNA alteration.

So what if it takes an additional 5-15 minutes of your time getting to your gate? It’s time to exercise your own personal body health consciousness, since the US government has clearly demonstrated they don’t possess any qualms about not protecting you.

Alternation of DNA can be subtle and deadly down the line. Who would ever make the connection that a TSA scanning machine might have contributed to any negative health effects you eventually experience.

If you are a frequent air traveler, like myself, you should be concerned about your levels of exposure. If you’re a TSA agent, you should find another job.

This past weekend as I was trying to make a flight back to Los Angeles from the Columbia, South Carolina Airport, I did my usual “opt out” thing. The TSA agents from this little backwater airport tried to feed me the propaganda line about “minimal risk.”

I told them I’d read the studies and they needed to be better informed. They looked at me blankly trying to tell me it was just like using a cell phone. Not true.

The millimeter wave scanners the TSA operates put out more than 20 billion times more oscillations per second in smaller terahertz waves, so the cellular effects will be different from cell phones.

I’m sure no one ever told TSA agents this, but they feed the same lies back to the people that they’ve been told, so I tried to be more forgiving.

I’m sure no one had requested an opt out for some time in this South Carolina airport, which is why I got the pat down of all pat downs.

The female agent made sure to give me karate chops straight up to my private parts twice in the back and then another two times in the front. Totally unnecessary. She kneaded my waist in a strange manner, grabbing hold of any loose skin she could find.

I have had hundreds of pat downs over the years, and no one, I mean no one, has ever been as intrusive as this TSA agent.

My first instinct was to tell her how inappropriate she was being, then I remembered how I would most likely be punished for my non-sheep-like behavior and not be allowed to make my flight.

During the procedure she also sniffled and sneezed, spreading her germ warfare all over me through out the entire security grope session.

I think we have all had enough of this undignified treatment in the name of security. It’s already been proven that these scanner devices and intrusive pat downs have not made our world any safer from terrorists.

Airport security testers have snuck through everything from guns to explosives, clearly proving their ineffectiveness. Metal detectors should be sufficient enough.

If everyone opted out of the scanner, the whole program would eventually fall apart. The lines of opt outs would be so long it would bring the air travel industry to a standstill.

It would also send a clear message that unsafe devices are not going to be tolerated. Take the extra time and just do it — opt out. If you love yourself, than you owe it to yourself.

Now I’m already ahead of you on what you’re thinking — that they’ll just suspend all our civil liberties and make it mandatory to go through the scanners whether we want to or not.

Well, I would like to believe that they would be flooded with lawsuits if they did, but there’s an even easier solution. Go to a medical supply store and buy a cheap inexpensive arm sling and put it on before going through TSA.

If you can’t hold both arms up over your head while in their scanner, it renders the results totally unusable. They know this and have to let you opt out for medical reasons. The sheeple are getting smarter. Afterall, life is all about how you handle Plan B.

By Dr. Kathy Forti — she is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.
Anonymous2017-02-15 05:11:46
By David Johnson

I'll get right to the point! The purpose of this brief article is to take a
look at banking and investing overseas, using fiscal tax shelters (havens) to
reduce and eliminate taxes, and foremost, to provide confidentiality in
personal and business matters. Period.

For various reasons, offshore banking has been tagged as "unsafe", "risky",
"illegal", or "for the wealthy". All are anything but the truth! It's
time to dispell the myths! Let's seperate the fact from the bull! First
off, one must understand that it is normal for those who know little or
nothing about something (besides what they hear from others) to be afraid
and suspicious of it. Misinformed financial planners, attorneys and
accountants may know economics and law in the United States, but few know
about handling business outside of the country. Let's tackle these
misconceptions one at a time:

LEGALITY - There isn't and will never be a law restricting the sending of
funds outside the United States. How do I know? Simple. As a country
dependant on international trade (billions of dollars a year and counting),
the American economy would be destroyed. How? Since all U.S. global trade
is transacted in U.S. Dollars, there would be no imports or exports, due to
the fact that the United States would not be able to buy and sell goods.
Make sense?

If you wanted to, you could remove or transfer some (or all) of your money
our of your bank or credit union to anywhere in the world, LEGALLY.

U.S. banks and the IRS disseminate negative propaganda dealing with offshore
banking, making it seem unsafe or some type of criminal act. Why? Banks just
want to keep your money in their institutions to use for thieir own profitable
purposes. Did you know that most U.S. banks themselves accept deposits from
people overseas and often invest in foreign stocks and hold accounts with
foreign banks? It's true! As far as the IRS, they obviously want your money
in U.S. banks where they can tax every dollar you earn in interest, and keep
track of how many liquid assets you have and where they are.

The confusion with tax legalities is sometimes due to lack of knowledge. In
the U.S., tax evasion is a crime, tax avoidance is not. As you know, there
are zillions of laws on the books in every country. Without a doubt, what is
legal in one place may be against the law elsewhere. For example, income tax
evasion is not a crime in jurisdictions where there is no income tax. Thus,
in most cases (except those with significant political and/or business weight)
countries that are not allies usually don't assist other nations in enforcing
laws that are not laws in their countries. Further, a country has no legal
right to conduct an investigation in a foreign country, without consent of the
respective government. In reality, a country has every right to deny ANY
other nation permission to make examinations in their territory. Therefore,
it is difficult, if not impossible for authorities in the U.S. to obtain
financial transaction records of tax evaders in many foreign-based
institutions (outside of those located in areas that have some type of
cooperation treaties). Strict banking secrecy laws also contribute to the
difficulty. Most tax haves impose lengthy prison terms and/or hefty fines for
violations of a client's secrecy. INTER-FIPOL (The International Fiscal Police)
is the tax crime equivalent of INTERPOL (The International Police Organization),
which is a network of law enforcement authorities in numerous countries which
exchange information on criminals. Many evaders are opening accounts in
fictitious names and using mail fowarding & pick-up drops for privacy.

