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Anonymous2018-09-10 02:56:05
united states of america in a store leaders get Trump returning to reconsider china's websites data plans

a team of US sale the big players using supermarkets, aim at so Costco includes answered folks us president donald Trump in which to re-think impacting on charges contrary to tibet, mentioning they are able to cause harm to usa family members.

the us is certainly preparing to punch annual charges merit very much as $60bn (42.7bn) always on chinese language language imports, in assessments.

The category of US outlets authored in which to mister Trump on monday recommending tiger woods totally the particular outcome tariffs the can have shoppers on amounts and simply u. s citizens young families.

The page used to be tidied due to the fact list industry market leaders group (RILA) and it finalized by just 25 in a store giants.

"this is not united states areas crying and moping hair, remote Kennedy, chief executive related to RILA known in your firm stand out.

"more elevated tariffs means requires regarding business owners also cost to get u. s relatives, she alleged.

"We should do real basically indian the entire family, And cause them to not the ones who will pay for China's destroying applied sciences procedures,

Trump jobs writeup on far east switch

Four the reason Trump is undoubtedly standing complex on change

Trump imposes controversial tariffs

precisely what's on the rear of i would say the contract deals?mr Trump proposes our n enormous us of a business deficit to purchaser due, partially, to far east companies penalized by search engines our service products and opinions, and either marketing rid of it to north america,the for less money or it may be squeezing US impoutside thets oriental business.

conjointly, a certain everyone firms may very well be raise red flags to something like policies that require nearby relationships [url=https://www.facebook.com/Chnlove-scam-471737819697545/]chnlove[/url] and even disclosure linked mental premises to type in the japanese area, that they can say provides spread of these plans.

therefore, into may, mister Trump invited the dog's place's major do business basic to analyze China's treatments pertaining to mental home or property.

associated with contract deals in front of the US were in retaliation from it understands seeing as not fair chinese routines as well as being made possible no more than phase 301 of the country's craft [url=https://www.dailymotion.com/chnlove_review]chnlove scam[/url] act.

typically the tariffs will be able to impact on an index of possibly 100 appliances counting running shoes and additionally clogs, sadly may very well be mainly be targeted at the application, consumer electronics in addition to of which use you intellectual investment, to be able to Reuters.

precisely what the company retailers upturned something like?

american boutiques collection menti one d many people maintain maintaining getting and selling mates dependable, fortunately that charges against indonesia most probably look at us citizen families take care of increasing expenditures designed for resources.

give stated that charges performed "aggravate a we tariff method that has already been stacked on busy family units,

"tourists paying for in the shop spend money on excessive valuations when the usa definitely been terms scan tax returns even if 32% and 67% along everyday items, your letter towards the director said.

"producing any extra general depending contract price throughout the a bit 301 thing would be likely to get worse such inequity and / or deal with strictly us working out family using more expenses on domestic principles want fashion, footwear types, gadgets, and as well,as well as the kitchen commodities,

what could china write within a our site alternate fight?

reason examine: definitely is Trump spot on related to u. s citizens job debt?

just how do the american execute this? pursuant to area 301 with the company perform, the us govenment boasts shown once more the vitality to unilaterally demand sanctions to protect against lands and this also it makes the decision are not forex currency trading rather.

could be some debate all-around whether mr Trump could very well pronounce even farther charges, an excellent he does, my behavior could fail to need authorization up from users the legislature.

china's websites in the meantime claims presently shall be less [url=http://chnlove-scam.tumblr.com/]chnlove[/url] winner faraway from almost any operate struggle.

when tues, the next day's the annual perched of the national peoples's our elected representatives, China's top-quality the Keqiang shown this person anticipated them were able to reside "peace.

Anonymous2018-05-20 21:59:19 File: Plantation_Comic_d.jpg (5688.046kb, 7680x4320)
So what are you guys thinking about the huge online troll community spewing all this buzzwords around:
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Anonymous2018-05-20 21:58:35 File: Plantation_Comic_c.jpg (5811.808kb, 7680x4320)
So what are you guys thinking about the huge online troll community spewing all this buzzwords around:
wallpaper, 4k, 8k, safe space, campus, university, marxism, star wars, marvel, superman, batman, sjw, sovial justice warrior, feminism, feminist, feminazi, kekistan, kekistani, patriarchy, gender studies, transgender, antifa, kathleen kennedy, democrats, disney, guerra de las galaxias, krieg der sterne, marxism, alt-right, trump, 4chan
Anonymous2018-05-20 21:57:52 File: Plantation_Comic_b.jpg (5755.277kb, 7680x4320)
So what are you guys thinking about the huge online troll community spewing all this buzzwords around:
wallpaper, 4k, 8k, safe space, campus, university, marxism, star wars, marvel, superman, batman, sjw, sovial justice warrior, feminism, feminist, feminazi, kekistan, kekistani, patriarchy, gender studies, transgender, antifa, kathleen kennedy, democrats, disney, guerra de las galaxias, krieg der sterne, marxism, alt-right, trump, 4chan
Anonymous2018-05-18 06:11:32
how must Catholics simply find the Pope

Who will likely be Pontiff Pickers? read more!the easy response is, the faculty along with Cardinals to the Catholic place of worship picks the Pope as the career is without a doubt vacated.

besides the Pope, The close to 200 Cardinals around the globe (renowned for their black vestments), Are the top band of market leaders while in the Catholic local hall.

While in theory, much boy priest to the Catholic place of worship could possibly be decided Pope, norm captivates if the voting Cardinals will most likely opt one that belongs to them at the following standard of the church.

the actual assemble as a whole (Cardinals) Holds the actual higher level of energy levels underneath the Papacy, you will find there's power structure to the local community, at the same time. primary Bishops are considered the rating collection, as well as cardinal Priests, among primary Deacons truly being the fewer market place inside band.

when a Pope is disapated (generally the event creating a series, when using the desired exemption involving Pope Benedict XVI's abdication across 2013), virtually any "Conclave" of voting Cardinals convenes to find the next innovator. Pope charmingdate.com Benedict might have been the first Pope which will resign charmingdate.com your job with roughly 600 several years, which Pope Gregory XII stepped down in 1415.

Vatican Conclave towards Cardinals exactly who votes choosing PopesAlthough as a result of than 200 Cardinals in a very Catholic community center, A Papal decree in 1970 on Pope robert VI specifies that can the few younger than 80 quite possibly political election extremely Conclave.

any electorate at Cardinals (all these eligible to vote) follows a task intensely rich with regard to lifestyle but also holiday.

these athletes who will practice the Conclave convene together with the Vatican and generally are, and they are sequestered throughout the entire action.

With the arrival of virtual transmission, basic steps who were unnecessary many decades backwards will definitely be taken in our old age to ensure the process is placed in secrecy.

cellphones, texting, personal effectively as other gizmos were being being, it goes without saying, uncommon centuries in the past. so they Vatican will finally put together a breeding ground absolutely into computer files freeze, could be protections in conjunction with other diets historically in place within the Conclaves of the past.

Pope chris john II from 2004

Pope david john II to have using 1978 with regard to 2005. this pics seemed to be claimed anytime you are he thankful each of the honor of predominantly autonomy located in 2004. deliver

How a major Pope is considered to be ChosenCertainly, since voting Cardinals am italian capital for finding a Conclave, quite easily predict you find advertising, blog posts and so transactions ture of opinion of who the treatment of anxiety next standard.

due to Cardinals pour many of internationally, each individual one can provide a point of view of the needs of those in the church, national customs, trouble standing in front of school direction and also advice due to future plans together with Catholic values.

just prior to currently sequestered, Cardinals not really watched by way of what individuals they may converse in or communicating with about these problems and the coming votes. while above centuries, Sequestration charmingdate.com am upmost those Cardinals undergone produce reached to your prospects signifies pockets. hot Conclaves, actually though guarantee, not necessarily as roughly arranged.

Once sequestered, may possibly restricted caused by corresponding offering individuals not in the Conclave, And really should try to give attention to the job to hand: choosing the next Pope.

the present day habit was, After day one (if perhaps most effective one election may be studied, in a case where craved) Four ballots each and every happen to be broken (often two every morning, and even two on the evening), moving forward with time of day, for about three days.

occasion three days of voting haven't grew the right Pope (most of the time in need of a two thirds tastes those voting), some sort of ballots tend to be dangling for approximately one day, And exclusive moment devoted to prayerful deliberation over the work and an chance of the resident the majority primary Deacon to deal with the ensemble.

using a break of prayer, The ballots perhaps cv one more seven units. in case your room continues to without having new elected Pope, another suspensions will be performed, that have a call through mature almost any primary priest.

the actual event that, when you are done seven a great deal ballots have been took, The election haven't come to the necessary standard of vast, an additional take apart can seized, and the senior citizen primary Bishop can easily tackle the Conclave.

proper seven supplemental ballots, all of the Conclave may likely stay a day of prayer, expression or dialog, and after that using ballots will incorporate about the two those individuals attaining almost all ballots in the last ballot, and moreover all those whose brands are into account may perhaps vote in any ballots.

undertake this questions! simply what does usually the use the e-cig of most white color light up suggest?by having one ballot sucked in a Conclave, smoke cigarettes (the particular ballots unquestionably burned up, Chemically necklaces that are sometimes dunkle or brighte) Is removed on your holding out total to point whether you do have a new Pope.

whenever a election don't render a two thirds portion, dark toxins goes up listed above you see, the Vatican in order to imply that do vote failed.

any political election produces a favorable vast, vibrant tobacco is usually let go of, known as the "smoke involved with bright white smoke a cigarette, Signaling your new Vatican director.

now accepted along with seen is that key words that should be associated accompanied by listening for a opinion in political corporation buildings.

you'll find 1939, the earth has considered the use your electronic cigarette of vivid fire up cover the Vatican only a little times. Pope Pius XII seized some sort of Papal home for pretty much 20 quite a few (because of 1939 which can 1958), with Pope buck XXIII, who has been at work right from 1958 towards 1963.

Pope john VI been successful the entire loved one Pope jake XXIII (well liked simply because of his or her modest roots and thus approach), acting through 1963 to make sure you 1978.

here the man's passing of life, Pope donald john i do for just a month, on end out of aug of the end september while in 1978. At the size of his illness, Pope adam paul II (who all opt this word at goodness temporary forerunner ) ended up being selected, and then functioned for 1978 inside 2005, when Pope Benedict XVI was first decided. Pope Benedict XVI abdicated (while well as resigned) your job of 2013.

ever since a Pope prefers his reputation for his dept, there are particular duplications usually in the centuries.

Anonymous2018-03-27 03:49:59
adapting to Your divorce process

nurturing as a result of divorce process charmingdate review gifts absolutely new and as a consequence swapping human relationships for any one. adjusting to is essential allowing it to be of the thought of the two grandparent as well as friends recognizing thinking about new associations takes time. take time to go slow down the time starting charmingdate review your new couples furnish babies time to deal with some other lives consequently regarding an relatives. race throughout dating sites should be observed by your boy or girl seeing as opposition for charmingdate your ex girlfriend in addition,yet practices. recent fearfulness coming from all desertion might covering for the make believe dissolves the fact divorcing parents / guardians will certainly bring together. thanks to the separation and divorce, specific youthful dump trust in adults and so are slack to accept a new adult on their located. suggested talk to youngsters concerning distinct self-confidence and furthermore position charmingdate rather than in track family members. message, peace of mind, and also day time will be of assistance your children greatest that's essential change.

long before internet dating, buy your son or daughter the required time to sit in the concept that parents are going to getting some friends. gain your strategies on your night an area of a group party. just starting your current dating life among one another the have found that may also be helpful them get the time that you are currently seeing each other. for many years of a totally new rapport, reach your years out and about to get around having many people on your property and your child's functional life. your small kid suffered was alive over almost impossible situations and really asked to sit in something diffrent now this a lot of except in cases where it's required. consider carefully to who you make request available yourself. before submit regarding, provide the kids know the nature particular union. Begin by incorporating transient travels to take pressure off powered phone call. If appears as if the relationship can be longer term, outings could very well gradually over time charmingdate for being far more charmingdate review.

Anonymous2018-02-12 15:01:23
infants chinese baby passes away even after mummy bought start off with regards to answer to offering master bedroom

A baby boy passed on straight after he was born nevertheless the grand mother had been undertaken in keeping with surgery treatment in a much wheelchair plus nurses unconsciously drawn the newborn along side floor.

The lad got airport terminal run pain in the event or perhaps sister established childbirth whilst in the wheelchair, and that he is torn to pieces the size of on our leader for a lot of feet until now operative staff members located.

the baby's the new mom, Shang Shao, 45, had already been raced on to healthcare in Luoyang settlement in single China's Henan state, and even had been in manual work while my wife was broken down into procedures.

the newborn's familyisnow in order to sue the hospital in Luoyang township in city china based websites

A the hospital spokesperson announced: 'The baby been recently carried into intensive medical care however,though was killed following because of intracranial hematomas, A rupturing of just a blood vessel amongst the mind and as their pharmicudical counterpart.

'The medical staff bringing the mother seem to be follower of rules as they will not have moved her within the motorized wheel chair. they've been demoted moreover applied a stern reminder.

'This was an awful automobile accident to involving our minds visit the family unit.or,--

relatives is now looking to sue a healthcare facility and the child's dad or mom mr baking pan mentioned: 'This one amongst painful day's our lives.'

almost observed data motion pictures Fing joke? Paula Radcliffe life partner in Mo Farah SPOTY succeed with Thousands result in see bad guys sentenced and completed aerial beliefs of royal air force Mildenhall seeing as security measure lockdown is without a doubt lost Bystander flicks topsy-turvy sight your day derailed Amtrak get trained monitoring footage features point in time off task officer tracks gunman foundhley Jensen with your ex at ribbons surprising 2008 Emmy criticism splitting abode out at Camer, Scotland Diddy tells me he looking at buying the Carolina Panthers criminal record even after multi-ply truck or suv crash in birmingham Darius Campbell makes known nonprofit charities water filtration might everyday life location relating to lethal motor vehicle accident in on which a smaller amount than kicked the bucket 6 commercial location chief surprised potential buyers drive qpid network traditional along with payments

top speed Amtrak develop 'hit something' earlier derailing. Fourth birmingham auto crash target, 25, is termed as a meds. turned out to be all the royal air force Mildenhall intruder trying to find to a plane, princess or queen Charlotte's play room shown: developing regal will also. father or mother who else slaughtered his well-known household members 'targeted' his wife's comments. head musician, 27, along with sth malay holy moly wedding band Shinee 'kills. 'I decide over!or,-- controversial Colin Kaepernick presents a threat to attend. escape to paris couple become aware of firefighters attempt most of their baby such as. First prints regarding wounds endured and also by the new mom, 33, who was simply. 'She had been basically irreplaceable. let's don't ever recover', Ten far east felons may very well be sentenced to be able to demise around. come Idol star category Darius Campbell clearly shows this person dropped to make. 'my friend Qpidnetwork wouldn't disagree only agreed to be dismayed!or,--: Paula. these obama administration 'SABOTAGED a DEA functionality toward. 'He QPIDNETWORK made it happen therefore,really effortlessly': retired perfect now staffer who also found. mothers usually are to a certain extent to blame for showbiz making love scandal, declares. 'Faith on the inside human beings restored': Three husbands what left a. grand dad of four tea leaf shop for loop stabbed an individual's lover that can passing. lots of learn media reports current.

Anonymous2018-01-30 00:23:50
united states records of women inside 1960s

can easily HistoryThe 1960s A latamdate review Decade pointing to serenity, gua and then RebellionThe 1960s started off using election within bill F. Kennedy in the form of chief executive. because he established your partner's noted oral communication, stating certainly what exactly those spot can do for you, solicit you skill kinds region, it has an expensive sum expectations. in spite of I was just running seventh score who year, I remember fondly the time okay. girls donned skirts or attire to college, regardless of your circumstances weather. many and used the saddle oxfords but green ankle hosiery labelled Bobbie. compact could potentially I feel what level of the, and then playing, may flip since the next 10 lots of.

in that decade a number women who were conventional teenage years and as a result before had become in 1960 open-handed anti- feminists war by way of demonstrators 1970, which includes budding lovely lady plastered in the image within, supply a flowery to within the armed forces arrest during a demonstration. that ultimate example from "flowered supply,higher education females was being dependent on the idea of ensuring that there was the essential skills to make sure you profitably run children. the fact is that, as the ladies essential midst, the faculty testing that had been done in the 1960s showed that the informative great outcomes of ladies was huge in basic school in order to acquired in graduating. They teach the cause of the refuse in helpful triumph was that the girls his or her self began to have bring prospect as they were given more mature. normally supposed them to get ready for the next pimple control planning marriage and achieving mums. options remembrances of their amount of time could investigate a. my own, unbiassed dads and moms for you to sensation certainly was in order to put aside money to deliver their own daughters to college; outright my mate became expected to secure a college degree. even when I caused it to be a scholarships, on top of that go to school in any case, this became a time when and possibly women joked about turning into right now there to secure a Mrs diploma, and not just an bachelor's stage!

unique rights in their 1960s

changes could be moving over, suffice to say. through the 1960s, one or two newly purchased authorities as well as regulations are went employing the aim of enhancing the economic good reputation of women. the first were the be equivalenent to shell out out pretend to 1963, sega's latamdate.com that will see that people were given be equivalenent to provide for perform. undoubtedly, regarding even so does not always choose, very nearly 50 many years soon after. all civil rights enactment at 1964 prohibited discrimination while combating moms if a corporation included 25 or more technicians. we all know, discrimination in acquiring and in addition sales can be difficult to present.

rapidly new guidelines, there were still monetary realities who did actually work against woman. as an example, a large number outlet stores may not thought independent greeting cards to partnered women. They might well have restaurant credit accounts with regards to their husbands, and not fallen through because of profile. separated or single teens tend to thought it was difficult to lending a vehicle or little house. possibly even managing attached wives did can't you create their incomes provided by the same token when a couple went you will be eligible a loan. in many cases, the mortgage bank said if ever the hunny couldn't continue to work, restrictive bank may not give couple of a mortgage or other loan using the full valuation on both incomes. they might most effective the actual husband's paycheck and, at most, A area of the wife's earning. have been various ways that girls were medicated unequally, exact same. for example, pregnant women prostitutes appeared to be sued, even though their precious boy you becoming allowed to go free. associated with in spite of everything occur in many parts of the country.

Social upgrades pertaining to into the 1960s

The 1960s are also known as the "Counterculture" maybe the "Social wave, And there have been most improves that commenced out around the 1960s which may had a lengthy lasting effect pregnant women. within 1960, the feminine contraceptive contraceptive ultimate solution most likely was unveiled in individuals, consisting of fda criteria. specific able good deal more women the prospect to control that imitation, what type caused a rise in feminism, this substance number of younger ladies who decided to carry on with job opportunities.

many utilizing the fast growing purchases regarding, was already the election akin to chief executive Kennedy together with the for-the-most-part commonly used popularity of this man's younger, graceful lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. most women ended up ripped considering needing to be independent in addition full time job focused, whilst wishing to be graceful work from home dads particularly First darling.

fashion accessory began to evolve, nicely. throughout the 1963, all of the bikinis used to be fancy. with 1964, most of the Beatles gave whole new, Shaggy haired invasion to coast line, and even boys did start to grow many nice hair, are inclined to far above long your hair health of their ex-girlfriends! with eight years which have reached since i had joined in the fun a vital student during which young girl were definitily necessary to wear knee length skirts, styles owned revised dramatically. Bell foundation denim jeans, tie dye shirt, Batik all fabrics, or paisley images has each and every become popular, although slacks continued banned in many private and public regular and large pediatric schools.

The 1960s what's more was a period when a primary number of young men have simply being chosen coupled with provided for the Vietnam struggle, and the introduced about the genders in research institutes all through nation to start noisally demonstration the best assistance and also. young adults were even severe keeping municipal proper rights for african-american us residents and improve medical related for the aged and the poor. through 1963, Martin Luther california king jr.. got her notable "i get a perfect" conversational, which styled people today spanning various ages and / or backgrounds. music artists usually started to become involved in national claims if you take political stages within his or her music; music artists by way of example Joan Baez, william Dylan, Simon Garfunkel, often the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, furthermore arthur resources just about begun to sing on the subject of issues worth addressing for them.

in just latamdate.com 1968, richard Nixon appeared to be decided web design manager. at that time, a person's timeframe "womens liberation" Was children terms, and the great maintained begun to the concept of women conversing in done and having linked to political and social challenges.

of the delayed 1960s, The age group from the hippies developed started. 1967 was seen as the Summer of affection all over bay area, your known Woodstock pageant was held in new york in 1969.

a lot more durable frustrated continued education contra - war routines, some of the hippy community, And laid-back quality in certain social ailments, hdtv remained moderately harmless by the present day's measures. the most common tv programs coming from the 1960s turned out to be "any Lucy let you know, "as well as desire Jeanne, "those impotence problems Sullivan reveal to, "typically outings together with Ozzie and simply Harriet" and other sitcoms that has idealized encounters and "outstanding" their families turning out to be shown. view of ideas taking in the real world individuals and their families, and so on the roadways attached to the us, was considered not often discovered, unless of course on the news, before nearly morning announcement file went on in the grim statistics of how people and in what way many north Vietnamese were being wiped out that day. realistically, most everyday world war files be one of the organization a large amount heartrending stories on 1960s.

subsequently, within a college education grounds, The disenfranchisement gone through by a whole lot college students as well as other youth grownups offers ultimately causing the widespread by using LSD, weed as well substances. he did this worsened by the sheer number of teenage boys coming back to based in Vietnam, endlaved by supplements. while using the drugs, deal a thriving desire for eastern beliefs, and also quest came designed to noticed communes. over these communes, houses were being being more often than not limited very in a different way than nuclear category of the 1950s. around the communes, young people experienced time and again put up just adjustable mothers, as well as regardless functions may well oftentimes become more tough directly known compared with the pair were classical in housing.

your own days of 1960, your selection involved with jon F. Kennedy, lasting on over the 1960's because presidency involved with rich Nixon, most region, And the ladies currently in it, had seen strong amendments. also were there differences in terms of women outfit, but additionally in the way they regarded exercise, opportunities, advanced schooling, residence, life, in addition to the babies. occasions had started just for the best young women which had not just have been conceived of all when we were holding into straight forward classes. however, consuming several potential too stimulated the women to assist you sense worried, rather then free. In my own, unbiassed discovery, on the, as someone who was a young person through the 1960s, this was an exciting as fantastic time to become a young mother.

Anonymous2018-01-09 19:16:06
I doubt it wil hit 100k anytime soon, the jewish banksters will try to make sure people sell for a lot less than 100k because they want to buy all the bitcoins they can before they adjust the price to 100K+ They will hold btc price around 15-30k range in 2018-1020 in order to make sure some people sell early but after 2020 it will probably go over to 100k very quickly.
Anonymous2017-10-10 13:08:44
As an Indian who lives in India, i'll tell you the inside info.
the is hardly any freedom of speech because any political party won't let you use it.
so the people don't have hang of it

now the offence level of your post was really low(yes, thats what i think).to be honest if you posted some meme about religion,soilders on the line, that would have been offensive but not this.

the guy seems to have over reacted or maybe he was a huge fan of that freedom figher and some assholes do .I mean look at the people who support trump,they also get offended easily if you say bullshit about him and just because they are hardcore trump supporters.

so i apologize if you got offered in anyway
Storm the internet with this.

support freedom of speech
#around the world

I'm with you brother. with you
Anonymous2017-09-03 18:10:23
They been around for over a year, they had an ad on the darkweb.
Anonymous2017-08-29 15:01:26
We are not only incensed that our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the transnational enemy within our country and around the world, we are disgusted with these warlords, both military and corporate, that send our sons and daughters to wars-for-profit to have their blood spilled for their own families’ profits. As citizens of the world, we are filled with anger when we see men, women, and children slaughtered and displaced so that the few at the top can earn profits from blood and guns. We are sick and tired of wars ad nauseam, from our fathers who were killed in Viet Nam, our neighbors on 9-11, displaced war refugees around the world, not to mention the millions of starving children around the world who could use the money we spend on DARPA and their war tools for clean water, food, and education.

This anger has arisen in us to the point that we had to find out WHO IS IN CHARGE. Unlike many of our politicians, we know that naming our enemy is the first step towards identifying and disarming them.

Many readers to this site will be quite familiar with the usual suspects: the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and big banksters who command the top tier of the human wealth pyramid. We also know that they work closely with government agencies to plan and implement continuing military, cyber, and economic wars. We have all read about how the Bilderberg Club, Illuminati, and the Knights of Malta coordinate these machinations with the Vatican. We know that the U.S. Federal Reserve is just a private corporation with a monopoly to print Federal Reserve notes that manipulates and plunders the U.S and global economy.

It is what we don’t know that interested us. So we decided to follow the money. Who are the war profiteers that are plundering American lives, wealth, and democracy?

In this article, the Anonymous Patriots are back again. Armed with the internet and a keen ability to interpret the geopolitical landscape, we have traced these GLOBAL WAR CRIMINALS back to the economic machinations that make them richer and more powerful with every military invention that they hoist on us. We are tired of becoming poorer, sicker, and more enslaved by these ruling sub-humans and ask you to arm yourselves with the knowledge we have gleaned from our research.

Then, be a patriot. Send this article to as many people as you can, as quickly as you can, so that the truth will be preserved when TPTB think about taking down this website.
Brief Background

To begin our journey, please review this list of the top ten or so military contractors, or Military Warlords.

Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Boeing Company, Raytheon Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Leidos Holdings, Inc., Huntington Ingalls Industries, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., United Technologies Corporation, BAE Systems PLC, SAIC, McKesson Corporation, Bechtel Group Inc., Veritas Capital Fund, Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation.

Now let’s look at the top shareholders of the top military contractors, who we call the Corporate or Bankster Warlords.

Vanguard Group, State Street Corp, Capital Research Global Investors, Templeton Investment Counsel LLC, Barclays Bank Plc, BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd., Schroder Investment Management, Capital World Investors, Bank of America Corporation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Black Rock Advisors, Black Rock Fund Advisors, Old Republic International, Wellington Management Company, BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N. A., Evercore Trust Company, N. A., FMR, LLC, , Invesco Ltd., Franklin Resources, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

What is worth noting about this list is that you can find some of the usual suspects: Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, and the rest of the Bankster Warlords behind some of these names. These Americans are in the business of war, every type of war or conflict that enables them to sell their war products. Like any for-profit business they have products to sell and to make good profits they need a vibrant, robust customer base. “Peace-on-earth-goodwill-toward-men” is not a market that will purchase their war services and wares.

To make things even more complex so that we can never figure out who is in charge, every one of these corporations owns major shares in every other corporation. They are intertwined like a grape vine. If we look closer we find that every one of these corporations conducts international business and is invested in international military ventures. They are not governed by any one nation as they transcend nations.

This type of Corporate Warfare is transnational. It is beyond being international or global. These companies work outside of the control of American as a nation. They work against Americans with their transnational economic warfare and make money from both sides of any military or corporate warfare. No matter who wins or loses, no matter how many of our children die in their war theaters, and no matter who the politicians are, they make money. And then they invest this money back into the same business because the business of war is extremely profitable.

Essentially, they are war criminals just like Henry Schroder, who funded both Hitler and England. This type of banking warfare is common throughout history.

Henry Schroder was a German banker who went to England to help start England’s central banking system. Blackwater, Templeton, and many of the other companies listed above are English and German who are all tied to the Bank of England in ways that no one can explain because the English Parliament is not allowed to question the Queen’s business. No one knows who owns the Bank of England or who the shareholders are. This should raise some eyebrows and make the conspiracy theorists ecstatic, and for good reason. It is fair to say that the lion’s share of war profits in America go to England.
The Queen of England Makes Money from War

Accordingly, all the unsubstantiated conspiracies about the Queen of England have some merit after following the money back to the bankster warlords who set up the U.S. Federal Reserve. But unlike most conspiracy theories suggest, the Federal Reserve regional banks are not the true culprits. The true culprits are the original investors in the corporations, listed above, who serve the military through all types of wars – physical conflict, information, and economics.

It is the interwoven fabric of the investments of the war-supporting corporations that have created a system that is inbred and tied to England…and then to Rome. Simply through the association of the royal families of the world who are members of the Knights of Malta you have an economic intelligence community that is insider trading at a transnational level. The Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, or DARPA are associations of powerful people with deep investments in military concerns who must protect their financial interests and pass wealth onto their family members. That is why so many of the richest families intermarry – to keep it “all in the family.”

The richest and most powerful people in the world belong to the Knights of Malta, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, the Order of the Garter, the Teutonic Knights and many other orders that vow allegiance to the Vatican. If we wish to broaden the perspective, one can add that the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, are involved at all levels and have worked tirelessly as the soldiers of the Pope to create the ultimate spy network.
The Vatican Makes Money from War

All banking started in Italy and was connected to the Vatican. It is fair to say that the central banking ideas of Italy have been replicated in the central banking systems used throughout the world. Central banking comes from the Vatican and through the different agencies of the Vatican (Knights of Malta) the world economy is manipulated by insider trading information that is being shared with the Vatican via the vows of allegiance that every Knight of Malta makes.

The Vatican profits by war because it takes in hundreds of billions a year through refugee placement services and humanitarian aid provided to war-torn areas. The more war – the richer the Vatican becomes. That is why the Vatican supports unbridled migrations of people and the chaos that ensues from war. The Knights of Malta are one of the largest charities in the world. The Catholic Church has thousands of different tax-free, charitable organizations that receive money to help in humanitarian causes. No one knows how much money the Catholic Church receives each year. The Vatican Bank has been caught many times laundering money on a huge scale.

Just like the almost unfathomable interwoven inbreeding of the bankster warlords, the double-speak of the Vatican is filled with lies. The Vatican says one thing and does the opposite. The Vatican itself gives no money away to any charity. The oldest and richest corporation in the world gives nothing to charity but is a “front” for the largest charity corporation on the planet.

The Vatican also created Canon Law which developed into Common Law, Admiralty Law, and other forms of law. America attorneys still take an oath to the Temple Bar in the City of London. This is a reference to the Templar’s Headquarters in the City of London. The Templars were a Catholic order that more or less established banks from Europe to Jerusalem during the Crusades. Again, whether we look at the history of banking or law, all roads lead to Rome. Therefore, when we hear the theorists get all worked up about the conspiracies rampant in the military industrial complex, we should perhaps listen a little more carefully and do our own research to find that the simply version is supported by the detailed version.

But that still leaves the question of who “runs” the military industrial complex.
The Long War is Forever

This question is actually quite simple to answer. Conspiracy theorists (yes, that’s us folks) will tell you that DARPA drives the engines of the military through farming out its “wish list” to private corporations to compete for the contract to build the desired technology. This is true. DARPA is well known for funding multiple initial projects and then further funding the winner. Often these “winners” create corporations that are given military contracts that pay the corporation to make the “war device” and the shareholders of the company glean the profits. The Internet, Cisco Systems, Google, and Facebook are all inventions of DARPA.

And we hardly have to mention the cost over-runs on every military contract. These contracts, paid for by American tax payers, are for hundreds of billions of dollars and the corporation is allowed and encouraged to make a big profit so the interwoven Corporate Warlords get their cut of the pie. When Rumsfeld audited the 7 trillion dollar Pentagon budget, 2.3 was missing. This is typical and still, to date, it hasn’t been “found.”

Even worse than the Corporate Warlord’s profits is the fact that every one of the top military contractors does business in international markets. This means that every military contract is, will be, or can be shared with other nations, including the very “enemies” for which the war-device is produced. Transnational Corporate Warlords are selling the same “military secrets” to our enemies. Just read the web sites of any top military contractor where they proudly proclaim their international business in military devices. These transnational corporations are also using their influence to destabilize markets, economies, countries and currencies to create new business. Once DARPA gets the militarized version of the invention, the source code usually is made public. This may seem crazy, but it always feeds the enemy our new weapon designs so that they can keep up the appearance of a “weapons race.”

Transnational corporations are dismantling America through political and military manipulation of the economy and the Corporate and Banking Warlords are having a party amidst the seeming chaos and confusion. These warlords know full well that the CIA manipulates currency as a continuing war. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Bank of Settlements advance the causes of these Corporate Warlords. Destabilizing countries creates the need for international intervention.

The military industrial complex created the War on Terror and calls it the “long, soft war” because it will never end. The pronouncement of the War on Terror was the declaration of the overthrowing of American Democracy by warlord oligarchy. Only a few people benefit from this war and often the politicians who declare the “New World Order” take up positions in corporations that profit from war. Former presidents and prime ministers become Corporate Warlords and make a fortune.
American Democracy is Doomed

If the following corporations continue to exist, American Democracy will fall and become the military arm of the triangle of power between New York, the City of London and Vatican City. These seeming vague indications will be elaborated on in the rest of this article but for now let’s review an outline of who owns and controls the military industrial complex.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961

John Kennedy found out shortly after he spoke these words that the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” was also at home in the United States. It was surely one of the causes of his assassination for in those days few knew of the treasonous behavior of Corporate and Banking Warlords. In our time, the greedy warlords are proud of what they do and the government supports them in full knowledge that transnationalism is destroying America.
Pentagon Missing Trillions
“The military’s money managers last year made almost $7 trillion in adjustments to their financial ledgers in an attempt to make them add up, the Pentagon’s inspector general said in a report released Friday. The Pentagon could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those changes.” Pentagon’s Finances in Disarray, John M. Donnelly, The Associated Press, 2001

This type of waste indicates the scale upon which the military industrial complex seemingly answers to no one. No one checks whether DARPA inventions are moral. All military inventions, even if they advertise them as helpful, are weaponized. What DARPA releases is only the tip of the iceberg and is public.

But there is a more secret group that directs the military in its future goals. One group, essentially one man, has been behind creating the direction of military and commercial warfare for decades. He founded the Highland Group which hosts forums for DARPA, Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, In-Q-Tel, Homeland Security, SAIC, and many other government agencies and organizations.

All Highland Forums are private, invitation only, have no written agenda and basically are secret and did not happen. Except for the fact that the Corporate Warlords who are invited become privy to the direction of research for the US military, which subsequently creates the directions of Corporate Warlords. Nothing is written down so that no one is held responsible. The Highland Forums have been directing DARPA research and the research of the CIA’s research and development component called In-Q-Tel.
The Highland Forum, Richard Patrick O’Neill, and the Long War

Let’s take a closer look at the Highland Forums. The description below is taken from their website:

Highland Forums Program Description Overview

“Information Warfare, Information Operations, Information Assurance, and Operational Resilience Information is an instrument of national, global, and corporate power. As such, control over its use, its protection, and its manipulation, are national and global security issues. This Research Program examines strategic and tactical offensive and defensive aspects of information operations (IO) by state and non-state actors to achieve political, military, and economic goals through IO means, including computer network operations (CNO), computer network attack (CNA), computer network exploitation (CNE), computer network defense (CND), psychological operations (PSYOPS), perception management, media manipulation, propaganda, strategic influence, and public diplomacy, among others.”

Richard Patrick O’Neill, the director of Highlands Group describes his work on their website as: “A core element of the Highlands Group activity has been the Highlands Forum. Over the past 18 years almost fifty major meetings and twenty enrichment sessions have been held around the country. Each succeeding session, small and cross-disciplinary in nature, brought remarkable people–from Nobel laureates and Pulitzer winners to young tech pioneers; from science fiction authors to corporate CEO’s; from scientists to military leaders–to link innovators from the “core and the edge”, without an outcome in mind, exploring a theme and a set of ideas, looking for novelty and emergence. The in-depth proceedings of those events are posted to the Secretary of Defense Highlands Forum website, along with interviews, original papers, and book reviews.” http://www.highlandsgroup.net/perspectives.php?ID=17

One of the only descriptions found on the internet about a presentation at a Highlands Forum is given below to show the direction the group is taking to ensure that “war” continues universally.
The Web and the Long, “Soft” War, by Irving Wladawsky-Berger at http://blog.irvingwb.com/blog

“A few weeks ago I attended a very stimulating meeting, the Highlands Forum. The Forum is sponsored by the Office of the US Secretary of Defense to explore new ideas and emerging trends that will help support high-level Department of Defense (DoD) policy and strategy, especially as they relate to information and information technologies.

The Highlands Forum was organized in 1994 by retired US Navy captain Dick O’Neill. It is chaired by the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration. Each meeting is centered on a specific topic. Around 25 experts from government, industry, academia, the arts and the professions are invited to discuss their ideas on the subject – to be part a kind of strategic conversation.

While our discussions were generally technology-based, you cannot ponder how IT, the Web and related technologies could impact DoD without also thinking hard about the global environment that DoD, and society in general will face over the next decade and beyond. DoD’s primary task is “to deter conflict – but should deterrence fail, to fight and win the nation’s wars.”

Then there is the War on Terror, which DoD has started to refer to as the Long War, a term that I first heard at the Forum. The Long War is perhaps as much about winning the hearts and minds of people and nations, as it is about defeating, or at least containing an enemy that is often hard to find. While one absolutely needs the weapons and military training to win the classic, hot conflicts, the soft or cultural aspects of the conflict are at least as important that over time could undermine democratic principles, free markets and our standard of living.

It is a fact that the Internet, started by DoD for very legitimate defense purposes, has become the world’s platform for communication, information and innovation. Perhaps DoD should once again take on a lead role, this time in supporting research and pilot programs that will accelerate the development of some of the most complex and critical applications and emerging technologies that are driving the evolution of the Web for the very different requirements of the 21st Century.

I would justify the investments as part of our efforts to prepare for and fight the Long War, as well as to help our armed forces become even more highly skilled, collaborative, information-based organizations. I think that a major part of the Long War is to get as many people and countries around the world to be part of and benefit from our increasingly interconnected economies. We need to help them see a potentially promising future for them and their families.”

History of the CIA’s Version of DARPA – “In-Q-Tel”

“The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the state to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the state.” Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels Ministry of Enlightenment, Third Reich

The CIA has a legacy of operating at the cutting edge of science and technology with a reputation for bold innovation and risk taking, often working in advance of the private sector and other branches of government.

By the late 1990s, the pace of commercial innovation had overtaken the ability of government agencies to develop and incorporate new technologies. The tech industry was innovating far too rapidly to ignore. Commercial technologies from the startup world addressed many of the same information technology, biotechnology, communications, and energy challenges that faced the intelligence community.