PRACTICALITY - Movie-makers and recent international scandals, such as BCCI and
Iran-Contra, have contributed to negative views about offshore banking.
Contrary to popular belief, rich criminals and corrupt government officials
make up a small segment of the total number of customers at any given offshore
institution. Now more than ever, the average American blue-collar worker and
businessman is using offshore banking as a way to reduce taxes (through legal
avoidance). Many accounts may be opened for the same amount required in the
U.S (about $100) or less. In some cases, there is no minimum opening deposit
at all. Further, the interest rates are usually substantially higher than in
the U.S. (since federal law sets limits on the amount of interest a bank can
pay you). But by far, the reason most people turn to offshore banks is their

One might ask, "if these banks are so good, why don't they advertise in the
U.S."? The answer is simple...they are prohibited! Federal law restricts
offshore banks from advertising their services in U.S. magazines and newspapers,
unless they agree to the same restrictions that govern F.D.I.C. institutions
(such as interest limitation). Why? That's simple too...to keep competition
down. Opening an account with these banks is as simple as writing a formal
letter to the institution and requesting information about their various
services and the appropriate application forms, and returning them to the bank.
It really that easy! Most banks never have to see you in person.

SAFETY - All offshore banks are regulated in one form or another, like their
U.S. counterparts, but minus the limiting federal laws. Less restrictive
regulations abroad allow foreign banks more freedom in locating the best
investments worldwide, allowing them to pass on and share their profits with
their customers. As for insurance, forget the F.D.I.C. or other private
insurance companies! They usually only allow a liquidity factor (insurance)
of about 10% of public deposits. Many offshore banks are self-insured,
meaning they have AT LEAST one dollar in cash to coverevery dollar on deposit,
That translates to 100%+ insurance. Also, the majority of the world largest
and strongest banks (as far as assets) are overseas, not in the United States.
Call your local library's business & finance or commercial department and ask
the librarian to look it up.

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS) - Treasury form 90.22-1 (Report of Foreign Bank
and Financial Accounts must, by law, be completed and returned to the I.R.S. by
June 30th of each year you possess a foreign account. For a copy of the form,
call the IRS at (800) 829-1040, or check your phone directory for the number of
your nearest forms distribution center.

U.S. CUSTOMS - U.S. Department of Treasury's Currency and Foreign Transactions
Reporting Act details which monetary instruments (checks, money orders, ect.)
must, by law, be reported to the federal government. A copy of an illustrated
circular which explains the act in full is available for the cost of $5 from:
Worldwide Consultants, 2421 W. Pratt Blvd., Suite 971, Chicago, IL 60645 U.S.A.

WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPORT - Here are two categories of instruments that you
are not required to report:

If you make out a personal check or money order to an offshore bank, you don't
have to report it.

And, if you have a check or money order payable to you, you may restrictively
endorse it (i.e. pay to the order of XYZ Bank), and you do not have to report it

TAX EVASION - If you deposit your paycheck in a U.S. bank, chances are you've
already paid income taxes on it (unless it is a personal check). So, you have
no further obligations, since taxes were deducted before the check even hit your
hand. With a savings or brokerage account, at the end of the year when you get
your annual statement, you simply add the total amount of interest or profit
earned to your income, and pay taxes on the grand total. The same is only
true offshore if the country the bank is located in imposes a withholding tax.
Since I'm on the subject of taxes, did you know that the United States and the
Philippines are the only two nations in the world that tax income earned
outside of their countries? Anyway...back to tax evasion. Below are a few
examples of ways some individuals have cheated the IRS:

A lawyer received payment by personal check from a client and deposited it
in his offshore account. Since the deposit didn't appear on his business
reords, the chances are it would never be found out (even if he was audited).

One couple sold a valuable antique and had the buyer send the payment directly
to their offshore bank account. Later the couple used the money to tour
Europe and the Carribean.

Another example is the S&L bank customer who enticed his "unscrupulous" banker
to electronically transfer a large sum of cash offshore without reporting the
transaction to the I.R.S.. Then the customer borrowed the money back from the
offshore bank. Since loan proceeds are not taxable, no taxes were paid.

These types of schemes are no longer used by the rich with extra money to hide,
but by average Americans who don't like to pay taxes on every single cent they

HOW HIDDEN ASSETS ARE FOUND - Having conducted investigations in the
U.S. and abroad, I am familiar with the various techniques which may
be used to locate leads to funds being kept offshore. Here are a few:

1. Checking passports (and travel agents) for evidence of visits to "high
profile" destinations such as: Switzerland, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, Isle
of Man, Netherland Antilles, and other known banking and tax havens. Travel
to these type of areas nwill surely throw up a red flag, giving seekers a
place to start looking for your assets.

2. Examining telephone (home, business & hotel), fax and mobile (cellular)
phone records to identify undisclosed business connections and contacts.

3. Reviewing credit card statements to determine who you do business with,
where you travel (domestic & foreign), and what products and services you use.
These records leave a revealing paper trail miles long.

4. Garbage is often sifted through for information such as statements,
invoices, correspondence, and other relevant material useful in tracking your
affairs. Use a high-quality paper shredder, discard your garbage at another
location, or burn and crush it. It sounds drastic, but what you throw away
says a lot about you, and many leads can be found there.

5. Compiling a list of parties that you have a relationship with (business or
otherwise) by recording the return addresses on your incoming mail. This
technique can disclose friends, associates and partners. If you must receive
important mail at your residence or business address, be sure to have your
correspondents omit using a return address.

6. Looking into banking transactions. All withdrawals or deposits $3,000 or
more must be reported by your bank to the federal government, whether made by
cash, check or electronic transfer. Keep transactions under $3,000.

7. Checking private courier's logs (UPS, DHL, RPS, Federal Express, Airborne
Express, ect.) for delivery of special or important letters and packages.

8. Examining telex records of your company or business to locate areas of
foreign activities.


F.E.C., Inc.
Box 959, Centro Colon Office Building-1007
San Jose, Costa Rica

The above company is the JC Penney of financial privacy. If no one else,
contact them! Provide them with your name, mailing address, and mention
SOURCE: 91/12-0695, and they'll send you complete details about their
services by International Airmail. You'll get information on everything
you need to know about keeping your assets safe from invaders. Definately
an all-time favorite one stop shopping place for many reasons:

1. They offer damn near every confidential service imaginable. Here
are just a few: the Divorce Protection Program, the Savings Account
Program, the Client Loan Program, the Mail Service Program, and others.

2. Their Representative Program gives the average Joe an opportunity
to make money 100% tax-free, through commissions by offering their
services to other on a part-time or full-time basis.

3. They give advice and assistance in tax-reduction and setting up
domestic & foreign corporations in tax havens here and abroad.

4. All fees are quite reasonable and affordable by almost anyone.

Scope International Ltd.
62 Murray Rd., Waterlooville
Hampshire PO8 9JL, England
Tel: (44) 0705-592255
Fax: (44) 0705-591975

Publisher of numerous reports by Dr. William G. Hill, Esq., the world's most
free-thinking attorney. They also provide privacy & financial consultations.

TSB Bank Liechtensteinische Landesbank Bank of Nauru
25 New Street FL-9490 Vaduz P.O. Box 289
St. Helier Stadtle 44, Postfach 384 Nauru
Channel Islands Leichtenstein
Fax 44-53423058

Jyske Bank Banca Serfin Bank of New Zealand
Vesterbrogade 9 Padre Mier Ote 134 31-05 OCBC Centre
DK-1780 Copenhagen 64000 Monterrey 65 Chulia Street
Denmark Mexico 0104 Singapore
Fax (45) 33-787833 Tel 65-915744

All of the above six institutions provide a wide range of offshore
services including, savings & checking accounts, loans, credit cards,
traveler's checks, stocks & bonds and global investment services.

Expat World
P.O. Box 1341
Raffles City 9117, Singapore

This newsletter for international free-thinkers is packed with all types
of goodies about living a global lifestyle. Send $5 for a sample copy.

The International Harry Schultz Letter
P.O. Box 622
CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
Fax: (32) 16535777 (Belgium)

This newsletter is read in 91 countries, and is published by none other than
Harry Schultz, The World's Highest-Paid Financial Consultant (according to
Guiness Book of World Records). It provides advice and covers worldwide
economic cahnges.

International Herald Tribune
(800) 882-2884 (in the U.S.)
(800) 535-8913 (from Canada)
(212) 752-3890 (outside the U.S. & Canada)
(212) 755-8785 (fax)

This newspaper is circulated to over 160 countries, and contains articles and
advertisements from financial institutions, office rental and business service
providers and entrpreneurs around the globe.

Outpost (Wyoming), (800) 331-4460
Fast Foward (Florida), (800) 321-9950
Mail, Messages & More (Nevada), (800) 722-7468
Omni Worldwide Offices (numerous locations), (800) 331-6664
Wayne Budd, Budd Bldg. #5, Eldorado, Ontario, Canada, Fax (614) 473-4460

The above companies are mail fowarding companies provide the fowarding of
mail internationally, send confidential mail to alternative addresses, and
take and relay messages.

R.L. Polk & Company
1155 Brewery Park Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan 48207 U.S.A.

Publisher of Polk's International Bank Directory ($67.50). This publication,
which is updated annually, lists every bank in the world (including its total
assets and heads of each department). You may view a copy of this publication
at your local library.

American Voice Mail, (800) 347-2861

This company can provide you with a voice mail box where you can receive
phone calls (with a recording left in your own [or someone else's] voice).
They can set up service in almost any area code and in any name (or alias).

Traceless Phone Calls (900) CALL-888

Domestic and International calls can be made through this number without
telephone records of where the call went. The charges are $1.95 per minute
(domestic), and $3.95 per minute (international). For more information about
the service, call Int'l Phone Company at (800) 823-0080 or (408) 738-3700.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - David Johnson is an international consultant specializing
in privacy, security and investigative matters. He has lived in Asia for
close to two years, where he saw ten countries. He may be reached by E-mail
at privacy@well.sf.ca.us


Please feel free to distribute, post, or archive this article on any computer
system worldwide. The publication and/or distribution of this article in
paper format is prohibited without consent of the author.
Anonymous2017-02-02 05:04:46

Hi, This is David, I do the political art here at Rense.com. Earlier this week, I received the following distressing letter from Laurie, who, along with her family and pets, have been stricken for the last 14 years with an emerging and mysterious affliction called Morgellons.

She wrote to ask if I would create a Morgellons art image that could wake people up to the fact that, not only are thousands or millions now suffering, but we might ALL one day be in grave danger from its nightmarish effects. So, I read the letter again realizing how difficult it could be to illustrate Morgellons - that is, until I came to the very last line. I could then clearly visualize the concept that became the splash art you see now.

The truth is, this is an extremely difficult subject to confront, so I dare everyone to read Laurie's entire letter; to really consider her and her family's situation, and try to imagine how you might begin to handle it yourself. It is my hope that all of us will read the abundance of Morgellons data, including videos and photographs, on rense.com, and then listen to some of the special Jeff Rense Morgellons programs. Look on the left side of Jeff's homepage for the Morgellons link image. You can also Google Morgellons and study even more photographs. Hopefully, you will then email some of this data to your doctor, local hospitals, medical community and public health agencies. We all need to become far more aggressive in researching and implementing proper treatment for this terrible, devastating science fiction-like disease, or syndrome, or whatever it is.

And now here is Laurie's story...


Dear David Dees...

I see your work every day on Rense.com. Thank YOU for your talent and gifts to the world.

I want to ask you to please do something for all of us FAMILIES suffering from Morgellons (there are 11,046 families KNOWN to be infected). My husband and I, and our pets, have been sickened with this disease for 14 years now. The CDC has been warned for at least 10 years that something HORRIFIC was happening to people, and yet they choose to do essentially NOTHING (except appoint a 'study group') to help the infected - even though entire families are being stricken and ruined by this disease.

'BIO-remediation' may be killing the planet. My husband was infected at a chemical plant in Freeport, Texas - one of the hot spots of Morgellons disease. We have poured our hearts out on the New Morgellons Order Web site - we were the Morgies of the Month for April 2007 - and I have sent hundreds and hundreds of emails to news media, medical universities, medical hospitals, the White House, you name it. I've written to the NIH, WHO (every office worldwide), you name it and NOT ONE PERSON contacted me. The TRUTH, you see, is too frightening.

Back in 1993, my husband was forced to work around MANipulated NANO-engineered microbes. It cost $10,000 for one 35 gallon barrel of these microbes back then and they used about 2 barrels a month at this wastewater treatment plant inside the chemical plant. He was given NO SAFETY PROCEDURES, NO PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, nothing... and there was NO PROPER TESTING to ensure the safety of the maintenance workers forced to work around these open pits and blowers harbouring these microbes. In fact, they would be working and oiling the blowers while they were still running and pouring a mist into the air all around the wastewater treatment plant - a heavy fog, really. These microbes could have been be airborne in that mist NO PROBLEM. In fact, the parking lot for the chemical plant workers was right beside the wastewater treatment part of the plant. The fog hung thick in the air around the parking lot. No wonder this area is considered a hot spot for this disease. The truth will prevail as more and more families are sickened with Morgellons...or whatever it is.