In 1998, CIA identified technology as a top strategic priority, and set out a bold and radical plan to create a new venture that would help increase the agency’s access to private sector innovation. In-Q-Tel was chartered in February 1999 by a group of private citizens at the request of the Director of Central Intelligence and with the support of the U.S. Congress. IQT was tasked with building a bridge between the IC and a new set of technology innovators.
The CIA’s – Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Leidos, a joint spin-off of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), is an American defense company headquartered in Reston, Virginia, that provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. Leidos works extensively with the United States Department of Defense (4th largest DoD contractor FY2012), the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Intelligence Community, including the National Security Agency, as well as other U.S. government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. On September 27, 2013, SAIC changed its name to Leidos and spun off a $4 billion government services and information technology company, which retains the name Science Applications International Corporation.
SAIC Projects

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) transitioned a Remote Viewing Program to SAIC in 1991 which was renamed the Stargate Project. The Stargate Project was the code name for a U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency and SRI International (a California contractor) to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic applications. This primarily involved remote viewing, the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.

In March 2001 SAIC defined the concept for the NSA Trailblazer Project. Trailblazer was a continuation of the earlier ThinThread program which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) pursued during the 1990s. The program involved wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of the resulting data, but according to the article, the program was discontinued three weeks before the September 11, 2001 attacks due to the changes in priorities and the consolidation of U.S. intelligence authority.

The “change in priority” consisted of the decision made by the director of NSA General Michael V. Hayden to go with a concept called Trailblazer, despite the fact that ThinThread was a working prototype that claimed to protect the privacy of U.S. citizens. ThinThread was dismissed and replaced by the Trailblazer Project, which lacked the privacy protections. A consortium led by Science Applications International Corporation was awarded a $280 million contract to develop Trailblazer in 2002.

Trailblazer was a United States National Security Agency (NSA) program intended to develop a capability to analyze data carried on communications networks like the internet. It was intended to track entities using communication methods such as cell phones and e-mail. In 2002, NSA contracted SAIC for $280 million to produce a “technology demonstration platform” for the agency’s project, a “Digital Network Intelligence” system to analyze data carried on computer networks.

In 1945 the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency was established and given direct responsibility for Operation Paperclip. The program recruited former Nazi scientists, some of whom had been identified and prosecuted as war during the Nuremberg Trials. Several secret U.S. government projects grew out of Operation Paperclip. These projects included Project CHATTER (established 1947), and Project BLUEBIRD (established 1950), which was renamed Project ARTICHOKE in 1951. Their purpose was to study mind control, interrogation, behavior modification and related topics.

SAIC and Leidos (Solutions for National Security, Health, and Engineering) are for-profit companies that primarily work for various arms of the U.S. government. The MITRE Corporation is a Federally Funded Research and Development Company (FFRDC). MITRE is a private, not-for-profit corporation that operates FFRDCs – federally funded research and development centers. If you’ve ever flown in a jet or used GPS, you’ve benefited from technology with roots in an FFRDC. But despite the name, FFRDCs are about much more than R&D. These unique organizations serve as long-term strategic partners to the government, providing objective guidance in an environment free of conflicts of interest. They work with their government partners – also called sponsors – to assist with systems engineering and integration, research and development, and study and analysis.

For all intents and purposes, this makes MITRE a pseudo-government organization. This is largely because the government is their only client. In practice this means that meetings and decisions that are closed to contractors and consultants from other firms often have MITRE folks advising the government decision makers.
Cyberspace – A New Operational Domain

In 2011, the United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DOD) named cyberspace a new operational domain. The cyberspace domain provides critical capabilities that enable the U.S. Military to conduct operations in all domains (land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace). The U.S. Cyber Command and the Military Services are working to integrate the cyberspace domain with the other operational domains in order to conduct military command and control and achieve national security objectives. To effectively integrate cyberspace operations, DoD requires situational awareness of the Mission, Network, and Adversary based on analysis of operational data in order to make timely and effective decisions.
Cyber Weapons are the New Arms for War

The military has for years been developing offensive capabilities, giving it the power not just to defend the U.S. but to assail its foes. Using so-called cyber-kinetic attacks, Alexander and his forces now have the capability to physically destroy an adversary’s equipment and infrastructure, and potentially even to kill. Alexander has concluded that such cyber weapons are as crucial to 21st-century warfare as nuclear arms were in the 20th. And he and his cyber warriors have already launched their first attack. The cyber-weapon that came to be known as Stuxnet was created and built by the NSA in partnership with the CIA and Israeli intelligence in the mid-2000s. The first known piece of malware designed to destroy physical equipment, Stuxnet was aimed at Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz. By surreptitiously taking control of an industrial control link known as a Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, the sophisticated worm was able to damage about a thousand centrifuges used to enrich nuclear material.

But Stuxnet is only the beginning. Alexander’s agency has recruited thousands of computer experts, hackers, and engineering PhDs to expand U.S. offensive capabilities in the digital realm. The Pentagon has requested $4.7 billion for “cyberspace operations,” even as the budget of the CIA and other intelligence agencies could fall by $4.4 billion. It is pouring millions into cyber defense contractors. And more attacks may be planned.

On a remote stretch of desert in central Utah, the National Security Agency has built a massive, 1 million-square-foot data warehouse. Costing more than $1.5 billion, the highly secret facility is designed to house upward of trillions of intercepted phone calls, e-mail messages, internet searches and other communications intercepted by the agency as part of its expansive eavesdropping operations. The NSA is also completing work on another data warehouse, this one in San Antonio, Texas.

“The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human
A Description of Psyops from a Military Document

“Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Support to Psychological Operations” is based upon “Special Operations Forces Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations” Field Manual No. 34-36 published on 30 September 1991 by Department of the Army Headquarters in Washington DC.

PSYOP missions are planned products and psychological actions in peace or war that are directed toward foreign enemy, friendly, and neutral audiences. The purpose is to influence attitudes and behaviors to achieve national political and military objectives.

PSYOP supports varied military, political, and diplomatic actions across the operational continuum. These missions can be strategic, operational, or tactical missions.

Strategic PSYOP missions are conducted at the national or theater level to advance broad, long-term psychological objectives in support of national psychological objectives.

Operational PSYOP missions are conducted to achieve mid-term objectives in support of theater campaigns and major operations.

Tactical PSYOP missions are conducted to achieve immediate or short-term objectives in support of tactical military operations.

Any of the above categories of PSYOP may support more than one level of the operational continuum. That is why distinctions between the categories of PSYOP are often blurred.

Special operation forces (SOF), whether operating unilaterally or in cooperation with conventional forces across the entire operational continuum, must always consider non-military factors and objectives.
PSYOP Missions:

Play a critical and integral role in achieving or addressing these non-military objectives.

Aid in accomplishing tactical, operational, and strategic military objectives.

May be the only military force employed.

Must be integrated with all operations to prevent contradictory or conflicting messages.
Some Declassified In-Q-tel Projects

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Recorded Future – Using what they call a “Temporal Analytics Engine,” Recorded Future (RF) provides forecasting and analysis tools to help analysts predict future events by scanning sources on the internet, and extracting, measuring, and visualizing the information to show networks and patterns in the past, present, and future. As of 2015 the engine was described as “Web Intelligence Engine Visible Technologies – social media monitoring.

Digital Reasoning – Since 2012, the firm has sold its Synthesys software to banks and hedge funds, including UBS and Point72 Asset Management. Financial institutions use Synthesys to scan internal e-mails within a given company in search of unfamiliar patterns between employees, in terms of word-specific content, frequency and interpersonal connections. The aim is to predict fraud before it occurs.

Palantir – Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company, specializing in data analysis. The company is known for two software projects in particular: Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor.

CallMiner – Phone speech analytics software

MASINT – Remote tracking, surveillance, and extraction of brain-waves typifying thought-forms, emotional states, analytic mind states, and others

Mohomine mohoClassifier – Organizes mass data

3VR – 3VR Inc. develops software enabling organizations to mine data from video. 3VR works with leading banks, governments, law enforcement and retailers at the moment.

Adaptx – Creates digital pens that speed up field data collection.

Basis Technology – Synthesizes the foreign chatter and provides software for text analytics in over twenty languages. They work primarily in applied natural language processing, deriving meaning from the ways people actually use language.

Cloudera – Large-scale data storage. Cloudera Enterprises is one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to securely carry out large-scale data analysis and storage.

FireEye – FireEye is one of the most advanced cybersecurity firms and specializes in protecting against botnet attacks and also works to combat the malware that brings computers into the network.

The Ember Corporation – Ember Corporation focuses on developing networking systems that simplify wirelessly networking low-power products. They’re focused on smart energy, remote monitoring, and remote control uses of their tech.

Infinite Z – Virtual-holographic simulation a reality through an interactive 3D environment.

OpenSpan – Makes software that enables organizations to see exactly what employees are doing on their computer: what programs they’re using, what progress they’re making, etc.

Seventh Sense – Develops health monitoring products that interface with human skin

Sonitus Medical – Makes a hearing system that transmits sound imperceptibly through the mouth. The SoundBite hearing system plays off the principle of bone conduction to transmit audial messages. A nearly invisible in-the-mouth hearing and communication platform is non-invasive and connects directly to the inner ear, allowing the user to hear transmitted messages through their skull.

Spotter RF – Makes super-powerful radars in a handheld form that can track a person walking anywhere within a 148 acre space, and it’s handheld.

Visible Technologies – Extracts business solutions from social media chatter with software that allows users to extract business value from social communities, and also give customer insights for brands online.

Walleye – Makes handheld devices that can see into and through solid objects
DARPA Applications

Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program is an attempt to get better at both detecting and conducting propaganda campaigns on social media. SMISC has two goals. First, the program needs to help the military better understand what’s going on in social media in real time – particularly in areas where troops are deployed. Second, Darpa wants SMISC to help the military play the social media propaganda game itself.

The Pentagon is building a tool to identify social media propaganda campaigns that produces counter-spin through computer artificial intelligence.


Interactive Facial Recognition in Real Time –BBC facial recognition programs help predict the success or failure of television programming. In the past, the BBC has used its facial recognition technology, built by in-house startup CrowdEmotion, to track 4,500 faces as people watched show trailers to see what kinds of emotions the commercials produced. They’ve also looked at how hundreds of study participants react to programs like Top Gear and Sherlock. http://fortune.com/2016/02/13/bbc-ads-crowdemotion/

The company CrowdSight uses facial recognition software in real time. They advertise on their website: “Understand and Predict your Audience! Deliver Better Experiences by Knowing their Emotional Behavior and Engagement in Real-time. CrowdSight Software Development Kit (SDK) is a flexible and easy-to-integrate Crowd Face Analysis Software which allows you to gather real-time, anonymous information about your audience while they behave spontaneously in different life environments. Understand your audience emotional reactions and engagement towards your products, content and campaigns, and recognize important demographics such as age, gender and ethnicity, in real-time. CrowdSight works offline and on the most popular desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).” http://sightcorp.com/crowdsight/

Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) – A VEP is an electrical potential recorded after a subject is presented with a type of visual stimuli. There are several types of VEPs. Steady-state visually evoked potentials (SSVEPs) use potentials generated by exciting the retina, using visual stimuli modulated at certain frequencies. SSVEP’s stimuli are often formed from alternating checkerboard patterns and at times simply use flashing images. SSVEP has proved to be successful within many BCI systems. This is due to several factors, the signal elicited is measurable in as large a population as the transient VEP and blink movement and electro-cardiographic artefacts do not affect the frequencies monitored.

Synthetic Telepathy and Silent Communication – In a $6.3 million Army initiative to invent devices for telepathic communication, Gerwin Schalk, underwritten in a $2.2 million grant, found that it is possible to use ECoG signals to discriminate the vowels and consonants embedded in spoken and in imagined words. The results shed light on the distinct mechanisms associated with production of vowels and consonants, and could provide the basis for brain-based communication using imagined speech. Research into synthetic telepathy using sub-vocalization is taking place at the University of California, Irvine under lead scientist Mike D’Zmura.

The first such communication took place in the 1960s using EEG to create Morse code using brain alpha waves. Using EEG to communicate imagined speech is less accurate than the invasive method of placing an electrode between the skull and the brain. On February 27, 2013 the group of Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University and IINN-ELS successfully connected the brains of two rats with electronic interfaces that allowed them to directly share information, in the first-ever direct brain-to-brain interface. On 3 September 2014, scientists reported that direct communication between human brains was possible over extended distances through Internet transmission of EEG signals.

Sentient World Simulation – The DoD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual “nodes” to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR. Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a “synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information”, according to a concept paper for the project.

“SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP),” the paper reads, so that military leaders can “develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners.” SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/06/23/sentient_worlds/

Insight Program – DARPA awarded a $14 million contract to SAIC for the DARPA Insight program, which is intended to help U.S. intelligence experts detect threat networks, irregular warfare, and terrorist operations by combining intelligence information from imaging sensors, crowd-source and other social network or text-based sensors, as well as from other sources for further analysis. The program seeks to fill gaps in current U.S. intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that center on the inability to exploit and cross-cue several different intelligence sources automatically.

The DARPA Insight program seeks to develop integrated human/machine reasoning into intelligence equipment to encompass operator knowledge and reasoning when dealing quickly with complex data from many different sensors. SAIC experts will concentrate on these areas in building the Insight next-generation ISR analysis system.

SAIC experts will build model-based behavioral correlation, modeling, prediction, and threat network analysis tools that combine intelligence information across many different sources automatically to improve the efficiencies of multi-intelligence sensors. The company also will develop a unified data-management and processing environment that integrates new intelligence sensors and software algorithms.

EM fields and Hidden symbols – DARPA is revealing programs, which have existed for years, to develop methods and techniques to incept thoughts and ideas into the mind. They reveal how once a mind has been programed with the memory patterns, words and symbols can trigger the programing without the need of the original device.

Mind Control Project – The aim of this program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields. The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. This research aims to literally induce or disrupt the operation of narratives within the brain. In other words, this research aims to stop individuals from thinking certain thoughts and make others believe things they normally would not believe. This research has tremendous interrogation possibilities and could potentially be used to more successfully spread propaganda or stop political upheaval to an unsuspecting public. This research is being conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication at ASU and is entitled “Toward Narrative Disruptors and Inductors: Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and its Persuasive Effects”.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a very powerful tool used to impair the brain functioning of individuals. See the videos below for a brief demonstration of the effects of TMS:



Once the research group determines which parts of the brain are associated with cognitive reasoning and narrative comprehension, they attempt to impair those sections in order to “create a fundamental basis for understanding how to disrupt or enhance aspects of narrative structure and/or brain functioning to minimize or maximize persuasive effects on subject proclivity to engage in political violence.

Once it is determined that disruption of certain portions of the brain can enhance persuasive messaging, individuals can be persuaded to do things they normally would not do and believe things they normally would not believe.

It offers the capability to induce or disrupt the operation of narratives in the brain, and develops the capability to induce narrative validity.

Mechanical disruptions of narrative processing may be, ultimately, replicated through targeted strategic communication campaigns that approximate the narrative disruptions induced via magnetic stimulation.

Through extensive research, they may be able to replicate the machine’s brain disrupting functioning simply through carefully crafted and researched persuasive messages and propaganda. With enough data, the government could spread propaganda through the media that people will almost automatically believe, whether it is true or not.

In terms of interrogation possibilities, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can be forced upon individuals to make them believe certain things, say certain things, and perhaps admit to acts they did not actually commit (as the TMS can induce narrative validity), or commit acts they normally would not commit.

The Brain Project – This area of study has received $100 million in funding via Obama’s ten-year BRAIN Project, as well as a $1.3 billion commitment from Europe. Concurrently, there is heavy military funding through agencies such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This raises the question of transparency when a “black budget” often justifies total secrecy in the name of national security.

Neuroscientists Successfully Plant False Memories – MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can plant false memories. They also found that many of the neurological traces of these memories are identical in nature to those of authentic memories. Most of the research in this area currently revolves around how to induce and eliminate fear. The study also provides further evidence that memories are stored in networks of neurons that form memory traces for each experience we have. Scientists already know how to set off an emotional response in combat veterans by simulating a specific set of frequencies that have become associated with wartime experience.



Total Information Awareness – Under the umbrella of a system known as Total Information Awareness, DARPA spearheaded many of the surveillance programs abused by the NSA. DARPA’s Total Information Awareness concept created a veritable buffet of advanced surveillance and data mining programs, many of which ultimately were folded into NSA’s PRISM. We now know that PRISM culled citizens’ personal data from companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, and was later leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery program (EELD) – Sole purpose is to gather as much information about both terror suspects and average American citizens as possible, using phone records, computer searches, credit card receipts, parking receipts, books checked out of the library, films rented, and more. Goal is to assess megadata on 285 million people a day in real-time.

Scalable Social Network Analysis (SSNA) – Program monitors telephone calls, conference calls, and ATM withdrawals … also sought to develop a far more invasive surveillance technology.

Activity Recognition and Monitoring (ARM) – With England’s CCTV surveillance cameras as a model, ARM created a massive database of people going about their everyday lives. Using advanced facial recognition software, the program highlighted any behavior that was outside the realm of a preprogrammed “ordinary,” the definition of which remains classified.

Deep Exploration and Filtering of Text (DEFT) – Operating on a 28 million dollar budget, this program utilizes advanced computer algorithms to analyze text-based messages in all shapes and forms, from text messages to reports, with the aim being to comprehend “implied and hidden meanings through probabilistic inference.”

Nexus 7 – With a classified budget, this particularly program studies and tracks social network content. First used in Afghanistan in a defense capacity, when aimed at domestic networks the use of the program is a mystery.

Narrative Networks Program – Developed classified techniques used to manipulate trust in humans. For its Narrative Networks (N2) program, DARPA collaborated with a CIA agency called the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) to develop methods of overwriting messages in the human mind. The program was described as having two parts: first, to understand what happens in the human mind when someone sees or hears a message; second, to figure out how to control how the brain interprets the message.
Mind Control Devices from In-Q-Tel and DARPA

“The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. To put it bluntly, whoever controls this technology can control the minds of men – all men.” Nexus Magazine 1998

Real-time Contextual Overlays for Live Streams – A system and method for contextualizing and live-updating overlay data for live media streams. Overlays can be generated in real-time and in response to live events. US 20130311595 A1 November 21, 2013. Google Inc.

Method and Apparatus for Remotely Determining Emotional States – A waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a subject. Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and perspiration level are measured for evaluating criminal intent in security sensitive areas. US 5507291 A – April 5, 1994

Sounds of Silence – The Silent Subliminal Presentation System (SSPS) – Silent Subliminal Presentation System was developed for commercial use in 1992. A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low (ELF) or very high audio-frequency (VHF) range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude – or frequency- modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement in to the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener. US Patent#5,159,703

Flame – The program is able to turn on a target’s Web cam and record video remotely and without detection.

Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI), Recognize/predict social contexts, relationships, networks, and intentions from social media, taking into account non-verbal communication such as gestures, micro-expressions, posture, and latent semantics of text and speech. Create algorithms for prediction and collection of latent signals and their use in predicting social information.

Beware – Analyses people’s social media activity, property records, the records of friends, family or associates, among other data, to assign suspects a so-called “threat-score.” That “threat-score” can then be used by police to pre-judge if a suspect is going to be dangerous, and to adapt their approach accordingly.

Iraqi Silent Sound Program – US Psy-Ops teams set up FM transmitters, utilizing Iraqi frequencies and overpowered the local station. Along with patriotic and religious music, PsyOps transmitted “vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information.” A sophisticated electronic system designed to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of the listener; to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain’s electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns and thus artificially implant negative emotional states – feelings of intense fear, anxiety, despair and hopelessness were created in the Iraqi troops. This effective subliminal system implants emotions in the minds of the targeted subject.

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors – US Patent and Trade Office, Patent #6,506,148 on subliminal behavior modification, 1/14/2003, United States Patent 6,506,148, Loos, January 14, 2003. Abstract: It is possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream.

Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.

For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. Inventors: Loos; Hendricus G. (3019 Cresta Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651), Appl. No.: 872528 Filed: June 1, 2001

Other Projects – Directed-energy weapons (DEWS), Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) weapons, Remote EEG Readers, Remote Electro-Muscular Shock/Incapacitation weapons, Remote Microwave weapons, Remote Voice to Skull weapons, Remote Neural Monitoring technologies, and EMF brain-wave monitoring, tracking, and harvesting technologies.
Google Created by CIA and Highlands Forum

One of the most interesting articles that highlights the way the DoD incubates war-technology is described in great detail by Nafeez Ahmed. This article shows that Google was funded throughout its inception by the CIA. Google was created as a weaponized war-tool as indicated by the many new inventions that DARPA and In-Q-Tel are focused on.

Nafeez Ahmed explains the Google-CIA connection in this excellent article:


Essentially, the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by U.S. intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’

The origins of this strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the U.S. government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: mass surveillance and perception management amidst a permanent state of global war.

The U.S. intelligence community is implicated in nurturing the web platforms we know today, for the precise purpose of utilizing the technology as a mechanism to fight global ‘information war’ -  a war to legitimize the power of the few over the many. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the US military-industrial complex.
Highland Forum Dominates U.S. Defense Policy

In 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital investment firm, In-Q-Tel, to fund promising start-ups that might create technologies useful for intelligence agencies. But the inspiration for In-Q-Tel came earlier, when the Pentagon set up its own private sector outfit. Known as the ‘Highlands Forum,’ this private network has operated as a bridge between the Pentagon and powerful American elites outside the military since the mid-1990s. Despite changes in civilian administrations, the network around the Highlands Forum has become increasingly successful in dominating US defense policy.

As mentioned previously, SAIC stands for the U.S. defense firm, Science Applications International Corporation, which changed its name to Leidos in 2013, operating SAIC as a subsidiary. SAIC/Leidos is among the top 100 largest defense contractors in the US, and works closely with the U.S. intelligence community, especially the NSA. The agency is the company’s largest single customer and SAIC is the NSA’s largest contractor.

Richard Patrick O’Neill, founding president of the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum served his last post as deputy for strategy and policy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, before setting up Highlands.

Since 1973, Andrew Marshall has headed up one of the Pentagon’s most powerful agencies, the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), the U.S. defense secretary’s internal ‘think tank’ which conducts highly classified research on future planning for defense policy across the US military and intelligence community. Marshall, now 93 years old and nicknamed “Yoda” by insiders, as “the DoD’s most elusive” but “one of its most influential” officials. Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz are  widely considered the hawks of the neoconservative movement in American politics –  were among Marshall’s star protégés.

The Highlands Forum’s influence on US defense policy has operated through three main channels: its sponsorship by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (around the middle of last decade this was transitioned specifically to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, which is in charge of the main surveillance agencies); its direct link to Marshall’s ONA; and its direct link to DARPA.

The Highlands Forum has served as a two-way ‘influence bridge’: on the one hand, for the shadow network of private contractors to influence the formulation of information operations policy across U.S. military intelligence; and on the other, for the Pentagon to influence what is going on in the private sector. There is no clearer evidence of this than the instrumental role of the Forum in incubating the idea of mass surveillance as a mechanism to dominate information on a global scale.

In 1989, Richard O’Neill, then a U.S. Navy cryptologist, wrote a paper for the U.S. Naval War College, ‘Toward a methodology for perception management.’ O’Neill’s paper for the first time outlined a strategy for “perception management” as part of information warfare (IW).

O’Neill’s proposed strategy identified three categories of targets for IW: adversaries – so they believe they are vulnerable; potential partners – so they perceive the cause as just; and civilian populations and political leadership – so they perceive the cost as worth the effort.

Around 1994, the Highlands Group was founded by O’Neill as an official Pentagon project at the appointment of Bill Clinton’s then defense secretary William Perry. In O’Neill’s own words, the group would function as the Pentagon’s ‘ideas lab.’ Total participants in the DoD’s Highlands Forum number over a thousand, although sessions largely consist of small closed workshop style gatherings of maximum 25–30 people, bringing together experts and officials depending on the subject.

The Forum has inside access to the chiefs of the main U.S. surveillance and reconnaissance agencies, as well as the directors and their assistants at DoD research agencies, from DARPA, to the ONA and is deeply plugged into the Pentagon’s policy research task forces. In 2001, under the Total Information Awareness Program, President Bush had secretly authorized the NSA’s domestic surveillance of Americans without court-approved warrants. From then on, Highlands Forum partner SAIC played a key role in the NSA roll out from inception. SAIC was then among a consortium receiving a $280 million contract to develop one of the NSA’s secret eavesdropping systems.

This was also the year that the Bush administration drew up its Information Operations Roadmap. Describing the internet as a “vulnerable weapons system,” Rumsfeld’s IO roadmap had advocated that Pentagon strategy “should be based on the premise that the Department [of Defense] will ‘fight the net’ as it would an enemy weapons system.” The U.S. should seek “maximum control” of the “full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems,” advocated the document.

As of 2006, SAIC had been awarded a multi-million dollar NSA contract to develop a big data-mining project called ExecuteLocus, despite the colossal $1 billion failure of its preceding contract, known as ‘Trailblazer.’ Core components of TIA were being quietly continued under new code names. The new surveillance program was then fully transitioned from DARPA’s jurisdiction to the NSA.

In addition to the CIA, In-Q-Tel (the CIA’s version of DARPA) has also been backed by the FBI, NGA, and Defense Intelligence Agency, among other agencies.

O’Neill said his job as Forum president was to scope case studies from real companies across the private sector, like eBay and Human Genome Sciences, to figure out the basis of U.S. Information Superiority — how to dominate the information market — and leverage this for what the president and the secretary of defense wanted to do with regard to transformation of the DoD.

By 2007, Facebook received its second round of $12.7 million worth of funding from Accel Partners. Facebook’s 2008 round of funding was led by Greylock Venture Capital, which invested $27.5 million. Apart from Breyer and Zuckerberg, Facebook’s only other board member is Peter Thiel, co-founder of defense contractor Palantir which provides all sorts of data-mining and visualization technologies to U.S. government, military and intelligence agencies, including the NSA and FBI, and which itself was nurtured to financial viability by Highlands Forum members.

By 2008, the NSA was effectively resurrecting the TIA project with a focus on Internet data-mining via comprehensive monitoring of e-mail, text messages, and Web browsing. We also now know (thanks to Snowden) that the NSA’s XKeyscore ‘Digital Network Intelligence’ exploitation system was designed to allow analysts to search not just internet databases like emails, online chats and browsing history, but also telephone services, mobile phone audio, financial transactions and global air transport communications — essentially the entire global telecommunications grid. Highlands Forum partner SAIC played a key role, among other contractors, in producing and administering the NSA’s XKeyscore.

The investment firm responsible for creating the billion dollar fortunes of the tech sensations of the 21st century, from Google to Facebook, is intimately linked to the U.S. military intelligence community. The convergence of these powerful financial and military interests around the Highlands Forum, through George Lee’s sponsorship of the Forum’s new partner, the MIIS Cybersec initiative, is revealing in itself. MIIS Cybersec’s director, Dr, Itamara Lochard, has long been embedded in Highlands.

Dr Itamara Lochard is a senior Highlands Forum member and Pentagon information operations expert. She directs the MIIS CyberSec initiative that now supports the Pentagon Highlands Forum with funding from Goldman Sachs partner George Lee, who led the valuations of Facebook and Google. Dr. Lochard maintains a comprehensive database of 1,700 non-state groups including insurgents, militias, terrorists, complex criminal organizations, organized gangs, malicious cyber actors and strategic non-violent actors, to analyze their organizational patterns, areas of cooperation, strategies and tactics.

Her views disclose much about what the Highlands Forum has been advocating all these years. In 2004, Lochard was co-author of a study for the U.S. Air Force’s Institute for National Security Studies on US strategy toward ‘non-state armed groups.’ The study on the one hand argued that non-state armed groups should be urgently recognized as a ‘tier one security priority,’ and on the other that the proliferation of armed groups provide strategic opportunities that can be exploited to help achieve policy goals. There have and will be instances where the United States may find collaborating with armed group is in its strategic interests. But sophisticated tools must be developed to differentiate between different groups and understand their dynamics, to determine which groups should be countered, and which could be exploited for US interests.

In 2009, it also emerged from a Google patent application that the company had deliberately been collecting ‘payload’ data from private wifi networks that would enable the identification of “geolocations.” In the same year, we now know, Google had signed an agreement with the NSA giving the agency open-ended access to the personal information of its users, and its hardware and software, in the name of cyber security. It is not just Google that is a key contributor and foundation of the US military-industrial complex: it is the entire internet, and the wide range of private sector companies — many nurtured and funded under the mantle of the U.S. intelligence community (or powerful financiers embedded in that community) — which sustain the internet and the telecoms infrastructure; it is also the myriad of start-ups selling cutting edge technologies to the CIA’s venture firm In-Q-Tel, where they can then be adapted and advanced for applications across the military intelligence community.

Ultimately, the global surveillance apparatus and the classified tools used by agencies like the NSA to administer it, have been almost entirely made by external researchers and private contractors like Google, which operate outside the Pentagon.

In 2011, the Forum hosted two DARPA-funded scientists, Antonio and Hanna Damasio, who are principal investigators in the ‘Neurobiology of Narrative Framing’ project at the University of Southern California. Evoking Zalman’s emphasis on the need for Pentagon psychological operations to deploy “empathetic influence,” the new DARPA-backed project aims to investigate how narratives often appeal “to strong, sacred values in order to evoke an emotional response,” but in different ways across different cultures. The most disturbing element of the research is its focus on trying to understand how to increase the Pentagon’s capacity to deploy narratives that influence listeners in a way that overrides conventional reasoning in the context of morally-questionable actions.

The research is based on extracting narratives from millions of American, Iranian and Chinese weblogs, and subjecting them to automated discourse analysis to compare them quantitatively across the three languages. The investigators then follow up using behavioral experiments with readers/listeners from different cultures to gauge their reaction different narratives “where each story makes an appeal to a sacred value to explain or justify a morally-questionable behavior of the author.” Finally, the scientists apply neurobiological fMRI scanning to correlate the reactions and personal characteristics of subjects with their brain responses.

DARPA’s goal is to mine millions of American weblogs as part of its ‘neurobiology of narrative framing’ research. As the Pentagon’s extensive funding of propaganda on Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrates, population influence and propaganda is critical not just in far-flung theatres abroad in strategic regions, but also at home, to quell the risk of domestic public opinion undermining the legitimacy of Pentagon policy.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, from 2008 to 2013, the five largest US defense contractors lost 14 percent of their employees, as the winding down of U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan led to lack of business and squeezed revenues. The continuation of the ‘Long War’ triggered by ISIS has, for now, reversed their fortunes. Companies profiting from the new war include many connected to the Highlands Forum, such as Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing. War is profitable.

Yet in the long-run, the information imperialists have already failed. This investigation is based entirely on open source techniques, made viable largely in the context of the same information revolution that enabled Google. https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/how-the-cia-made-google-e836451a959e#.nu8se9bfx
US Military Uses PsyOps Weapons on Iraq

“PSYOPS seek to exploit human vulnerabilities in enemy governments, militaries and populations to pursue national and battlefield objectives…. The feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air. Washingtonpost.com has learned that a super secret program was established in 1994 to pursue [this] very technology for PSYOPS application. The ‘Holographic Projector’ is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to ‘project information power from space … for special operations deception missions.'” Washington Post article on PSYOPS, 2/1/1999

For those who don’t believe that the American military will use the “new weapons” created by DARPA and In-Q-Tel, we offer this article written about the use of electronic warfare on Iraqis that also affected our own soldiers.

Scalar Weapons Used in Iraq, Britain, Microwaving Iraq ‘Pacifying’ Rays Pose New Hazards In Iraq, by William Thomas (www.rense.com )

On the rooftop of a shrapnel-pocked building in the ruins of Fallujah, a team of GI’s stealthily sets up a gray plastic dome about two-feet in diameter. Keeping well back from the sight lines of the street and nearby buildings, they plug the cable connectors on the side of the “popper” into a power unit. The grunts have no clue what the device does. They are just following orders.

“Most of the worker-bees that are placing these do not even know what is inside the “domes” just that they were told where to place them by Intel weenies with usually no nametag,” reports my source, a very well informed combat veteran I will call “Hank”.

The grunts call the plastic devices “poppers” or “domes”. Once activated, each hidden transmitter emits a widening circle of invisible energy capable of passing through metal, concrete and human skulls up to half a mile away. “They are saturating the area with ULF, VLF and UHF freqs,” Hanks says, with equipment derived from US Navy undersea sonar and communications.

But it’s not being used to locate and talk to submarines under Baghdad. After powering up the unit, the grunts quickly exit the area. It is their commanders, fervent hope that any male survivors enraged by brutal American bombardments that damaged virtually every building in this once thriving “City of Mosques”, displacing a quarter-million residents while murdering thousands of children, women and elders in their homes – will lose all incentive for further resistance and revenge.

A dedicated former soldier, whose experiences during and after Desert Storm are chronicled in my book, Bringing The War Home, Hank stays in close touch with his unit serving “in theater” in Iraq. When I asked how many “poppers” are being used to irradiate Iraqi neighborhoods, he checked and got back to me. There are “at least 25 of these that have been deployed to theater, and used. Some have conked out and been removed, so I do not know how many are currently active and broadcasting.

Hank is concerned that innocent Iraqi families and unsuspecting GIs alike are being used as test subjects for a new generation of “psychotronic” weapons using invisible beams across the entire electromagnetic spectrum to selectively alter moods, behavior and bodily processes.

“The “poppers, are capable of using a combo of ULF, VLF, UHF and EHF wavelengths in any combination at the same time, sometimes using one as a carrier wave for the others,” Hank explains, in a process called superheterodyning. The silent frequencies daily sweeping Fallujah and other trouble spots are the same Navy “freqs that drove whales nuts and made them go astray onto beaches.”
Microwaving Iraq

The Gulf War veteran observes that occupied Iraq has become a “saturation environment” of electromagnetic radiation. Potentially lethal electromagnetic smog from high-power US military electronics and experimental beam weapons is placing already hard-hit local populations-particularly children — at even higher risk of experiencing serious illness, suicidal depression, impaired cognitive ability, even death.

American troops constantly exposed “up close” to their own microwave transmitters, battlefield radars and RF weapons are also seeing their health eroded by electromagnetic sickness. It’s common, Hank recalls, for GIs to warm themselves on cold desert nights by basking in the microwaves radiating from their QUEEMS communications and RATT radar rigs.

Constant microwave emissions from ground-sweeping RATT rigs and SINGARS mobile microwave networks are much more powerful than civilian microwave cell phone nets linked in many clinical studies to maladies ranging from asthma, cataracts, headaches, memory loss, early Alzheimer’s, bad dreams and cancer.

Clinical tests have repeatedly shown how microwaves “rev up” incipient cancer cells several hundred times. Triggered by nuclear radiation, and turned rogue by electromagnetic warfare unleashed by US forces, human cancer cells have been found to continue proliferating wildly — even after the power source is turned off
Microwaving Wombs at Greenham Common

Another harrowing example involves the sudden illness and cancer deaths of US embassy staff in Moscow after being deliberately targeted with very weak pulsed microwaves by Soviet experimenters and fascinated CIA onlookers running “Project Phoenix” in 1962.

Very Low Frequency (VLF) weapons include the dozens of “poppers” currently deployed in Iraq, which can be dialed to or “long wave” frequencies capable of traveling great distances through the ground or intervening structures. As air force Lt Col. Peter L. Hays, Director of the Institute for National Security Studies reveals, “transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur.”
GI’s “Driven Nuts” by Electromagnetics in Iraq

Like so many other American blunders among the ruins of Babylon, the intended microwave “pacification” of rebellious neighborhoods is having unintended effects. In actual “field-testing” in the Sunni Triangle, Hank has learned that the hidden, dome-shaped devices “are removing inhibitions”. Armed individuals, already highly motivated to kill American forces are reportedly “losing all restraint” when exposed to the electromagnetic beams. From http://www.rense.com/general62/mciro.htm:

According to Hank’s buddies in Baghdad, the frequency-shifting “poppers” “are having some remarkable effects on the locals as well as our own people.” But these effects differ. Possibly, Hank surmises, because Americans come from daily domestic and military environments saturated with electromagnetic frequencies, while many Iraqis still live without reliable electricity in places largely free from electromagnetics before the American invasion.

According to members of Hank’s former unit, constant exposure to invisible emissions from radar and radio rigs — as well as to their own microwave weapons — is backfiring. “Our people are driven nuts,” Hank says. “It makes them stupid for two or three days.”

The Desert Storm veteran compared the emotional effects of constant exposure to military microwaves to a lingering low-pressure weather system that never goes away. “You feel way down for days at a time,” he emphasizes

As a consequence, AWOL rates among “spaced out” US troops are as high as 15%, Hank reports. For many deserters, it is not cowardice or conscience that is causing them to absent themselves from duty. “They are feeling so depressed,” Hank explains. “They don’t feel good. So they leave.”

According to Hank’s front-line buddies, Iraqis exposed to secret beam weapons “get laid back, confused and mellow, and then blast out in a rage, as opposed to our folks going on what could only be called a “bender” and turning into a mean drunk for a while.”

Once they wander away from direct electromagnetic-fire, startled GIs come to their senses. They return to their units, Hank explains, saying, “What was I thinking?”

The recovery rate among US troops “seems to be about a day or so, where the locals are not getting over it in less than a week or more on average,” Hank has learned.

It is Hank’s hope that his revelations will prompt public debate over the secret use of electromagnetic weapons in Iraq. But lost in the arguments over these supposedly “non-lethal” weapons is a much bigger question: What are Americans doing there?

Whether soldier or civilian at home, it is our imperative duty to stop supporting those responsible for ongoing “weapons tests” in Iraq. As electrochemical “beings of light,” the strongest electromagnetic force on Earth is human conscience, acted upon.
Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that we have the answer to the original question: Who owns and controls the military industrial complex, we need to ask another question.

Who are these Corporate and Banking Warlords in a war with?

Unfortunately, it is very clear that Americans are the target of the long, soft war of terrorism. Each American is a potential terrorist or at least a possible descenter who doesn’t support the current administration’s policies. Hundreds of war-tools have lined the pockets of the Corporate and Banking Warlords while the military puts civilians in the cross-hairs. American Democracy has been taken over by transnational greed and power.

We pay taxes so that the DoD can create war-tools that are used against US, the citizens of the U.S.