We tried to bring the turth out legally through one of the top environmental attorneys in the country but were told we had exceeded our "Statue of Limitations" - meaning we took too long, even though the CDC and the medical community hasn't got a clue what's going on. We were supposed to figure this all out much sooner by ourselves.

It has been recently shown through the work of private researchers with Clifford Carnicom leading the way, that something is very wrong with the blood of the Morgellons-infected. We have been infected for 14 years now and there is no doubt the public blood supply is compromised and in danger. I would also propose that this disease can transfer from an infected mother to her unborn child. This is a SILENT EPIDEMIC and it has been spreading for years now. The medical community - especially DERMATOLOGISTS - have their heads up their asses on this one. Even when a Morgellons patient has been certified NOT CRAZY by Phyciatrists, these same dermatologists have taken it upon themselves to prescribe 'anti-phycotic' drugs to Morgellons patients. The dermatologists deemed us 'delusional' and 'crazy' with no serious testing on their part or ANY clinical research to back them up.

Morgellons-infected live with open lesions on their body. The left side of my scalp right now is horrendous...lesions creeping and hair loss spreading. My forearms and face and neck at any time can be littered with lesions, and that is just the beginning of what we go through continually. Among many other thinngs, we must also try to deal with:

Eye floaters and constant grit in our eyes.

Almost instant overheating and sweating of our bodies

Chronic fatigue as these 'micromachines' feed off of our energy, zapping nearly every ounce of stamina from us...even small tasks become overwhelming.

Insomnia...chronic and dreadful.

Deteriorating condition of our teeth and tooth loss - my husband has lost 4 teeth and my teeth are deteriorating even though for 38 years I was told what beautiful teeth I had.

Chronic physical wasting - my husband has lost 40 pounds in 4 years I lost 30 pounds in 3 years but for many years I was constantly bloated in my stomach and abdominal area.

Constipation and/or diarrhea...either one or the other, and IBS-type symptoms.

Ringing and thumping in the ears...like tinnitus, but not.

David, there are 93 reported symptoms by the researchers investigating Morgellons. I believe my husband, pets and I live with about 30 of them every day.

I have to mention how this disease effects you mentally. One of the first neurological symptoms we faced was the loss of words. We found ourselves stuttering over the most simple known words that just don't come easily anymore, or at all. So you stutter and stammer or often just insert almost ANY word in a sentence while your mind searches for that word you have known all your life. The brain fog and inability to stay centered on things is simply horrible. My husband has developed a left sided limp and his left foot feels numb or dead to him and even trips him occasionally.

Upon standing, he gets dizzy spells like vertigo but milder in nature. We both have had severe lower back pain that required pain management specialists and cortisone injections by catheter within months of each other.....we both have had liver counts shoot off the charts...and then drop back to normal.

I have found that my desire, or willpower, is gone...even to do the things I Love...which now all sit idle. Morgellons strips you of your creativity and at times I find it very difficult to stay focused. And then there are times you act compulsively or are obsessive in your actions. I never had any of these issues before Morgellons.

You can spend hours and hours tending to painful lesions every day. It feels like plastic or glass coming out of your skin. In fact, I have been SHOCKED at what has come from some of my deep lesions - and all I have is a magnifying glass. There are all the usual fibers and gristle-like things, and then there are red jello-looking globs which almost look like blood clots but are obviously not.

Going out in public has turned into a nightmare. Even in the heat of the summer, I have to wear long sleeve shirts and bundle up so as not to scare people. Morgellons can send your body heat zooming in moments...but we still have to cover ourselves in public. The whole disease is mentally overwhelming...it is anything but just a 'skin condition'.

Perhaps the most devastating of all is the HELPLESSNESS...the complete failure the medical establishment has put upon us. I believe this is the first disease in history where the patients have had to resort to buying their own lab equipment to prove that the DOCTOR is the crazy one and not the patient. We pray every day the medical community will awaken to the fact that this is REAL and spreading and that they could be next. This affliction does not discriminate...everyone is at risk.

Morgellons is infectious or transferrable at close contact. Over the years (14), we have infected other family members including my husband's daughter. Her first-born was premature and almost died and we expect any time now the child's health is going to turn for the worse.

This disease takes time to replicate in your body, but over time you soon become too sick to work and soon after that, it becomes difficult to even do the things just to keep going. Morgellons could come to cripple the entire nation and I see it being far worse than AIDS in 20 years. This is a FAMILY disease. Not only are you infected, but in time the whole family becomes sick - including the pets. We have infected 4 dogs and 1 African Grey parrot. Two of the dogs and the parrot are dead.

Tunes, our Great Dane, came from dedicated breeders...all "show dog" in the blood line and a completely healthy background. At age 5, he became very sick and our vet said it was heart worms - and he underwent that serious heart worm treatment that can kill dogs. Tunes made it through...even though he hacked and coughed and was sick for some time. A year later, a woman approached us at the beach (we lived 10 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico) and asked if we were interested in breeding him - he was a big boy at 220 and big-boned. The mother was also a healthy Great Dane and carried the subequent litter which yielded 6 puppies. But then the mother became sick, and several puppies died, including one we had gifted to friends that died within weeks of coming home. The Vet, again, said it was heartworms. We believe it was Morgellons that caused the whole mess.

Henderson, our Blood Hound, was only 1 and 1/2 when he became sick. Coughing mostly, the vet diagnosed him with with 'Dilated Cardiomyopathy'. His condition went down hill and before he reached 2, we had to put him down. It was VERY SAD. This disease took him fast...he might have been weak to begin with, we're not sure, but it took him down in no time at all. He was still a puppy if you ask me.

Within six months of bringing the African Grey parrot into our home...she had plucked out every feather she could reach. She looked ready for the stew pot, and then died. We asked countless BIRD PEOPLE what was going wrong and even attended a bird show in Galveston looking for help. Some said it was her diet, others that she was lonely. Nothing ever made sense to us. She was gifted to us from Steve's dad who had owned her for many years. Sammie had been pretty much alone...and had the same diet we were feeding her - fresh fruit, seeds and bird treats/goodies. In fact, she had more activity in our home than any time at his dad's, so it wasn't the lonely theory, either. Now, however, it all makes sense to me. Poor Samantha we just didn't know then.