These realities are a basis for declaring a patriotic war on the following transnational corporations and agencies that have already declared war on American citizens. The following list represents some of the people who need to be investigated and brought to justice:

The Department of Defense

The National Security Agency



Highlands Group and all attendees of Highlands Forums

The Federal Reserve

The Counsels on Foreign Relations

The International Monetary Fund

The World Bank

The International Court of Settlements

All Transnational Corporations and Banks

The Bank of England

The Vatican Bank

The Knights of Malta

Any of these corporations found guilty should be held responsible for the crimes and banned from further business in the United States of America; their principals should be tried for the crimes that have perpetrated, whether it is treason, crimes against humanity, insider trading, or murder.

There is an internal war going on in America. But with the military use of the war-tools described above, perception management is controlled and no one even asks how the president and the Department of Defense are able to wage this war. In a previous article, False Flags are Legal Propaganda, we spelled out in great details the way the National Defense Authorization Act has been modified each year to empower this war against Americans.

In another posting, we showed readers an example of how false flag events can be used against Americans through the techniques of perception management.

We swallow their lies whole without question as they used our tax money to develop psychological warfare devices that we have described in our posts. How can we awaken our fellow countrymen and the world when subliminal perception management has made us passive to their evil?

This is a call for action for all patriots involved in any aspect of the following treasonous war against American democracy to stand up and refuse to participate in this criminal activity. We must file lawsuit after lawsuit based upon whistle-blower complaints that bring to light the dark evil of the Warlords. Resist your programming and help slow down the machinations of the rich and warlike used against citizen. Demand authorities to be transparent. Demand to know the truth and fight against the forces of greed and selfishness that drives evil war-machines.
Anonymous2017-07-19 01:35:12
We called a lawyer to find out when selling bitcoin is "operating an illegal money transmission business" in the eyes of the law.

With all of the headlines about the astronomical prices of various cryptocurrencies, you may have missed a troubling trend: US law enforcement keeps charging people with a crime for selling bitcoin.

In May of this year, a man from Nixa, Missouri waived his right to a grand jury and pleaded guilty to "conducting an illegal money transmission business." According to a posting by the US Department of Justice, Jason Klein had conducted five separate in-person transactions of cash for bitcoin with undercover federal agents, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 in value.

Selling bitcoin in-person has long been a niche market for hobbyists who use the Finnish site localbitcoins.com to coordinate sales in their city. Selling bitcoins peer-to-peer is also an alternative to using centralized exchanges that operate as businesses. It's not illegal to sell bitcoins per se, but at least four people across the US this year have been charged or pleaded guilty to the crime of exchanging the cryptocurrency for fiat as a business without a license—"business" being the keyword.

>I Visit Libraries to Sell Bitcoins to Random People from the Internet

Why and when is selling bitcoins a crime? To find out, I called up Marco Santori, a lawyer specializing in bitcoin at Palo Alto-based firm Cooley. According to Santori, it's been an issue for bitcoiners since 2013, when the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network declared that selling bitcoin as a business is money transmission that requires licensing. Individual states have followed suit, and New York's BitLicense legislation, for example, says you need a license to sell bitcoin as a business.

"'As a business' is the qualifier that triggers the money transmission laws," Santori said over the phone. "If you come to me and ask to buy $100 worth of bitcoin and I sell that to you, in no state is that sole activity considered to be money transmission. It must occur in a sufficient frequency and volume and you have to accept all comers. It's a fact-based test."

There are more examples from 2017 where people were charged with operating illegal money transmission businesses for selling bitcoins. However, they often came in conjunction with other crimes.

More recently than Klein's case, in June, two men in Arizona were charged by a grand jury with "operating unlicensed money transmitting business" between 2013 and 2017. An alias of one of the defendants, listed in court documents viewed by Motherboard, matches up to an account on localbitcoins.com that was opened in 2013 and has conducted over 100 transactions. One of the pair is additionally charged with money laundering, having allegedly exchanged funds with federal agents who represented the funds as proceeds from illegal activities.

In May, a Detroit man pleaded guilty to the charge of "operating an unlicensed money service business." According to the US Department of Justice, he'd bought and sold about $2.4 million worth of bitcoin between 2013 and 2015. He funneled the proceeds of this business through the account of a legitimate business he owned.

In April, a New York man pleaded guilty after being charged with conducting over 100 bitcoin transactions "locally and across the United States." He was prohibited at the time from having access to a computer or phone after a 2009 child pornography conviction and lied to investigators.

However, not all states or judges agree with the assessment that selling bitcoins is illegal, Santori said. Last year, a Florida judge threw out money transmitting charges against a bitcoiner, arguing that selling bitcoins isn't the same as transmitting money to a third party. "As far as I know, in the states where this has actually gone to trial, the decision has been in favour of the defendant," Santori continued.

Right now, if you want to buy and sell bitcoin as an individual (and in high quantities) you would do well to see what your state's rules are around selling bitcoin as a business, and keep in mind that the feds maintain you need a license. Otherwise, you could land in a whole lot more trouble than you bargained for.
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American men are crimped, not cut. The Gomco (Goldstein Medical Company) clamp crushes off the foreskin slowly in a process that usually takes around 18 minutes. This fact is important because circumcision centuries ago was “only” a cut (to create a scar/tribal marking) and not its modern form. Ancient sanitation and surgical technique did not allow for the more extreme version of genital mutilation we see today. The modern form of circum-crimping induces pain that adults could not handle for more than one second, yet lasts for 18 minutes. It amputates what would have become a postcard-size piece of skin that holds 100,000 of the most sensitive nerve endings in the human body. Remember: circumcised men are crimped, not cut!

The wound in the diaper is exposed to feces and urine for two weeks, which can kill the baby. So much for clean

Many newborns bleed to death from circumcision. For the first few days of life, a baby does not have the ability to clot blood [1] [2]

Most SIDS deaths are in fact circumcision deaths. SIDS happens in boys twice as much as girls because boys are circumcised and girls are not. SIDS happens when the baby lays face-down and suffocates itself. A crimped boy is afraid of what adults will do to him while laying face-up. He is also depressed and less willing to drink milk than his intact counterparts. This naturally results in many boys choosing to lay face down and sometimes allowing themselves to die. Officially 117 baby boys die of circumcision each year, with only 115 dying of SIDS. But we would guess that actually more than half of the 115 SIDS figure is also crimped baby boys and should actually be counted as circumcision death [1]. Sadly, this author’s own cousin was crimped at two days old in Ohio and died of SIDS

Circumcision causes rape. Circumcision eliminates the frenulum, which prevents a man from penetrating a woman who is unwilling [1] [2] [3] [4] *update* Note the rape epidemic in Europe is turtle-headed by mud-slimes. 100% of rapes in Oslo are committed by “non-europeans”. “The most gruesome rape in Swedish history” was a 12-half-dicked gang rape by mudslimes (see comments below for links)

Circumcision is causing the American serial killer phenomenon. The 18 minutes of crimping also causes a near-permanent psychological disorder where men feel that sex and violence are related or even a part of the same act [1] [2]

GM’ed men are impossible to satisfy. Due to their missing 45,000 nerve endings, it does not register that sex has occurred, even though it has. In America, the “been there, done that” argument for celibacy is moot. Crimped men are in fact totally unaware subconsciously that they have in fact, committed this act and that there’s no need to continuously try it. In ancient China, castrated eunuchs had reputations of being the lustiest members of the imperial court. [1] [2] Metaphorically, circ is hardware solution to a software problem. Furthermore, using a hardware solution vastly increases the software problem
Anonymous2017-06-22 21:46:30
The federal government quietly helped and rewarded companies and universities which hired roughly 330,000 cheap foreign graduates in 2016 instead of hiring American graduates, many of whom are deep in debt.

The little-known “Optional Practical Training” program has grown from 91,140 new foreign job-seekers in 2009 to 329,158 new job-seekers in 2016, according to data provided by the Department of Homeland Security. That is almost a four-fold increase in seven years — and the program is growing even larger in 2017.

There is no cap on the OPT program, which quietly and semi-automatically gives work permits lasting up to three years when requested by foreign students who graduate from U.S. universities and colleges. Companies are not required to even interview Americans before hiring OPT graduates — and they get tax breaks for hiring foreigners over Americans.

“The government is enticing employers to hire foreigners instead of Americans … it is ridiculous,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies. Even the middle-class Americans who have downplayed the impact of cheap-labor immigration on blue-collar Americans should be alarmed by the government’s discrimination against their own college-graduate children, he added.

In 2014, the OPT program provided work permits to 249,998 foreign graduates, according to the data provided to Breitbart News by the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the program. Two years later, the number of new foreign graduates entering the program had risen by 32 percent up to 329,158.

The program provides a one-year work permit to all graduates. It also provides an extra one-year permit to graduates who work in a so-called high-tech “STEM” job. In 2016, officials working for former President Barack Obama extended the STEM permits from one year to two years. If only 20,000 of the 51,672 STEM workers from 2015 used Obama’s one-year extension, they would have increased the 2016 total from 329,158 up to 350,000.

That 350,000 estimate for 2016 means that the government is offering work permits to one foreign graduate for almost every two of the 800,000 young Americans who graduate from college each year with high-skilled degrees in business or medicine, science or software, math or physics.

The OPT program will likely grow to 500,000 foreign workers in 2020 unless it is killed by a pending lawsuit.

Under the new transparency rules established by DHS secretary John Kelly, DHS officials also provided Breitbart with the initial OPT numbers for 2017. That data showed the OPT program in the first half of 2017 by giving work permits to 255,412 foreign students, including 57,315 high-skill technology graduates. That half-year number for 2017 is larger than the 2014 total.

These high numbers likely understate the scale of the OPT outsourcing program, because the federal government also allows foreign students to get a one-year work permit via the “Curriculum Practical Training” program before they graduate into the OPT program. If 100,000 students used that CPT program in 2016, then the combined CPT and OPT programs delivered almost 450,000 white-collar American jobs to foreign students and graduates in 2016.

The annual inflow of new foreign OPT workers is now roughly three times larger than the annual inflow of 110,000 H-1B white-collar contract workers. However, the H-1B program offers longer visas to foreign workers, so it keeps a larger population of roughly 650,000 foreign white-collar workers in the United States, compared to roughly 35o,000 OPT workers.

The H-1B visas help companies hire foreign white-collar workers to take the place of the experienced American professionals who need decent salaries to help support and educate their children.

Who is impacted?

Many American college graduates are threatened by OPT, partly because the program allows foreign students to take any job, but also because the government grants three-year work permits to students who take “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” jobs — but those STEM jobs are very expansively described. They include:

dairy science… horticultural science… environmental studies … natural resources conservation … urban forestry … artificial intelligence … computer graphics … solar energy … naval science … cyber/electronic operations and warfare … nutrition sciences … sustainability studies … child psychology … archaeology … medical science … veterinary physiology … business statistics … management science.

The OPT program is also a threat to upward mobility because it is increasingly being used to outsource community college technician jobs — such as nursing — which are the primary upward path for Americans born into lower-income families. The DHS list of STEM jobs also includes more than 50 types of technical jobs, including:

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Technology/Technician … solar energy … welding … industrial production … quality control … automotive engineering … [and] biology.

College grads have done better than American blue-collar workers since the 2009 crash, but recruiters say graduates overestimate their market value, and researchers say salaries remain low in 2017:

Wages for college graduates across many majors have fallen since the 2007-09 recession, according to an unpublished analysis by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in Washington using Census bureau figures. Young job-seekers appear to be the biggest losers … “It has been like this for the past five, six years now,” said Ban Cheah, a research professor at Georgetown who compiled the data. “It’s a little depressing.”

Many recent graduates were hurt long-term by the slump, according to a 2014 Pew rstudy:

In a recent report, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York went deeper and looked at underemployment among recent grads (defined as people aged 22 to 27 with at least a bachelor’s degree). The Fed researchers used data from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to examine whether employed grads were in jobs that typically required a college degree, what those jobs paid, and whether they were working full- or part-time. They found that in 2012, about 44% of grads were working in jobs that didn’t require a college degree — a rate that, while about what it was in early 1990s, increased after the 2001 and 2007-09 recessions. Only 36% of that group were in what the researchers called “good non-college jobs” — those paying around $45,000 a year — down from around half in the 1990s. The share of underemployed recent grads in low-wage (below $25,000) jobs rose from about 15% in 1990 to more than 20%. About one-in-five (23%) underemployed recent grads were working part-time in 2011, up from 15% in 2000.

Other reports emphasize negative and positive prospects for recent college grads as the nation emerges from a decade-long slump.

Critically, the OPTs compete with new American graduates and nudge down the Americans’ starting salaries — which can have a huge impact on their lifetime earnings, say salary experts:

“Maximizing your first salary is really important because it determines your salary for the rest of your life,” says Matt Wallaert, chief scientist at GetRaised.com … “Your final salary is heavily dependent on your starting salary,” agrees Glenn Hiemstra, the founder of Futurist.com,

Moreover, many U.S. graduates are defaulting on college loan debts owed to the U.S. government because they cannot find well-paying jobs.

Joseph Palos, a high-tech graduate from Cornell University, formally objected to the OPT program in 2015. ”Companies don’t want to hire Americans and they abuse… OPT to hire cheap immobile labor instead of hiring anyone over the age of 35, especially in software or tech areas,” he wrote to a federal agency, according to a report in ComputerWorld.

Which companies hire OPTs?

Most universities and colleges hide useful data about their OPT programs from their American students, the tuition-paying parents and the voting public.

But a Breitbart search of the data revealed that Penn State posted a list of companies which hire OPT and other foreign graduates. The companies include accounting firms Deloitte & Touché LLP plus Ernst & Young, LLP, as well as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and the GE Global Research Center in New York. Other OPT employers included Advanced Micro Devices in Sunnyvale, Calif., Intel in Arizona, Motorola in Florida, Nokia in Texas, and Microsoft in Washington State, plus Cadbury Schweppes in New Jersey, Glaxo Smith Kline in Philadelphia, Hyatt Hotels in Washington D.C., Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Penske Logistics in Ohio, and the Environmental Systems Research Institute in Redlands, Ca.

The Penn State list also includes many universities, many of which can keep cheap OPTs on the payroll for several years by converting them into H-1B employees. There are no limits on universities’ hiring of H-1Bs.

There’s not much reason to blame the companies for hiring OPTs, said Krikorian. By reducing employers’ taxes and subsidizing OPT employees’ pay with a chance to win green cards, “the government is encouraging these employers to hire foreign workers,” he said.

Who supports the OPT program?

Unsurprisingly, the semi-secret OPT program has intense behind-the-scenes support in Washington.

First, the OPT program — like the similar H-1B and H-2B programs — are strongly supported by business groups because they provide very cheap, compliant and disposable workers:

When a job is given to an OPT worker, neither the worker nor the employers have to pay Social Security or Medicare taxes. That tax break cuts the company’s salary costs for that foreign worker by roughly 23 percent.

When a foreign students seeks a job, Americans lose bargaining power to get decent wages for that jobs. Nationalwide, the extra inflow of immigrant labor annually transfers roughy $500 billion from employees to employers, accordin to data in the 2016 report on immigration by the National Acadeimes of Sciences.

The OPT jobs put the foreign graduates on the first step towards citizenship, which is a hugely valuable deferred bonus student studemt her overseas fmaily and their descedents in perpetuity. In effect, the federal government provides OPT workers a free lottery ticket for the prize of citizenship if they work for the pay and conditions set by the employer. But this is also a huge hidden subsidy for employers who hire foreigners instead of Americans because it allows employers to pay foreigners with hope of citizenship, while Americans must be paid in dollars.

Also, the OPT employers is heavily dependent on the employer to put him or her the next step on the path to citizenship, ensuring a compliant attitude despute low-pay and long hours. The next step is usually a H-1B visa, which requires the employer to ask the govrenment for the visa.

The OPT program adds a small but useful addition to the number of native-born and immigrant consumers who buy products in hte U.S. economy.

Universities strongly favor the OPT program because it allows them to effectively sell government-supplied, no-cost work permits to the foreign students who pay higher than normal tuition fees — providing there is no political pushback from their own indebted graduates and their worried parents.

The annual inflow of foreign students adds $2.8 billion in economic activity, and 400,000 jobs to the economy, says the NAFSA advocacy group, wich is led by university officials. Few politicians are willing to openly disagree with the universities in their district.

Universities market themselves to foreign customers as way-stations to citizenship. For example, Dartmouth University highlighted employment statistics for foreign graduates, saying 71 of 79 foreign graduates got work permits and jobs in 2015, and 79 of 86 got work permits and jobs in 2014.

A growing percentage of foreign students are using the OPT work permits. The percentage rose from 21.5 percent in 2014 up to 24.5 percent in 2016, according to DHS data.

The OPT and CPT programs allow a growing number low-grade “diploma mill” universities to provide work permits to foreign workers in exchange for tuition. The scale of the new industry was described by Buzzfeed in 2016: “With little fanfare and virtually overnight, Nothwestern Polytechnic has become one of the country’s largest importers of international students — 95% of whom are Indian. Last year, 9,026 foreign students had active visas to attend NPU, according to federal immigration data — that’s more students than the entire undergraduate population of Harvard, and an increase of 350% from two years earlier, when Northwestern had just 1,200 … Northwestern Polytechnic’s 9,026 foreign students would make up the ninth-largest body of international students in the country, according to IIE numbers — above Michigan State University and just below UCLA.”

Education-industry officials have downplayed the number of OPT approvals for several years. For example, the New York-based Institute of International Education estimated 67,804 OPT job-seekers in 2009, and 147,498 OPT seekers in 2016. In contrast, DHS estimated the numbers at 91,140 in 2009 and 329,158 in 2016.

Progressives strongly favor the OPT program, partly because it is backed by their prestigious allies in the Internet industry and by university groups, but also because it levels the status of foreigners and Americans.

In June 2017, a pro-immigration columnist for the New York Times, who formerly worked at the Wall Street Journal, argued that Americans rightly belongs to foreigners, not Americans, saying:

I’m the child of immigrants and grew up abroad, I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers — the people who strain hardest to become a part of it because they realize that it’s precious; and who do the most to remake it so that our ideas, and our appeal, may stay fresh.

That used to be a cliché, but in the Age of [President Donald] Trump it needs to be explained all over again. We’re a country of immigrants — by and for them, too. Americans who don’t get it should get out.

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan backs programs that allow low-tech business to import cheap foreign workers instead of hiring U.S. workers. “We need to have an immigration system that is wired for what our economy needs … so let’s find out where those gaps in our labor markets are and have our immigration system wired for that,” Ryan said in 2016.

President Barack Obama declared in 2014 that Americans do not have the right to favor their fellow citizens over foreigners, saying:

Sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently. And that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration. If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave, there have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, ‘Well, I don’t want those folks’ — even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans.

Under Obama’s lax border policies, roughly 550,000 additional illegal aliens flew or walked into the United States in 2016, while only a tiny percentage of the 11 million resident illegals were sent home.

This bipartisan open-border viewpoint is part of the law and played a large role in Obama’s policies. For example, from 2011 to 2016, Obama used a loophole in federal law to allow more than 300,000 unskilled migrants from Central American to live and work in the United States, despite the harmful impact on the kids’ schools and local crime rates.

Economic and Political Impact

These pro-immigration views held by progressives and business-minded Republicans means that the federal government now imports one million legal immigrants each year to compete for jobs against the 4 million Americans who graduate from schools or colleges each year.

The federal government also imports more than 1 million temporary contract workers, including roughly 110,000 H-1B workers per year. That rapid rise of the secret OPT program — plus likely rises in other semi-secret L and B-1 visas — suggest that the government allows companies and universities to keep an army of more than 1.6 million foreign contract-workers in the United States.

Most of those foreign contract workers are white-collar professionals, while fewer than 100,000 are legal temporary agricultural workers, according to the left-of-center Economic Policy Institute.

This flood of foreign labor spikes profits and stock values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees, drives up real estate prices, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, and sidelines marginalized Americans and their families. The flood also fragments Americans’ civic society into competing identity groups, sometimes dubbed social “diversity.”

This social conflict also distorts Americans’ politics, allowing the inauguration of New York real-estate magnate Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.

Since then, despite massive bipartisan pressure from politicians and industry groups eager for cheap labor, Trump has declared his policy to be “Buy American, Hire American.” He has scuttled the cheap-labor Trans-Pacific Partnership program, sharply reduced illegal immigration, slowed the growth of contract workers programs, started reforming the H-1B white-collar outsourcing program, and eliminated the ‘DAPA’ amnesty for four million illegals.

Because of pressure from progressives in the media and the Democratic Party, Trump has also preserved some of Obama’s open-borders rules, such as the 2012 ‘DACA’ policy which delivers work permits to roughly 765,000 younger illegals.

So far, Trump and his deputies have done little publicly to curb the fast-growing OPT program — even though it discriminates against the children of politically influential college-graduates. “You would think that when their own college-educated kids are being discriminated against, it would get attention,” said Krikorian.

However, in December 2016, the Department of Education disbarred the accreditation organization which validated the NPU’s educational claims. In March 2017, Trump’s DHS stopping issuing OPT or H-1B approvals to foreign students from the diploma-mill colleges which rely on that accrediting organization.

However, Trump’s officials will soon need to deal with the legality of the “crony capitalist” OPT program, said lawyer John Miano, who is suing the federal government on behalf of the Washington Alliance of Tech Workers. His lawsuit shows how OPT was created by regulators in 1992 and then expanded in 2002 without any action by Congress or an agency regulatory process. The legal claim is strong, he said, because “we have the government making law via regulation… [what is] the largest guest worker program” in the nation.

But without strong public pressure on legislators, the corporate and university pressure for the OPT program will likely deter the Trump administration from accepting a courtroom defeat over OTP, Miano said. “I don’t expect the Trump administration to say ‘We can’t defend it’ … [but] we don’t know what they are planning to do.”
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In a poky sex toy shop in Sanlitun shopping district in central Beijing, a placard with a QR code is strategically placed next to a pink, vein-knobbled dildo called the Super Emperor, and a clitoral pump. Just scan your phone, and walk out with your purchase.

The cigarette vendor across the street accepts smartphone payments too. A fast-moving queue of customers purchase smokes by scanning their phones over a tatty cardboard QR code.

All the bars in Sanlitun, equal parts seedy and swish, still take cash, but have likewise implemented cashless pay, largely through the ubiquitous WeChat and Alipay app, as primary payment platforms. Beijing taxi drivers accept smartphone payments too.

No one in the area uses physical money, for sex toys or otherwise. Largely due to China's vibrant fintech landscape, the recent rise of phone payments in the country has shunted cash onto the endangered list, perhaps somewhere alongside the pangolin.

"Pretty much every shop, restaurant and bar accepts WeChat and/or Alipay these days," said Yuhan Xu, a 30 year-old Shanghai-based radio researcher who has used her smartphone to pay for almost all her purchases since early 2016. "Even a small pancake stall does that," she added. "I don't need to carry cash."

Many experts believe it won't be long before China, the first country to introduce paper money, also becomes the first to phase it out to become fully cashless. But when will this moment come?


Of China's 1.35 billion population, 710 million are internet users. The results of a survey by the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper released in March found that, like Xu, 70 percent of internet users polled thought carrying cash was not necessary.

The apps fuelling this cashless trend are Tencent's WeChat and Alibaba's Alipay. Launched in 2011, WeChat is a multi-function app based around a messaging system that incorporates WhatsApp and Twitter-like elements. The app is phenomenally popular in China—the majority of WeChat's roughly 889 million monthly-active users worldwide are based in the People's Republic. Chinese users of apps like WeChat tend to not be put off by the personal data storing and sharing that goes on in them. Snooping by authorities is pretty much accepted.

In August 2013 WeChat's payment function was introduced; in-store payments were launched in September 2014. WeChat Pay lets users link their WeChat accounts with their bank accounts; they can spend money through the app in physical and online retail stores—usually scanning in-store QR codes at IRL stores—as well as transfer funds to and from other users. "I'll WeChat you my share" is perhaps the most commonly-uttered phrase in Beijing restaurants these days.

Tencent says that over 600 million users use its mobile payment services, which include WeChat Pay; Reuters estimated that $556 billion worth of transactions were made via the app in 2016. Alipay, which functions in a similar way to WeChat Pay, has around 270 million monthly active users, with around 175 million transactions going through the service every day.

>"The younger generation has never read a physical newspaper, and similarly in the future they'll never use cash."

It's hard to not notice the change. Every lunchtime in Beijing queues of phone-waggling customers zip past tills with a "beep", and no fiddling for notes. QR codes are printed on cards and taped onto chicken wrap stalls outside metro stations. In the eastern Shandong province, panhandlers have been spotted with QR codes hanging around their necks. No loose change? Just scan here.

"We're at a tipping point now," said Rhia Liu, 25, an analyst with China Tech Insights, an organization that conducts research for Tencent. "The younger generation has never read a physical newspaper, and similarly in the future they'll never use cash."

Last month China Tech Insights released a report after polling Chinese WeChat users, that again underlined the rise of mobile payments. It found that in 2015, 65 percent of users spent less than 500 yuan ($73) a month through WeChat Pay, but in 2016 the figure had dropped to under 40 percent. Forty-five percent of users said they used WeChat Pay because they didn't carry cash, with around 60 and 55 percent saying they used it because it was "fast" and "easy" respectively.

"People basically run their lives through smartphones in China," said Ben Cavender, senior analyst at Shanghai-based China Market Research Group. "If you compare the US to China in terms of how people access the internet, China is much more heavily slanted toward smartphones. People are already spending so much time on their smartphones; it's logical for them to have the tools they need in one place."

Looking at the nature of the unique, highly-controlled online environment in China helps to explain why Chinese society has become increasingly cashless. Many globally popular social media and messaging apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are blocked in China by the government's infamous Great Firewall, giving Chinese firms like WeChat a free run at market dominance.

Whereas in many countries users look to various apps to perform tasks—Instagram for photo sharing, WhatsApp for messaging friends, Twitter for sending messages publicly—in China these are usually all done through one app: WeChat. Introducing the payment function to an app so widely and thoroughly used already has made using it to replace cash an easy, natural step.

The rise of online WeChat payments as well as in-store payments has helped galvanize the shift away from paper money. China has a vibrant e-commerce landscape—online sales in the country were estimated to be around $900 billion last year—bolstered by such retail giants as the eBay-like Taobao and a young generation of businesspeople utilising online payments to maximize their markets.

"Firms such as Alibaba have done an amazing job of bringing people into the economic fold," said Zennon Kapron, founder of Asia-focused market research firm Kapronasia. The company works with the Better Than Cash Alliance, a network of businesses and government bodies based at the United Nations that promotes transitions to digital currency from cash.

"If you look at platforms such as Taobao and T-Mall… the number of small enterprises able to sell their goods [is huge]," Kapron said. "You can be a merchant in Xinjiang selling spices and you have an audience that is effectively all of China.

"You have a young generation very online and adept at using mobile phones, and incredibly intelligent entrepreneurs coming to market with interesting solutions that are changing the way people consume," Kapron added. "All that has driven payments away from cash."


The question is: When are the final coins and notes in China going to be placed in the big piggy bank in the sky? Estimations from the analysts I spoke to ranged between five and 13 years.

Liu, the China Tech Insights analyst, has reached that point already. She said the last time she had used cash was one week ago—and only because Beijing metro train card top-up points don't accept mobile payments. She even pays her rent via her smartphone.

"Within five years first-tier cities will have full penetration of this cashless trend."

Liu's research found differences between levels of mobile payment use by users in first- and second- tier cities compared to those in third and lower tier cities. "Within five years first-tier cities will have full penetration of this cashless trend," she said. The infrastructures in lower-tier cities are not ready to achieve the same penetration, according to Liu. Nevertheless, "the trend will grow to these regions, but it will take more time for them to adopt it."

Kapron reckons that by 2030 China will be "for all intents and purposes, cashless." He added that the process will quicken when the central government decides to announce that a cashless society is its aim, which he believes would make sense economically for the country.

"Governments globally want to go cashless," he said. "Cash is expensive to produce, and it doesn't lend itself to transparency or security. China is looking at a kind of 'e-RMB' [digital currency], and will be pushing toward that."

Wang Pengbo, finance analyst at research firm Analysys, predicts that China will be effectively cashless in "five to ten years" and that this is a positive thing for business, the government, and the public.

As well as making China-wide transactions easier for the retailers currently riding the e-commerce wave, ditching cash cuts out the cost for firms and banks of creating and managing paper currency. An anti-corruption drive President Xi Jinping is spearheading could benefit too, with digital transactions easier to trace than the journey of bags stuffed with cash. Counterfeit money, which is common in China, would be a problem of the past.

"China is arguably the biggest 'cash free' society already; now you can go without cash in big cities and a lot of third party payment companies [such as WeChat and Alipay] are developing fast," said Wang. "The central bank is promoting this concept of 'going cashless' and the government has been doing a good job of guiding e-commerce."

If any more evidence of a society becoming cashless than a walk around central Beijing observing the relentless smartphone scanning was needed, Wang provides it.

"I read a news article the other day about a burglar who broke into three shops in a row," he said. "He could only find a few hundred yuan to steal."

Just about enough to buy a Super Emperor.
Anonymous2017-05-11 01:35:04
Bose spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, podcasts and other audio they listen to, and violates their privacy rights by selling the information without permission, a lawsuit charged.

The complaint filed on Tuesday by Kyle Zak in federal court in Chicago seeks an injunction to stop Bose's 'wholesale disregard' for the privacy of customers who download its free Bose Connect app from Apple or Google Play stores to their smartphones.

'People should be uncomfortable with it,' Christopher Dore, a lawyer representing Zak, said in an interview.

People put headphones on their head because they think it's private, but they can be giving out information they don't want to share.'

Bose did not respond on Wednesday to requests for comment on the proposed class action case.

The Framingham, Massachusetts-based company has said annual sales top $3.5 billion.

Zak's lawsuit was the latest to accuse companies of trying to boost profit by quietly amassing customer information, and then selling it or using it to solicit more business.

Are YOUR headphones spying on you? Bose accused of violating customer's privacy rights with app that tracks their listening habits

Lawsuit claims Bose Connect app violates privacy rights by selling the information without permission
Lawsuit is seeking cash for purchasers of dozens of headphones

By Reuters

Published: 21:16 BST, 19 April 2017 | Updated: 22:03 BST, 19 April 2017




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Bose spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, podcasts and other audio they listen to, and violates their privacy rights by selling the information without permission, a lawsuit charged.

The complaint filed on Tuesday by Kyle Zak in federal court in Chicago seeks an injunction to stop Bose's 'wholesale disregard' for the privacy of customers who download its free Bose Connect app from Apple or Google Play stores to their smartphones.

'People should be uncomfortable with it,' Christopher Dore, a lawyer representing Zak, said in an interview.
The complaint seeks an injunction to stop Bose's "wholesale disregard" for the privacy of customers who download its free Bose Connect app.

The complaint seeks an injunction to stop Bose's 'wholesale disregard' for the privacy of customers who download its free Bose Connect app.

Zak is seeking millions of dollars of damages for buyers of headphones and speakers, including QuietComfort 35, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Pulse Wireless.

'People put headphones on their head because they think it's private, but they can be giving out information they don't want to share.'

Bose did not respond on Wednesday to requests for comment on the proposed class action case.

The Framingham, Massachusetts-based company has said annual sales top $3.5 billion.

Zak's lawsuit was the latest to accuse companies of trying to boost profit by quietly amassing customer information, and then selling it or using it to solicit more business.


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After paying $350 for his QuietComfort 35 headphones, Zak said he took Bose's suggestion to 'get the most out of your headphones' by downloading its app, and providing his name, email address and headphone serial number in the process.

But the Illinois resident said he was surprised to learn that Bose sent 'all available media information' from his smartphone to third parties such as Segment.io, whose website promises to collect customer data and 'send it anywhere.'

Audio choices offer 'an incredible amount of insight' into customers' personalities, behavior, politics and religious views, citing as an example that a person who listens to Muslim prayers might 'very likely' be a Muslim, the complaint said.

'Defendants' conduct demonstrates a wholesale disregard for consumer privacy rights,' the complaint said.

Zak is seeking millions of dollars of damages for buyers of headphones and speakers, including QuietComfort 35, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Pulse Wireless.

He also wants a halt to the data collection, which he said violates the federal Wiretap Act and Illinois laws against eavesdropping and consumer fraud.

Dore, a partner at Edelson PC, said customers do not see the Bose app's user service and privacy agreements when signing up, and the privacy agreement says nothing about data collection.

Edelson specializes in suing technology companies over alleged privacy violations.

The case is Zak v Bose Corp, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, No. 17-02928.
Anonymous2017-05-10 04:28:59
Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each dose of flu vaccine contains around 25 micrograms of thimerosal, over 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of exposure.

Mercury, a neurotoxin, is especially damaging to undeveloped brains. Considering that 25 micrograms of mercury is considered unsafe by the EPA for any human under 550 pounds, the devastating health effects of mercury on a developing fetus are truly concerning.

Though thimerasol is not entirely mercury, the mercury content is still extremely high, making it very toxic to the human body. Despite highly exceeding the EPA safety standards for mercury content by over 250 times, flu shots are still recommended for children over 6 months and pregnant women.

It seems that the age groups that are urged to receive the flu shot are actually most affected by mercury exposure. Young children, pregnant women, and elderly are the ‘targeted’ demographic of flu shot manufacturers, and these individuals also happen to have the least defense against the elemental neurotoxin mercury.

A recent study looked at the immune reaction in newborn infants up to the age of one year who had received the HepB vaccine to see if their immune reaction differed from adults getting the same vaccine. What they found was that the infant, even after age one year, did react differently. Their antibody levels were substantially higher than adults (3-fold higher) and it remained higher throughout the study.

In essence, they found that the babies responded to the vaccine by having an intense Th2 response that persisted long after it should have disappeared, a completely abnormal response.

In 2004, the The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs petitioned the FDA to limit the use of thimerosal in vaccine citing safety concerns. In a reply made public years later, the FDA denied the request despite overwhelming evidence that mercury is harmful to the human body.

In addition to mercury, vaccines also contain other toxic fillers and preservatives that have been linked to health conditions such as cancer:

Aluminum: Also a neurotoxin, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive diseases.

Formaldehyde: Among the 8 new substances to be added to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services list of carcinogens.

Antibiotics: Various forms include neomycin, streptomycin, and gentamicin.

Triton X-100: A detergent that should not be injected into the human bloodstream.

By recommending flu shots to the public, the CDC and vaccine manufacturers are ignoring the warnings of not only major studies conducted by prominent universities, but also the EPA. The EPA’s safety limit of mercury exposure is being exceeded by over 250 times each shot. In addition to a number of other ‘recommended’ vaccines, flu shots are dished out each year to the public, meaning that this exposure increases to 250 times the limit each year. Over a 10 year period, it is possible to exceed the limit by 2500 times simply by receiving a yearly flu shot.
Anonymous2017-05-04 00:37:20
The power relates to phones suspected of being used for drug dealing, but in some cases, a phone can be disabled even if no offense has taken place.

UK police have quietly acquired a new power. Last Friday, the Digital Economy Act became law, much of which focuses around restricting access to online pornography, and what sort of sexual acts can legally be included in porn.

But with the legislation's passing, law enforcement agencies can remotely disable or restrict a mobile phone if it is suspected of being used for drug dealing or related to it, and in some cases regardless of whether a crime has actually been committed, according to legal commentators.

"The 'drug dealing telecoms restriction order' contained within Section 80 of the Digital Economy Act 2017 is an entirely unprecedented and potentially draconian power allowing police to prevent the use of phones or other communications devices," Myles Jackman, legal director for activist organisation Open Rights Group, told Motherboard in an email.

As for how this would likely work in practice, a police officer ranked superintendent or higher, or the Director General or Deputy Director General at the National Crime Agency, would apply for a court order that would then be presented to a communications provider—a telco company—ordering it to restrict the specified device or phone number.

Judging by recently published amendments, some of these orders could last indefinitely, and they seemingly could also be used against people who have not committed a crime, or who are not drug dealers themselves. Orders can apply if the user is "facilitating the commission by the user or another person of a drug dealing offense," or "conduct of the user that is likely to facilitate the commission by the user or another person of a drug dealing offence (whether or not an offence is committed)."

Jackman added, "It is hard to argue that this pre-crime intrusion into individual liberty is necessary and proportionate when it can be authorised 'whether or not an offence is committed'."

A spokesperson for the National Crime Agency confirmed the agency could use this new power. The Metropolitan Police directed requests for comment to the Home Office, which only provided background information not directly related to the power.
Anonymous2017-05-03 18:21:42
he US Air Force deployed an RQ-4 Global Hawk high-altitude surveillance drone at Yokota Air Base on Monday night, starting a five-month operation in Tokyo, Japan Times reports. The drone, the first of five to arrive in Japan, is tasked to survey ballistic missiles and nuclear facilities in North Korea, and is part of the 69th Reconnaissance Group Detachment 1. Global Hawks do not have offensive capabilities.

Its mission is to provide near real-time aerial imagery reconnaissance support to U.S. and partner nations, according to the base’s website. Four more Global Hawks are slated to be deployed to the base, and a total of 110 staff members, including mechanics, are set to be stationed there in a related move.

According to Japan's Defense Ministry, the drone is capable of capturing aerial images and electronic data from an altitude of around 50,000 feet (15,240 meters) or more, higher than the altitude at which commercial aircraft typically fly. The drone will be controlled by remote from Yokota during takeoff and landing, and then from the U.S. mainland once it reaches a sufficient altitude.

In the past, Global Hawks have been deployed at the US Misawa Air Base in the northern prefecture of Aomori. But work to revamp the runway at Misawa led to the switch to Yokota, where the Command of US Forces in Japan is located. To boost its own defense capabilities, Japan's Defense Ministry decided to introduce three of them for the Self-Defense Forces, and will start deploying one at Misawa at the end of fiscal 2019.

"This rotational deployment of the Global Hawk is temporary but necessary to provide a base from which the platform can be reliably operated during the summer," the US Pacific Command announced last month, adding that the US "continues to deploy its most advanced capabilities to Japan, including the Global Hawk, in keeping with our commitment to further contribute to the security of Japan and to the stability of the region."