Beardsley, the second of our three bloodhounds, will be 10 in January. He has been sick for years now...rashes and sores, coughing, grit and discharge come out of his eyes, his ears need cleaning daily, and his head overheats at times just like ours do. He was also diagnosed with 'Dilated Cardiomyopathy' and placed on heart medication. Note that all these pets are from different breeders and all came from respectable people dedicated to their litters and healthy puppies. Beardsly even shows signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder sometimes - like just baying over and over at his ball until you nearly lose your mind...and either play with him or hide the ball somewhere.

AnnaBelle, our last bloodhound is 5, and started showing signs of Morgellons a couple of years ago...licking and picking at her privates more than she should and viciously biting at her forearms and forelegs and paws. There are times she is so obsessed with her biting you can't distract her. She also gets the gritty, sticky discharge coming from her eyes, and her ears need attention every other day. And, again, like Steve and I, and Beardsley, she also becomes overheated very quickly and exhibits an extremely hot head.

The only good thing (counting our blessings) is that not one of our little friends ever lost their appetite, they always ate well. However, as much as I love animals these will be our last pets...considering what we know about Morgellons. I was beginning to wonder why everything that came into our loving home has become sick or has died. Now we believe we know.

David, I hope you can draw an illustration that would bring proper worldwide attention to this ever-spreading disease that the CDC is covering up for the EPA. Someone, somewhere in some government lab has created the DISASTER OF THE CENTURY. Everything is sick and dying. THEY created something with these MANipulated microbes that NO living thng on this planet is immune to. Hence, we may be facing the third largest extinction in the history of this planet. It is our belief that this microbe - be it nano-spawned and based, or bacterial or viral (which we doubt) is spreading around this planet. Although it may have been designed to eat and 'process' things like sewage sludge and oil and chemical spills, it is now eating US. Just look around the planet:

* Our bees are disappearing
* Toxic algae is overtaking waterways everywhere
* Dead Zones are ever-expanding in our oceans
* Fish populations are dying (and not just from overfishing like the idiots want us to believe)
* Coral reefs are dying
* Elk, Moose and Deer are dying from some sort of wasting disease (which appears to be a form of BSE)
* 189 species of birds are going extinct and populations everywhere are way down
* Frogs and snakes are dying from some sort of fungus
* Red TIDES and the 'flesh-eating' strep bacteria are invading our lakes and waterways

We believe Morgellons could somehow be involved with some or all of these conditions The Morgellons microbe - likely a nano-created, self-assembling, self-replicating monster - may have been designed to eat 'nasties' in the environment ...but could now be infesting and killing life on the entire planet.

I lived life to the fullest before Morgellons. When I was heathly, nothing could stop me. I was the first female in the painters union in Vancouver, BC in 1978, and then one of the first females to ride with the Houston Fire Department for Emergency Medical Training. It was so wonderful and I learned so much. I even watched 5 different operations standing right next to the anesthesiologist, and worked many, many hours in some of Houston's best trauma hospitals. It was facinating to watch these trauma teams do their stuff. I had one job in Houston at an old bank they converted into a blues club and had entertainment like Ray Charles, BB King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, etc. I was a go-getter - nothing held me down. I never knew a 'stranger' and could talk to anyone. Now? I sit living life as a hermit, a chronically-ill hermit. Thank God Steve and I love each other so much. I would hate to be sick alone. We make the most of what has been dealt to us - we need each other as much as we love each other. I haven't seen my family or friends for almost three years now as I'm in fear of infecting them.

I hope millions of people see your work and my story...and that their jaws drop to the floor. This is what needs to happen to wake the masses up. They need some shock treatment. Just posting the 'wake-up' isn't doing it. EVERYONE needs to read the Morgellons data and view the images at Rense.com. Your work has a way of opening up eyes big and wide. Mine have been open for some time now...they can't get much bigger. We are in deep, deep trouble on this planet of ours...

David, I do enjoy your work very much and I look forward to each new piece when I read my news every morning on Rense.com.

Take Care...and our Best Wishes to you during the holidays... from a very sick and frustrated Morgellons FAMILY,

Laurie Smith
Anonymous2016-12-22 19:01:14

Not just WWII but three massive wars that the casualties really mounted against
these protestant descendants. Aside from someone wanting us to become hostile
enemies and remain separate from Islam, those same people clearly want us, to hate
each other, and however possible get us wiped out. We aren’t even supposed to
consider these points, instead all attention is on Jews, the only victims, ever.
Nobody really won these massive wars because everyone lost, there is not a bigger
tragedy, ever. Even worse, connection, and identification is absent because identity
is lacking and so this cycle can continue. Aside from massive wretched wars are
there other ritualized means of our destruction? If we allow such perception, to
keep looking like losers, what does this do for our women? Look at our media, look
at our society, you tell me.

How many possible ways can this be put, WWII was a blatantly clear holy war.
Numerous scholars examined all of this, they know quite well that it was. Hitler,
Goebbels, and Himmler were likely ordained priests. Eva Braun went to Catholic
school and spent time in a Convent, these are not coincidences and none of them are
pagan, they adhered just as well to racial claims. Braun and Hitler waited till
their last breaths deep in a bunker to get married, if that is at all true, who were
they afraid of upsetting? Mostly we consider Jews to be the expert source in
everything WWII I suspect they deliberately chose to exploit this racism pagan
charade further because it gets them better attention. I wish they merely suffered
confirmation bias but this amounts to an enormous repulsive unequivocal
collaboration. Maybe Jews don’t want the Catholics to be outed as losing WWII due to
age old historical cultural and financial complicities between Jewish leaders and
the Vatican, maybe it goes deeper.

Ultimately, for sycophantic Jews and Catholics WWII marks most strikingly a minor
switch in their approach. They went from viewing these people, (my people) who they
determined looked different because of some evil pagan heritage to these people look
different and because of that they are all ignorant and evil racists. Same troubled
song and dance from which they and sadly those that believe them, (Americans)
currently and constantly outright state or imply through Federal Government leaders
and corporate media. This reminds me most of a quote, “If you tell a lie big enough
and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.” - Joeseph Goebbels. From
what institution did he gain this information? Second by second WWII grows more
hollow for Jews and Catholics. We did not pay so many prices for so much
exploitation. They do not need to vanish, they need their holy land even if they
need to dig out the holy dirt out of Palestine and replace it with something else
they need to exist somewhere somehow away from us.