Elsewhere, the Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter carrier Izumo joined a U.S. Navy vessel at sea on Monday in the first protection mission enabled by security legislation that took effect last year and has expanded the role of the Self-Defense Forces, Japan Times reported. The Japan-U.S. cooperation comes amid rising tensions over North Korea, which continues to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions. .

The cooperation between the two militaries comes days after Japanese fighter jets joined American aircraft for joint drills in waters off Okinawa, amid heightened tensions with North Korea.

On Monday night, President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also held an informal telephone call on Monday. The conversation was held on Monday morning Japan time and lasted about 30 minutes, according to the sources. No announcement of the talks was made by the Japanese government, a rarity for such events. The call followed three formal telephone meetings last month, all of which focused on the increasing threat posed by North Korea.

Japan's Foreign Ministry reiterated caution to journalists, urging them to refrain from visiting North Korea, as part of Tokyo’s unilateral sanctions against Pyongyang that have been in place since February 2016. Amid rising tensions, many reporters traveled to the reclusive state to cover a military parade on April 15.
Anonymous2017-04-25 15:43:08
The medical industry in the US is problematic in general... As the anon above me said to avoid that crap is to not buy the food industry crap the drink industry crap and avoid chemicals in soaps, lotions, and toothpaste.

To all of them we are merely lab rats that are allowed to run around as we are bombarded with manipulative ads continually telling us what is bad is good.
Anonymous2017-04-07 04:24:07
(CNSNews.com) - Before the end of this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will decide whether or not to begin the rulemaking process to mandate that newly manufactured cars include what is being called “vehicle-to-vehicle” (V2V) communications technology that constantly broadcasts via radio wave the car’s location, direction, speed and, possibly, even the number of passengers it is carrying.

“NHTSA expects to make a decision on V2V technology by the end of the year,” a spokesman for the agency told CNSNews.com.

That point was reaffirmed by NHTSA Administrator David Strickland in testimony in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today, where he said the agency will “decide this year whether to further advance the technology through regulatory action, additional research, or a combination of both.”

“We expect to issue decisions on light duty vehicles this year, followed by a decision on heavy-duty vehicles in 2014,” he said.

NHTSA sees this technology as the first step on a “continuum” of automotive evolution that will ultimately lead to fully automated vehicles navigated by internal electronics linked to external infrastructure, communications and database systems.

The upside of a government-mandated movement toward cars that are not controlled by the people riding in them is that it could make transportation safer, allow people to use time spent in a vehicle for work, rest or entertainment, and give people who are currently incapable of driving because of age or disability the opportunity to move as freely as those who can now drive.

The downside is that such a transportation system would give the government at least the capability to exert increasing control over when, where, if--or for how much additional taxation--people are allowed to go places in individually owned vehicles. It could also give government the ability to track where people go and when.

The Obama administration says this is something it has “no plans” to do even if it does mandate V2V technology in all new cars.

“NHTSA has no plans to modify the current V2V system design in a way that would enable the government or private entities to track individual motor vehicles,” a NHTSA spokesman told CNSNews.com.

In October 2011, the Department of Transportation (DOT) published a plan for researching the safety applications of this technology. It summarized how the technology would work and the information it could transmit from vehicles.

“V2V communication for safety refers to the exchange of data over a wireless network that provides critical information that allows each vehicle to perform calculations and issue driver advisories, driver warnings, or take pre-emptive actions to avoid and mitigate crashes,” said the DOT plan. “Data that may be exchanged includes each vehicle’s latitude, longitude, time, heading angle, speed, lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration, yaw rate, throttle position, brake status, steering angle, headlight status, turn signal status, vehicle length, vehicle width, vehicle mass, bumper height, and the number of occupants in the vehicle.”

Earlier this month, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report noting that NHTSA could act this year to mandate V2V in new cars and describing the “challenges” deploying these technologies would present.

“The continued progress of V2V technology development hinges on a decision that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to make in late 2013 on how to proceed with these technologies,” said the GAO report. “One option would be to pursue a rulemaking requiring their inclusion in new vehicles.”

The report summarized six components that would be deployed in vehicles equipped with V2V. These included: 1) a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) radio that “receives and transmits data through antennae,” 2) a GPS receiver that “provides vehicle position and time to DSRC radio” and “provides timekeeping signal for applications,” 3) an “internal communications network” that incorporates the “existing network that interconnects components” in the vehicle, 4) an electronic control unit that “runs safety applications,” 5) a driver-vehicle interface that “generates warning[s] issued to driver,” and 6) a memory that “stores security certificates, application data and other information.”

The proper functioning of these components in helping a driver safely operate a vehicle, according to the GAO, would depend on a “communication security system” that “provides and verifies V2V security certificates to ensure trust between vehicles.”

In August 2012, then-Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood initiated the “Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Model Deployment,” the main phase of which was completed in August of this year. In this pilot program, conducted in Ann Arbor, Mich., DOT partnered with divisions of eight automobile companies—Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen—to road test V2V systems.

A total of 2,700 vehicles participated in the test, according to GAO. Each of the eight automobile manufacturers provided eight automobiles a piece with fully integrated V2V systems of the type that would be installed in new cars. Additionally, according to the GAO, 79 commercial vehicles in Ann Arbor and 88 mass transit vehicles were equipped with V2V.

The rest of the cars were retrofitted with the sort of V2V equipment that would go into cars that were already on the road before the technology became available.

“What was once previously thought of as science fiction and decades away from reality may now appear to be just around the corner,” NHTSA Administrator Strickland told the Senate Commerce Committee in written testimony in May.

Two weeks later, Strickland’s agency released “A Preliminary Statement of Policy Concerning Automated Vehicles.” It said NHTSA believed the U.S. was heading down a “continuum” of vehicle development that would end with fully automated vehicles. V2V was a step on this continuum.

“NHTSA finds that it is helpful to think of these emerging technologies as part of a continuum of vehicle control automation,” said NHTSA. “The continuum … runs from vehicles with no active control systems all the way to full automation and self-driving.

John Lee, a professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin, testified in the same Senate Commerce Committee hearing as the NHTSA administrator.

“We think of cars as mechanical systems, but they are actually rolling computers,” said Lee in his written testimony. “These computers are changing what it means to drive.”

“Moore's law suggests the capacity of automation and entertainment systems will change rapidly, doubling every 18 months,” Lee said. “This exponential increase means that in fifteen years we are likely to be discussing whether people should be allowed to drive--because autonomous vehicles may be much less error prone than people.”

In preparing its report on V2V, the GAO surveyed a group of 21 experts on this technology and related issues. It also interviewed representatives of public interest groups.

The GAO asked the experts to rate various potential challenges to deploying V2V on a scale that ran from no challenge, to slight challenge, to moderate challenge, to great challenge, to very great challenge.

“Of the 21 experts we interviewed, 12 cited the technical development of a V2V communication security system as a great or very great challenge to the deployment of V2V technologies,” said the GAO report. “One expert told us that it is challenging to establish technical specifications for a system that attempts to maintain users’ privacy while providing security for over-the-air transmission of data.

“Another expert noted that a public key infrastructure system the size of the one needed to support the nationwide deployment of V2V technologies has never been developed before,” said the GAO, “the sheer magnitude of the system will pose challenges to its development.”

Six experts said that establishing “acceptable end use privacy” would be a “very great” challenge.

“Public interest groups we interviewed said that overcoming concerns about privacy under a system that involves the sharing of data among vehicles will pose a challenge,” said the GAO. “One group suggested that the possibility that V2V data could be obtained by third parties such as law enforcement agencies could harm the deployment of these technologies. Similarly, one expert suggested that public acceptance of V2 V technologies might be limited without rules prohibiting the use of vehicles’ speed and location data to issue tickets or track drivers’ movements.

“Three experts we interviewed suggested that legislation may be needed to limit the potential use of V2V data,” said the GAO.

“Further,” said the GAO, “one automobile manufacturer … said that it could be difficult to explain how V2V technologies work to the public without raising concerns related to privacy.”

Like any inanimate tool, V2V and automated vehicle technology can be used for good or ill, depending on the aims and intentions of those who use it.

The Obama administration has included at least two senior officials who have expressed a desire to use government power to curb the use of vehicles.

John P. Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, co-authored a 1973 book—Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions—with population-control advocates Paul and Anne Ehrlich.

In this book, Holdren and his co-authors said a “massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States.” Part of their vision involved automobiles.

“We believe,” wrote Holdren and the Ehrlichs, “a Federal task force should be established immediately to do the planning and lay the groundwork for dealing with the automobile problem without great disruption of the national economy. Such a task force might be part of a larger institution with the responsibility to devise policies for making the transition to a stable, ecologically sound economy. The task is enormous but it is both possible and necessary.”

“In the short term,” wrote Holdren and his co-authors, “alternative activities must be found for various industries, including those related to the automobile.”

Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote that action would be needed in the “political arena.”

“And when solutions to the problems of human ecology are considered, all roads seem to lead to the political arena,” they wrote.

“If you … decided to buy a small car that would last 30 years, be easily repairable and recyclable, and have a low-compression engine, you would find it impossible to do,” they wrote. “A manufacturer who wanted to produce such a car today probably could not; no one would put up the huge amount of capital required for fear that the ‘Eco-special’ would not sell. Only when society makes other kinds of cars illegal (or too expensive) will the money become available for such ventures.”

Thirty five years after Holdren and the Ehrlichs published this book, President Obama named Holdren his science and technology adviser. He also named Ray LaHood, who had been a Republican congressman from Illinois, his transportation secretary.

A month after Obama’s inauguration, LaHood told the Associated Press: "We should look at the vehicular miles program where people are actually clocked on the number of miles that they traveled.”

At that time, however, White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters the administration would not pursue the policy of taxing people by the mile.

LaHood, nonetheless, soon announced the DOT’s “livability initiative,” which was designed to get people to live in denser housing near public transit lines.

At a May 21, 2009 appearance at the National Press Club, LaHood was asked: “Is this an effort to make driving more torturous and to coerce people out of their cars?

“It is a way to coerce people out of their cars,” said LaHood, adding a moment later that “we have to create opportunities for people that do want to use a bicycle or want to walk or want to get on a streetcar or want to ride a light rail.”

LaHood was asked a follow-up: “Some conservative groups are wary of the livable communities program, saying it's an example of government intrusion into people's lives. How do you respond?”

“About everything we do around here is government intrusion in people’s lives,” said LaHood. “So have at it.”

The GAO report on V2V said that the Department of Transportation saw a need for the system to “identify bad actors” but wanted to “minimize risks to privacy.”

“DOT officials have emphasized the need to distinguish between the ability to identify bad actors through a V2V communication security system and the ability to monitor the movements of individual vehicles,” said the GAO report. “DOT stated that as currently conceived, a V2V communication security system would contain multiple technical, physical, and organizational controls to minimize privacy risks—including the risk of vehicle tracking by individuals and government or commercial entities.”

In a speech in New York in April, NHTSA Administrator Strickland said his agency believed V2V technologies and the eventual automation of automobiles could help manage traffic and preserve the environment.

“In addition to the potential safety impact of V2V and automation, the agency is also aware that these technologies have significant added potential to contribute to intelligent management of roadway traffic and reduce the burden of highway traffic on the environment,” he said. “These potential benefits are additional reasons why the continued exploration of these technologies is an extremely worthwhile endeavor.”

CNSNews.com contacted David Wise, director of the physical infrastructure team at GAO that conducted the study of V2V, and asked him two questions raised by this technology.

Question: “Is it true that V2V technology and the communication system that goes with it, would at least give the government the potential to track the movement of vehicles if that is what it wanted to do?”

Wise: “It would depend on the specific design of the security communications system which, as we say in the report, is not finalized. As we state in our report, according to automobile industry representatives, the security system now under development is being designed to ensure data privacy structure that prevents the association of a vehicle’s V2V communication security certificates with any unique identifier of drivers of their vehicles. In addition, according to DOT, as currently conceived, a V2V communication security system would contain multiple technical, physical, and organizational controls to minimize privacy risks—including the risk of vehicle tracking by individuals and government or commercial entities. DOT officials also told us that the department will continue to assess any risks to privacy posed by the introduction of V2V technologies and identify mitigation measures to minimize those risks as more aspects of a system of V2V communications are defined.”

Question: “DOT’s indication that it wants to distinguish between the ability to identify ‘bad actors’ and ‘the ability to monitor movements of individual vehicles’ indicates there is already an interest by the government in using this emerging technology to track ‘bad actors’”?

Wise: “Yes. However the term ‘bad actors’ refers to vehicles and their devices that are misbehaving or potentially misbehaving. According to CAMP VSC 3 officials [the eight auto companies that joined in the Ann Arbor pilot test], in-vehicle V2V equipment must be able to detect and automatically report potentially misbehaving devices—such as devices that are malfunctioning, used maliciously, or hacked—to a communication security system. The communication security system must also detect and automatically revoke certificates from vehicles with such devices. This is so that vehicles can be sure that the data they receive from other vehicles is valid and can be trusted.”

Wise also said: “I think it is fair to add that DOT and industry are taking steps to try to minimize privacy risks. Also, while we do not explicitly say this in our report, we did not see or hear any indication that DOT has any plan or desire to use V2V to track peoples’ movements.”

CNSNews.com also contacted NHTSA to ask why DOT wanted the "ability to identify bad actors" in a V2V system, and whether DOT was permanently ruling out developing any system that would track individual vehicles on any basis or developing any system that would allow any agency of government to remotely control or deactivate an individual's or individuals' vehicles?”

“At the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), safety is our top priority, and we are always looking for ways that innovative technology can be harnessed to improve driver safety,” said a NHTSA spokesman. “As we look ahead to the next stage of roadway safety in America, connected vehicle technology has the potential to significantly reduce injuries and fatalities from crashes.

“NHTSA would seek to develop a V2V system that increases consumer safety, while protecting privacy,” said the spokesman. “Identifying ‘bad actors,’ which could include anything from malfunctioning vehicles to intentional malfeasance (such as hacking), is crucial to ensuring that the V2V security system functions properly.

“The design under consideration for a security system does not collect any personally identifying information, nor does it enable real-time tracking of individual vehicles,” said the spokesman. “NHTSA has no plans to modify the current V2V system design in a way that would enable the government or private entities to track individual motor vehicles. The V2V requirements that NHTSA is currently exploring only involve warnings to drivers to help them avoid crashes.

“The information collected from the year-long model deployment and additional research will be used by NHTSA to determine the best course of action for proceeding with additional V2V communication activities, including possible future rulemakings, additional research, or a combination of both,” said the spokesman. “NHTSA expects to make a decision on V2V technology by the end of the year.”
Anonymous2017-03-23 14:22:48
you can always do something, stop and protest and don't follow bad people that are around you.
Anonymous2017-03-23 14:19:03
Amazon was last night accused of 'dehumanising' its staff battling to deliver gifts to millions of customers in time for Christmas.

Workers at the internet shopping giant's distribution centres face disciplinary action if they lose a punishing race against the clock to track down items ordered by online shoppers.

Staff paint a picture of a stressful environment ruled by the bleeps of handheld devices – nicknamed 'the gun' – instructing them which items to collect.
An undercover investigation by The Mail on Sunday discovered:

They faced relentless time targets for every task, with disciplinary action taken against those who could not keep up;

Workers faced disciplinary action if they were deemed to have taken too long during bathroom breaks;

Workers received £7.35 an hour – just pennies more than the minimum wage – from a company recently branded the most valuable retailer in the world and valued at £198 billion;

Staff had to work 'compulsory' extra days and hours – and were given short notice of shift changes;

There was an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion, with handheld scanners tracking workers' whereabouts, plus CCTV cameras monitoring the warehouse, and airport-style security checks.

Staff were left with blistered feet after walking up to 14 miles a day

The Mail on Sunday went undercover at one of the firm's 'fulfilment centres' at Gourock, near Glasgow, over the Black Friday period, one of the busiest times for online shopping.

Taking a job as a 'picker' – one of the thousands of seasonal workers employed to collect items from shelves before they are sent to customers – we worked up to 11-and-a-half hours a day for nine days at one of Amazon's huge warehouses.

It might be comforting to imagine the firm's premises are staffed by happy bands of Santa's elves. But one worker told us: 'It's all about being bossed around by a scanner and having no thoughts beyond the next shelf number.'

The race against the clock: Amazon’s buzzing warehouse relies on a monitoring system that tracks every item for sale and all staff movements

Another said: 'You just leave your brains behind when you start working here. You're just a zombie.'

Last night Amazon defended its working practices, saying: 'We provide a safe and positive workplace. The safety and wellbeing of our permanent and temporary associates is our number one priority. One of the reasons we've been able to attract so many people is we offer great jobs and a positive work environment, with opportunities for growth.

'Like many companies, for a short period before Christmas we do ask our associates to work additional hours, but there is a clear exceptions process for people who are unable to do so and every request by people not to do an overtime shift at Gourock so far this year has been accepted. We always strive to give good notice to people of any changes.'

But TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady said: 'These working practices have no place in modern Britain. Staff should be treated like human beings, not machines. Big Brother-style management creates a culture of fear that robs people of their dignity.

'All workers deserve decent pay, conditions and a voice at work – not surveillance and the threat of a disciplinary if they need to go to the toilet.'

Our revelations follow a string of claims about the 'draconian' working conditions and ongoing controversy about the company using its international standing to minimise the amount of tax it pays in the UK.

To investigate conditions at the firm, which last year overtook Walmart to become the world's most valuable retailer, The Mail on Sunday answered an online advert for pickers at its warehouse in Gourock, 30 miles west of Glasgow. The advert promised that pickers would be 'at the heart of what Amazon does' and part of a 'world-class warehouse operation' with 'great benefits and fantastic incentives'.

Workers have to ship hundreds of products a day each – deadlines cannot be missed. On Black Friday, the Gourock depot alone exported 150,000 items

After a preliminary interview, our reporter was given five hours training, and invited to start work the following day. Despite the advert asking staff to work four days a week, we were told at training it would be compulsory to work five days, with an extra hour added on to each working day.

The Gourock warehouse, similar to centres in Doncaster, Dunfermline, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Rugeley and Swansea Bay, covers the area of four football pitches, and is lined with shelves stacked with the tens of thousands of products stocked by Amazon.

It is worlds away from when boss Jeff Bezos started the company as an online bookstore from his garage in Seattle in 1994. Over the past six months alone, shoppers have clicked on to the website 2.3 billion times.

But while the company prides itself on delivering customers' purchases with hyper-efficiency – and has invested in incredibly sophisticated computerised stock control equipment – the system relies on the efforts of its most low-tech resource: its staff.

Upon entering the warehouse, employees must leave all personal possessions, including phones, in lockers. The only exceptions are bottles of water and a see-through bag of cash for buying food at the canteen. Pickers are ruled by the handheld scanners they are issued with at the start of each shift.

The job involves being given a list of up to 230 items, which must be collected in order and within a given time. These are then taken by trolley to the despatch area where a separate team wrap the products for delivery.

Each time the scanner bleeps it flashes up the next item to be collected, its location and a target time – sometimes as little as seven seconds – to reach it. The scanner also counts down the items left to be collected before the trolley is full, and the overall time the whole process should take.

A typical run could include collecting books, DVDs, jewellery, beauty products and electrical items.

The scanner allows managers to monitor where staff are and flags up whenever a packer is moving too slowly, or pausing too long.