Returning to a poignant and prophetic quote from another person that benefited from
Luther’s reformation. “When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself;
and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so
that its professors are obligated to call for help of civil power, it’s a sign, I
apprehend, of its being a bad one.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Hence the curtain, a religion hiding in our political ideology that guides our
government in every possible way that makes little sense to any of us but benefits
long term goals of these religions. In defending such beliefs, it really is
troubling that Israel or Italy should ever control any weapons. They need to feel
safe without them and without us. Again this holy land thing needs to be sorted out.

6.Censorship: If for one reason or another I cannot return to these ideas, those
that investigate them with an open mind will enjoy researching them and sharing the
information on their own. There is incredible sorrow, woe beyond comprehension,
possibly as deep as 2000 years is long. It needs recognition, and it does pass as
the good overcomes it.

There are those that will immediately strike to refute these things, by mostly
hurling insults. Along with the cynics these institutions likely have contingencies
set for such a person as me, abusive control and power of such magnitude is not only
mildly interesting it plainly surpasses their beliefs to uphold it. One can be
certain this will be attacked and likely I will be attacked, if I vanish, or they
kill me and I cannot continue take the following to heart.

The most important thing in all of this, if I am off about everything, these topics
matter, they are nowhere near over and nowhere near wrong to discuss or think about,
should be far from censored, especially the next two.

I may have forgot to place a few cc’s along the way so here is the general
reasoning. Some specific leaders were cc’d to let them see what will happen when
someone disbelieves the conventional wisdom, myths and the ill-advised acts that
amount to serious plagues within this and other countries. As they consider allowing
and disallowing religions and cultures into their country, (as I believe they
should) they deserve a rounder perspective. At least a perspective that tries to
understand this guidance that has persistence matched only by wretchedness.

I cc’d other leaders because I assume they actually know some of this and would like
to share with you and others some pertinent information. Others I cc’d because these
things have deeply affected their people in ways they possibly haven’t considered.
Obviously, Merkel and Putin should run laps around me, listen to their guidance,
more than anyone on this world their countries need to reconcile.

Do not worry so much about people fleeing the US, they can be found. To keep things
easy for a bit the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe might consider tighter
international flight restrictions. Maybe strike a deal with Israel its chosen ones
can return if they get rid of their nukes. Others that did not get cc’d I apologize
but I am in a crunch. President-elect Trump, work with them all, build a beautiful

For the remaining institutions, dogmatic, media, resisters, racists, and perhaps
members of the Federal government, I suspect you are suffering some unpleasant
feelings toward me. Most that may have a problem here I presume would include the
groups that I will narrow down to the Jewish guy, Hitler guy, and Catholic guy.
Since the Hitler fan shares media exploitation that resembles Muslims the most I
doubt his perspective will be shared. Besides, after #5 Hitler guy probably needs
time to reconsider everything, including his informant buddies.

Before I talk about the other groups, I want to discuss a bit about race for the
stultified Hitler person. The talking hairdos on CNN last week discussed the notion
that groups that do things like burn the US flag do so as representations of the
first amendment. The segment argued somewhat circularly that people burn the flag
because they do not feel like they are part of America, a last desperate vestige of
their freedom of speech. Whereas, per the show host Don Lemmon, Nazi flag holders
represent only hate. This was the most emphatically made point in the whole flag
burning debate, an odd digression that no panelist argued with. Knowing a bit about
corporate media, it was likely prepackaged bit inserted into the segment as a final
thought. While I do not know anyone that totes or even owns such a flag, I disagree
with the mouth piece of CNN. I suspect the reason one has such a flag is due to
problems that are far more serious than freedom of speech or exclusion.

Notions of cohesion that come prepackaged with endlessly emphasized ideas about
hate, rejection, and loss I think emulates experiences that primarily we suffer
from. Does it come automatically within us or is it educated into us? I have met so
many beautiful intelligent women that are independent with no designs for family,
caught between career pursuits and/or educational ones. Success amounts to societal
achievement and their independence are what resonate most for them, unity and/or
family is in absolute peril.

I recently caught a statement one woman wrote about racism. -

“As a blond-haired blue-eyed person of Scandinavian descent, (these) white
supremacists boil (her) blood, need to be shut down, and should be educated into

As a person who studied comparative religion, the modern corruption of the swastika,
an ancient Indian symbol of peace and goodwill, (turning) it into a symbol of Nazi
hate, is revolting.

As a person who studied German language and culture, the sudden uptick of white
supremacy worries (her). The German people have worked several generations to
distance themselves from radical Nazis. Surprisingly, there are still Americans who
equate Germans with Nazis and we do not need that number to grow…”

An interesting and palpable declaration, she is doing much more than wielding
measures of authority based on her educational experiences. She is presuming an
inherency in people that share aspects of her physical characteristics that without
such governing makes them hate, (something needs educated out). When considering the
stereotypes that flourish in these lands about blond-haired blue-eyed females,
compliments about educational prowess might be hard for guys to beat, does that make
her subservient to education? It very well might, as though her mind can no longer
tolerate relationships that utilize what she has deemed her lesser features,
physical traits, a womb, placing education above companionship and family. Instead
the cerebral acuity she obtains from education completes her. She serves as the
shining light of tolerance and awareness not to be despoiled by lower pagans or
racists that would like her for any lower characteristics, she represents something
more. At the very least we can consider the idea that she has been educated into

Therefore, she has also unwittingly suggested that men that share her perspective
have been turned subservient by such an education. In many respects, they have been,
although like her this has happened through several means, (not just education)
males too are conditioned into suffering from similar submissive mindsets.
Considering what is currently positioned as the single, (designed by the Vatican,
distorted by our media, and completely erroneous) alternative, what choice do they
have? None really. Until today.

Least overt in this statement, but likely the most genuine concern is her scorn for
being associated with white supremacists, Nazis, and in a way those she resembles,
traits she has little need or care for. As she points out people have some tendency
to view Germans in this country as racists. (This includes the repeated associations
that comes from corporate Media and Federal Govt over and over, I mentioned
earlier.) She is stereotyping for her readers, since picking out what “German”
people look like resembles mostly people from Northern Eurasia, (people that have
more features than blond-hair and blue-eyes).

If she feels her presence, in ways her very existence is tainted by these oft
repeated associations, a growing danger of their racist presence, threatens her and
those like her that serve as a beacon of educated awareness. Imagine couples that do
manage to get together obviously too suffer associations of racism or worse.
Pressures that contribute to unknown, unexamined, and what I would call deliberate
strains on their actual relationship. When nearly every mass message goes contrary
to it, why bother try to be a caring loving couple? It may influence others who
could potentially make more children adding to the basket of deplorables.

Accordingly, a group of people that share these various physical traits is almost
unheard of, I don’t think I ever experienced it. What I suppose would be one of the
most natural experiences, from my perspective seems incredibly uncomfortable,
unnatural. Has the US media developed an idea that such solidarity cannot be
trusted? One war and we are to believe that our entire racial history is suspect, an
idea that is as preposterous as it is likely true. If that war emblemized a bit of
actual truth, what we suffer would still be too much. Unity or cohesion that amount
to levels of normalcy for people all over this world are really at odds for us.
Since there is an undeniable message that is educated and by several other means
coerced into us, pride or group loyalty in any adequate sense does not exist in any
way for any of us.

This needs to change, we have spent 2000 years under control of these wretched
institutions. So, Hitler guy, it is hard to really step in your shoes but I would
imagine that your perspective of difference started in the education system, honed
through corporate media, and possibly work environment however you got there, where
do you turn? I feel for you, I really do. If we are honest, I think most of us have
felt those things. Luckily I suppose since I never felt an affinity to or from
Hitler, my experiences of excessive disharmony regarding race is somewhat different.
No matter the expression, our existence has been so thoroughly tied to racism others
struggle to even allow much less consider the topic, our race today has become the
devil worship and witchcraft of years ago, they have become self-governed, and
obedient, so good for you break that chain. I think figuring out how to free
yourself from your group and the cult of lies they adhere to will not be too hard.


What will be hard will be figuring out how to woo these women frozen to ideas that
lie to them and harm all of us. Luckily you do share common ground with her, you are
both suffering from being involuntarily placed into isolating states of self-fear,
self-hate, self-doubt, group-fear, group-hate, and group-doubt. From the age of
Martin Luther until 100 years ago well-meaning people have unwittingly, and I
imagine some deliberately worked toward an age of awareness. I doubt it had much to
do with race, it was more how to free us from religion that most sensed was abusive
toward us. They didn’t realize that ever since the invention of Jesus our people
have endured these strains of condemnation due to race. Only now has the suffering
grown clear and far more broad. Religion, blame, and guilt has enervated,
emasculated, degraded, and disestablished all awareness of our people.

Jewish and Catholic leaders have thrust us back to the beginning of the Catholic
Church, we have been cast into two make believe dead-end roads, those that hate stay
together, those that do not stay together are good but since they lost that hate
they are empty and require mental, (religious and now educational) and physical
“conversions.” I am a little unsure about what constitutes mental illnesses vs mind
distortions in these regards but I’d bet these things create and exacerbate all
sorts of mental problems. Along with everything else, these things too must be
fixed. A little friendly advice, wooing a highly-educated female with slick talk
about fixing her mental illness isn’t the best route, you will figure it out, you

The rest of us need to understand how our society has gotten here. It seems there is
bias everywhere media, govt, and an educational system that caters to girls. We need
damage control, better understanding, we need to design a culture to undo what they
have done to you and her. We need a healthy existence, a future to look forward to,
away from all these hideous lies. From what I can gather that does not fully exist,
it must, this is my single commandment.

404 Compliant - those that ran the media, those that ran the banks, ran the state
department, universities, medical, other government, legal etc.. Guys that have
proven very capable of devising spectacular endless slander.

Who am I though, hard to imagine preconceived elaborate schemes against me. If
anything, these people will barely notice me I am hard to see from atop their piles
of unparalleled influence and judgement, they will treat me easier than mass of
President-elect Trump voters. If this does blip on their radar they will run their
path of outage with heightened levels of fury. Growling that I am an intolerant
ignorant racist, snarling that I am a pagan. Demand that everyone disavows me, all
as it should be. They are viewed by the public as authorities on such labels. So, to
be fair, this amounts to far more than snarling and growling. Additionally, this is
a well-worn path of what is considered legitimate, righteous, and dignified.
Obviously, I do not stand a chance, I will likely be dispatched into whatever hell
crazy chosen racist pagan catholic deeding nonsense, banished into obscurity, and
best of all everyone would be made to feel better about it, morally. The problem is
this; me being right or wrong, their voice of distinction comes from an overly-worn
out path of exploitation and deception that serves only them.

These Catholic guys and Jewish guys likely do not believe me when I say that I am
for them, for their culture and for their religion. If Wahhabi Islam wants to throw
gay men from the roof or chop up women for other reasons, ok. That does not make
full sense to be but I am not to judge without full understanding. Obviously, I
respect culture and religion enough to consider that these people know what they are

Therefore, I am convinced, Jewish guy and Catholic guy that you believe staying
behind those beliefs, being chosen, the rituals, whatever hierarchical, oil lamps,
vicar, wailing walls, holy land, holy water, all order up down in and out it is your
everything. Those that are outside of your beliefs do not matter in the least, best
when used as cannon fodder. According to your beliefs, India is full of pagans,
China is full of pagans, Northern Eurasia is full of pagans, a world full of evil
people you can destroy to get your Middle East lands of milk and honey. They should
be aware that you will literally do anything include have us lie to the UN to
safeguard your shit beliefs and enact your vision on the Middle East. Beyond an ugly
necessity for power this curtain is a nuisance and since operating from behind it
comes at the expense of others, it needs to go and there is only one way for that to
happen, the holy lands.

I hope you remember that we gave you nearly 2000 years. For ignorant pagan racists,
that is remarkably tolerant.

7.Race: Interestingly, most of us are content with and/or encouraging of others to
find pride in themselves, their culture, homeland, and race. We are no different, we
are worth understanding and protecting as a people. Yet this does not occur for us,
quite the opposite we tend to be plenty uneased by it. What is undermining the
development of these meaningful parts of existence? The simplistic, erroneous, and
overly promoted racial and pagan perspectives of WWII certainly aid in such

Something is educated into us, what that person is also suggesting is there is
something inherent in people that flourishes without education. Rather than a
natural burgeoning racism from race, this inner thing that drives them to the only
figure that they are told is on their side, is deliberately toxic. What might have
been a natural a notion of race, something as fundamental as gender and could be as
important as it is suppressed by corporate media and education. Linking oppression
to educational achievement is not only wrong it is dangerous, especially how it is

For instance, due to this invented notion that we are in dire need to be minded by
these religions, (without their good, they desperately want us to believe we have
none). Through their educated guidance, they instill thin traces of their valued
morality, and luckily corporate media is there to keep us in line by routinely
telling us how ignorant and potentially racist we are. More than that though,
through their guidance they can point out what actions and allowances we can take in
the Middle East. This is because we “know” that our condemnation is morally
justified and bound to their religions. For this and other lies, we are, above
anything else on this planet, bound to their esteemed beliefs. With their morally
valid religious guidance influencing everything, who needs evidence to invade or who
needs to provide promised stability? When such valued religions guide every action
and allowance, so what if it serves only them, accordingly without them we equate
hate or nothing at all.

Through these rampant associations of hate, racism, and ignorance through corporate
media, Federal Government, and education does more than senselessly justify actions
and associate notions of false inevitable racism strictly to us. It makes
challenging racial and pagan aspects of WWII seem racist, it makes no matter how
innocuous the talk is to discuss our race to appear racist, it makes everyone
consider our very existence as racist. Combined these norms serve to not just divide
us but compel us to demonstrate disgust and infidelity for lies. An imposed
disregard of something that may be as foundational in our society as gender or even
if it were completely innocuous, these methods of oppressive pressures have been
made to destroy our very identity.

Does media outside of “news,” (episodic television, movies, advertising, etc.) play
a causative role in our conditioning? Yes. For example, where we are used to
routinely deliver ideas that are generally destructive, mostly for us but others as
well. Or where celebratory value and/or meaning is had by other races or cultures
while we serve as a perfunctory reflection, a capitulatory failure, and/or the
single voice of prejudice. Or where we are ritually used to signify racial
destruction or superficial companionship or human trophies. Others are typecast as
well and you will find scholarly study on those examples whereas ours, that study is
considered repugnant, which doesn’t help matters much either.

If figures in media, government, and education routinely use these combined elements
to maintain a culture of suspicion where we are kept in check with blame, guilt,
that comes from lies, (or even if it was truth) it is all done with the English
language, they are abusing us in our language. We were kind enough to let these
people in it, they are our guests. This culture does not belong in our language, it
is time to get them out and for us to start over.

Clearly media currently benefits someone though. Would those that govern media use
it to carry out a vendetta against a race they desired to become part of? This is a
big planet, why did Jews flee to the middle of Europe 2000 years ago? According to
history they seemed huddled in their fiddler on the roof villages segregated and
segregating themselves as Gods race. It appears that many of them physically
changed, was it through all that time? Whether they wanted to resemble our physical
features or not. Most Jews do not resemble me, and they use media to vilify,
ridicule, and leave us in the mud holding the bag.

As I mentioned, allowing Hitler to be the supposed exception, (I do not accept his
fawning about my race to be legitimate). Other mentions of race by contemporary or
historical figures are lacking. For thousands of years being around Jews who proudly
exclaim themselves as the chosen race of God, therefore unwilling to mix due to the
special status. That seems kind of unusual, were my ancestors not allowed to express
inherent natural aspects of race around Jews? Due to religious evil pagan
association, and suppressed by it. From this would seem obvious that there is an
easy way and a hard way, we can ease our way into healthy identity absent of
continued associations and abuse or we can wait for a maniac that doesn’t give a
flip about us and we can go bananas killing whoever.

Only if Jews or Catholics were capable of sharing any truth. Sadly, insults and
whatever bullshit they can make up is all they have, which makes sense considering
this history of theirs. All we can do is review antiquity and what happened to
people Jews consider to have wronged them in the past. Look at their time in Egypt
with their plagues and frogs making people sick more than anything else this
resembles media and politicians making us sick.

Then there are Jews that do resemble me, no matter how you kidnapped, bluffed,
tricked or waited in that region long enough to make your way into features that
appear most among my race. Please know that either through time or mixing with
unchosen your existence lead more directly to the camps than anything else. So you
certainly can be Jewish and welcome aboard, it is nice to have our representation in
the holy land. Just know that a wide majority of this race has a problem with
exalted racial labels thrown upon us. Such as pure or master or chosen by God they
are all viewed as equally vile. You should tell your rabbi or jew buddies to stop
saying such lies and if not that, try the politically correct angle.

For the rest of us white is currently meaningless, there are several racial titles
out there that have meaning between white and some egotistic exaggeration and/or
lie. Find something your ancestors would appreciate and love it. Identity and
understanding from our perspective is obviously lacking. Past leaders and thinkers
starting with Luther realized this and recognized we are being used because of it.
It is time for us to make sense, for us, at this point any outside influence good or
bad about anything, does not belong.

Media might be a tool to enlighten and help people. Instead it is damaging,
exploitive, a means to further agendas, blind the public from important aspects of a
message or a story or a war, encourage bad ideas, twist or remove meaning,
manipulate, destroy natural ties, promote bad food, and sell drugs for problems
media itself obviously contributes to. If media is to remain as a powerful means of
expression, we need less of these splashy glimpses of fabula and syuzhet and the
resultant stars or thumbs. It needs actual examination of what is it doing to people
and I am sure they know.

And to be clear about other races, I do not hate or whatever similar thing has been
programed to run through your brain ungoverned. These “colored” traits likely
emerged from every skin shade we can see on this planet, we did not ask to change we
just did. One can safely assume others, like Jews seem to have, can too. We need to
define what they change into, it needs to make more sense than these lies about
simplistic associations of holy war and its fallout. We are more than this, much
more, and that is a good thing.
Anonymous2016-10-18 13:49:52
There is another one in Mexico (Cancun and Tijuana)

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Anonymous2016-09-27 20:58:32
bye bye mexico
Anonymous2016-09-09 18:18:04
how they fuck will mexico pay for the wall ?
Anonymous2016-09-03 06:10:57 File: trump2016-maga.jpg (80.566kb, 780x780)
I wonder how long will it take mexico to build that wall....
Anonymous2016-09-03 05:12:28
who is going to pay for the wall ?

Anonymous2016-09-01 06:30:10
and mexico will pay for it
Anonymous2016-08-29 03:25:15
people should just shut the fuck up and vote for him unless they want to be the new mexico
Anonymous2016-08-28 15:20:38 File: 89765676563248764.jpg (67.951kb, 540x706)
daily reminder that #mexico will pay for the wall and all mexicans will be deported #trump2016 and no more anchor babies


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