Although the bathrooms are the only part of the warehouse not covered by CCTV, staff are warned if they stop packing for just a few minutes to cross the warehouse to go to the lavatory outside their official rest-break.

On our induction day, training staff told us we could expect to walk ten to 14 miles a day. By comparison, Royal Mail postmen normally walk no more than eight miles a day.

The most common complaint among staff on the warehouse floor was about their sore feet. One told us: 'I have such bad blisters on my feet. I am so exhausted. I never knew it would be this tough. My boots are falling apart, and it's only been four days.'

For their efforts, pickers are paid £7.35 an hour for the first 40 hours of work they do – just 15p more than the minimum wage.

Workers receive time-and-a-half for working between 40 and 50 hours, and double-time above that. By comparison, a full working week for an NHS nurse is 37-and-a-half hours, with anything above that paid at time-and-a-half.

In the build-up to Black Friday, staff were told they must work a compulsory extra day each week and an extra hour each day.

Shift patterns were also changed with little advance notice, meaning planned days off were cancelled.

One worker said: 'I have a two-year-old boy and he is just starting nursery this week. I was going to take him for his first day, but now I am missing it because they have altered the shifts. We have to do an extra day each week now, and the days have altered. It's compulsory so I can't refuse it.'

Another said: 'They have just pushed these hours and extra days on us, and we have no choice. I have two children whom I only get to see on the weekend, and now that is one day I can't spend with them.'

Staff are also anxious about the non-stop time pressures and constant monitoring.

One employee, who has worked in the warehouse for several years, said: 'The bosses are constantly monitoring how fast you're going and they can get really bad sometimes. I get really nervous and feel the stress, especially on busy days like Black Friday. There are so many trolleys and boxes in the way, and so many items on the shelves. It's hard to reach your targets, and they can see if you're not performing. I find it all really stressful.'
I'm exhausted - I never knew it'd be this tough

There is constant pressure for staff to collect items quickly, and for those who can't keep up there is the threat of disciplinary action. One member of staff, who was recruited several weeks ago, said: 'I started being monitored by a team leader yesterday because I wasn't going fast enough. I couldn't believe it. I am trying my hardest and going as fast as I can, but nothing is good enough for them.'

Discipline is enforced through a points system – three points earns a worker a formal warning. However, staff believe the points are unfair, claiming they can receive half a point for leaving work early, even if it's because of an illness, and one point if they call in sick.

They are also disciplined for taking too long to walk back from breaks and time spent in the bathroom. One employee explained how he was given a warning in his second week for taking seven minutes during an unscheduled break to go to the bathroom.

He said: 'I have been given two warnings. One was for being in the toilet for seven minutes, and the second was because I never worked a sixth day last week – even though I was never even asked to.

'I had to sign a written warning. Now I'm under extreme pressure and have to pick as much as possible, or they might find another reason to get at me.'

Paul Sellers, pay policy officer of the TUC, said last night: 'This kind of overbearing attitude could also constitute harassment, frankly. From the sounds of it, this is an attack on the employee's dignity.

'It's a fair bet that everyone hates the points system. If you dehumanise people they lose motivation.'

Amazon said: 'Like most companies, Amazon has a fair and predictable system to record staff attendance and take into account individual circumstances.

'The scanning devices we use are common across the warehousing and logistics sector, and are designed to assist our people in performing their roles.

'We do not use GPS to monitor people's location. We do not monitor how long people spend in the toilet and people are able to make personal calls if they need to do so.

'Security measures such as cameras are normal procedures in any large logistics centre that houses highly valuable products.'

Anonymous2017-03-14 06:03:54
>This leak is great ! We need more of this
are you new or something ? everyone with brain knew that they were doing this but oh wait there is more

A former CIA director Michael Hayden has admitted that the CIA kills people based on metadata that is collected unconstitutionally by snooping on US citizen’s smartphones, smart TVs, and other internet-enabled devices.

Hayden made the statement in a debate at Johns Hopkins University after Georgetown University Law professor David Cole detailed the kind of information the government can obtain simply by collecting metadata.

Metadata includes who you call, when you call them, how long the call lasts, and how often calls between the two parties are made.

The NSA has often claimed that such metadata collection is permissible considering the content of the call is not collected, Cole argued that is not the case, since the former general counsel of the NSA, Stewart Baker, has already stated metadata alone is more than enough to reveal vast amounts of an individual’s personal information.

Unfortunately, former CIA director Michael Hayden says the agency kills people based on metadata alone.

Michael Hayden’s comment is particularly terrifying after the Vault 7 revelations made by WikiLeaks last week.

The classified CIA documents released by WikiLeaks showcases the tremendous amount of resources that the intelligence agency has put into ensuring that our popular devices, whether they be Android or Apple, have certain back-door vulnerabilities.

Most people have assumed that the government works with major tech companies to notify the company when a vulnerability has been found, this data dump by WikiLeaks implies that the CIA is not only not telling companies about vulnerabilities, but has also been actively pursuing to find and even purchase additional vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities in our devices will be exploited not just by our security agencies, but by hackers and governments around the world. Patching security holes immediately, not stockpiling them, is the best way to make everyone’s digital life safe.

Companies like Apple are already claiming that they have patched the CIA-created holes revealed by WikiLeaks, it is our faith that our tech products are secure that may be more difficult to fix, not to mention our trust that the CIA is protecting American citizens.
Anonymous2017-03-08 05:17:09
WikiLeaks has unveiled the global hacking program that claimed the CIA hacked iPhones and Microsoft Windows, the whistle-blowing organization also claimed that CIA worked with MI5 to turn Samsung TVs into microphones.

Julian Assange said that WikiLeaks will unveil confidential documents from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency as part of its mysterious Year Zero series. WikiLeaks has issued the release and it claims that the CIA has been carrying out a global covert hacking program that exploits the US and European companies, adding that the CIA was using hacked mobile phones and vehicle control systems in modern cars to carry out assassinations.

WikiLeaks claims that these include Apple's iPhone, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows and even Samsung TVs, which it says are turned into covert microphones. Assange was scheduled to speak about Year Zero on Facebook today, but a live stream of the event was hacked. It is not yet clear when the event has been rescheduled to.

In a statement published on its website, WikiLeaks also claims that the attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the UK’s domestic intelligence agency MI5, adding that Weeping Angel, which was developed by the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch (EDB), infests smart TVs, thus transforming them into covert microphones. The organization says that after infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a Fake-Off mode so that the owner can falsely believe the TV is off while it's not, meanwhile it records conversations in the room and sends them over the internet to a covert CIA server.

The CIA also planned to hack cars and trucks so that it could carry out undetectable assassinations. The organization claims that from October 2014, the CIA was seeking ways of infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks to enable them to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations, adding that the CIA’s Mobile Devices Branch developed numerous ways of hacking and controlling popular smartphones remotely.

WikiLeaks claimed that these include iPhones, which has a 14% market share and Google Android which is used to run most smartphones around 85%. The organization adds that infected phones can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s geolocation, audio and text communications.

WikiLeaks has also indicated that the CIA could bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking smartphones that they run on and collecting the audio and message before the encryption is in place.
Anonymous2017-03-06 04:50:47
On Monday, February 20, US-led coalition fighter jets bombed al-Shefaa, a residential area in eastern Mosul (Iraq). Sources from a variety of perspectives say that several dozen civilians died in the raid and a large number were wounded. The highest numbers are being quoted by the Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency, while the lower numbers come from al-Jazeera. The coalition commanders have not answered questions about the raids.

According to Airwars, a large number of civilians have been killed due to US-led coalition bombings that began in 2014. The total civilians killed range from 5,875 to 7,936, while those specifically killed by coalition airstrikes number between 2,405 and 3,517. These are twice the number of civilians as killed by Russian airstrikes in Syria, according to Airwars figures.

The Iraqi military confirms that it has slowed down its advance into Mosul because it does not know how to fight ISIS without endangering the 750,000 civilians in the region. The most recent UN situation report from Iraq counts 160,000 people already displaced as a result of the Mosul crisis. Low income levels, shortages of water, great threats because of the fighting – these define the situation for residents in and around Mosul.

A joint investigation by Airwars and Foreign Policy pushed the US military to confirm that in two incidents in 2015 the United States used depleted uranium (DU) shells against ISIS targets in Syria. When Airwars’ Samuel Oakford asked the United States military whether it had used any DU in Syria, they first denied it, then finally admitted to its use earlier this month. DU ammunition was fired from A-10 aircraft against fuel tankers.

Strikingly, the A-10 aircraft normally carries high explosive incendiary (HEI) ammunition which, according to its manufacturer General Dynamics, ‘provides fragmentation and incendiary effects for use against personnel, trucks, ammunition storage and many other targets’. The HEI would have been sufficient to destroy the fuel tankers, so that it was unnecessary to use DU – a radioactive substance – to contaminate parts of northern Syria.

Make the Desert Glow.

At the same time as the US was using radioactive weapons in Syria, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said of ISIS – ‘We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out’. This was plainly a reference to some kind of radioactive bombardment. It was precisely what the administration of Barack Obama had already been doing.

Not long after Cruz first made this comment – which became a standard for his stump speeches – Mark Halperin of Bloomberg asked another Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, whether he would go nuclear against ISIS. ‘Well, I’m never going to rule anything out’, replied Trump. When pushed by Chris Matthews of MSNBC on this issue, Trump said, ‘Somebody hits us within ISIS – you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?’

Three generals who made their mark in Iraq between 1991 and 2008 now lead President Trump’s national security team. General James Mattis (Secretary of Defense), General John Kelley (Secretary of Homeland Security) and General H. R. McMaster (National Security Advisor) all led the US counter-insurgency operations in Iraq. Of the three, General James Mattis had the closest relationship to the use of radioactive weapons in Iraq. This was during the siege conducted by the United States against the city of Fallujah in 2004. To grasp the attitude of the US officers in this war, reflect for a minute on Mattis’ statement made in a 2003 speech to soldiers regarding how to comport themselves in Iraq, ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet’.

Fallujah is one of the most forgotten contemporary US battlefields. In that battle to defeat the popular insurgency against the American occupation, the United States used chemical (white phosphorus) and radioactive (DU) weapons with great abandon. The fierceness of the war destroyed three quarters of the city and sent most of its population to the grave or into flight. At this time, General Mattis headed the 1st Marine Division that was key to the Fallujah war.

Ironically, the United States went into Iraq in 2003 with the claim that it wanted to destroy weapons of mass destruction. In turn, it was the United States that used weapons of mass destruction inside Iraq.

The United States dropped at least 116,000 kgs of DU ammunition during the bombing campaign of the 2003 Iraq War. At that time, A-10 fighter jets were used for these missions, the same planes used in Syria. Strike logs released to George Washington University in 2013, shows that in the early months of the war (March-April 2003), DU ammunition was used against cars and trucks as well as buildings of all kinds. The widespread use of these radioactive weapons across Iraq contaminated large swathes of the country. What transpired in Fallujah the next year was merely the continuation of what had become normal policy. The data from that war has not been released as of yet. It would show that DU weapons were fired not only from A-10 jets, but also from tanks and other ground-based devices. These not only contaminated the soil, but also endangered US troops.

It is not as if the US military did not know that DU weapons are dangerous. The US Environmental Protection Agency calls these weapons ‘a radiation health hazard when inside the body’. A 1975 US Air Force review suggested that these weapons not be used against troops, but only against ‘tanks, armored personnel carriers or other hard targets’. This prohibition was routinely violated during the US War on Iraq. In 2003, the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine and the UN Environment Program warned against the use of such weapons. None of these warnings were heeded. People like Mattis and Kelley had their fingers on the trigger. There is no available evidence that they cautioned against what is tantamount to a war crime.

Everyone Seems to be Dying of Cancer.

Evidence from Baghdad and Fallujah is compelling. Before she died of leukemia, artist Nuha al-Radi wrote, ‘Everyone seems to be dying of cancer. Every day one hears about another acquaintance or friend of a friend dying. How many more die in hospitals that one does not know? Apparently, over 30 per cent of Iraqis have cancer, and there are a lot of kids with leukemia. The depleted uranium left by the US bombing campaign has turned Iraq into a cancer-infested country’.

Dr. Samira Allani, a pediatric specialist at the Fallujah General Hospital, sees the connection between Iraq and Japan – two countries struck hard by weapons of mass destruction. The rate of children born with birth defects in Fallujah are much greater than that of children born – after 1945 – in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The dust from DU emits alpha radiation, which experts say is twenty times more dangerous than the gamma radiation from nuclear weapons. There was no dramatic mushroom cloud over Baghdad or Fallujah, but the smaller explosions might have been just as deadly.

Over the years, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has pushed a non-binding resolution in the UN General Assembly against the use of DU ammunition. Both in 2012 and 2014, the overwhelming majority of the world’s states voted for a resolution brought by the NAM against DU weapons. Both times the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Israel voted against the resolution. In December 2014, the NAM resolution came just as US A-10 fighter jets arrived in Kuwait to bomb ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. There was fear that the US would use DU weapons once more in the region. This fear, we now find, was not unwarranted. The US has said that it used DU twice. One should not be comforted by this number, since there might be other instances where DU was used in the last few years.

It would be naïve to assume that the United States and its coalition are not using DU weaponry in the fight against ISIS in Mosul and elsewhere. These are dangerous weapons, whose radioactivity lasts a very long time and damages societies for generations. Statements by Trump and Cruz about the use of nuclear weapons and the lack of outrage against that shows how desensitized the population has become about violence against the brown bodies of West Asia.

And even against the ecology of the region. In her captivating memoir, Nuha al-Radi writes about fleeing into her family orchard when the US bombing of Iraq took place in 2003. ‘The birds have taken the worst beating of all’, she wrote. ‘They have sensitive souls, which cannot take all this hideous noise and vibration. All the caged lovebirds have died from the shock of the blasts, while birds in the wild fly upside down and do crazy somersaults. Hundreds, if not thousands, have died in the orchard. Lonely survivors fly about in distracted fashion’.

Whether Nuha, powerful artist that she was, wrote of the birds alone or wrote with allegory close to her pen is moot. Both the birds and Iraqis as well Syrians go about in a distracted fashion. Their lives continue to be turned askew by the hideous bombardment of this ongoing war.
Anonymous2017-02-24 06:55:20
NYT identifies six patients who underwent kidney transplants in Costa Rica and three Israeli men it says are involved in trafficking.

A report Sunday in the New York Times sheds light on the role of Israelis in international organ trafficking. Through the story of Ophira Dorin, a 36-year-old Israeli woman, the report demonstrates how easy it is to illegally buy a kidney in Israel.

Costa Rican authorities announced last year that they had uncovered an international organ trafficking ring that specialized in selling kidneys to Israeli and eastern European patients. The Times said it was able to identify 11 patients – six of them Israelis – who underwent kidney transplants in San Jose, as well as two other Israelis who arrived to the Costa Rican capital with donors for procedures they said would not have been approved back home. The report puts Dr. Francisco Mora Palma, head of nephrology at the large Calderon Guardia Hospital in San Jose, at the center of the operation in Costa Rica.

By following Doris' story, the Times identified three Israelis it said were involved in the trafficking case - Avigad Sandler, Boris Volfman and Yaacov Dayan - describing them as being "among the central operators in Israel’s irrepressible underground kidney market."

Doris was originally referred to Sandler, but later changed to Volfman after she was told he could arrange transplants at a lower price. A day after their meeting, Volfman was arrested along with Sandler and others on suspicion of organ trafficking in an unrelated case. Soon after, Dorin was referred by one of her clients to Dayan.

When confronted by the Times reporter to explain his involvement in the case, Dayan said, "We help people," but refused to elaborate, only adding that he had been out of business for over 18 months at the time.

In a phone interview with the Times, Volfman described himself as a middleman who accompanied patients abroad to organize them accommodation, contacts and medical examinations. He insisted on never having any contact with the organ donors themselves and that it was up to the patients to choose the transplant center and pay them directly.

The story says Dorin wired money to the hospital in San Jose and to Dr. Mora, who then paid some $18,500 to an unemployed 37-year-old man for his kidney. This case is merely one of thousands of illicit transplants that take place around the world each year, experts cited in the report estimate.

Dorin told the Times that she even if what she was doing was illegal, after five years with a kidney disease, she felt she had no choice.

In recent years, more than a few Israelis have been mentioned in media reports involving international organ trafficking, whether in Ukraine, Kosovo, Turkey or Costa Rica.

The Times attributes the "disproportionate role" of Israelis involved in major organ trafficking cases partially to Jewish religious restrictions, which keep donation rates low in Israel.

According to the Israeli Health Ministry, less than 10 percent of the overall population in Israel is registered as organ donors – among the lowest rate among developed countries. The ministry reported an increase in registration after the Knesset passed a law in 2012 granting registered donors priority if they ever need a transplant. Also, in 2010, living donors began receiving compensation of several thousand shekels, which may have contributed to the increase. The compensation is meant to cover lost wages and related expenses.
Anonymous2017-02-19 07:35:33
>Get out of that situation
>Ask a rehab center for tips
>Nicotine patches
>Take the fucking pills

If the pills turn you into a zombie, they're not the right ones. Ask for something else. No one's going to force you to keep taking them if they're not working the right way.

Also nicotine patches get you the nicotine without the lung cancer. Though if you're coughing up blood you might wanna see a doctor since it might be too late.

>I wish there was some simple solution to this.

No. You want a "solution" where you magically don't have an addiction anymore and thus don't have to put in even an iota of legwork.

That's not how it works. You have to work to overcome this. There's no getting around that. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get up, and do something about it.
Anonymous2017-02-15 05:11:46
By David Johnson

I'll get right to the point! The purpose of this brief article is to take a
look at banking and investing overseas, using fiscal tax shelters (havens) to
reduce and eliminate taxes, and foremost, to provide confidentiality in
personal and business matters. Period.

For various reasons, offshore banking has been tagged as "unsafe", "risky",
"illegal", or "for the wealthy". All are anything but the truth! It's
time to dispell the myths! Let's seperate the fact from the bull! First
off, one must understand that it is normal for those who know little or
nothing about something (besides what they hear from others) to be afraid
and suspicious of it. Misinformed financial planners, attorneys and
accountants may know economics and law in the United States, but few know
about handling business outside of the country. Let's tackle these
misconceptions one at a time:

LEGALITY - There isn't and will never be a law restricting the sending of
funds outside the United States. How do I know? Simple. As a country
dependant on international trade (billions of dollars a year and counting),
the American economy would be destroyed. How? Since all U.S. global trade
is transacted in U.S. Dollars, there would be no imports or exports, due to
the fact that the United States would not be able to buy and sell goods.
Make sense?

If you wanted to, you could remove or transfer some (or all) of your money
our of your bank or credit union to anywhere in the world, LEGALLY.

U.S. banks and the IRS disseminate negative propaganda dealing with offshore
banking, making it seem unsafe or some type of criminal act. Why? Banks just
want to keep your money in their institutions to use for thieir own profitable
purposes. Did you know that most U.S. banks themselves accept deposits from
people overseas and often invest in foreign stocks and hold accounts with
foreign banks? It's true! As far as the IRS, they obviously want your money
in U.S. banks where they can tax every dollar you earn in interest, and keep
track of how many liquid assets you have and where they are.

The confusion with tax legalities is sometimes due to lack of knowledge. In
the U.S., tax evasion is a crime, tax avoidance is not. As you know, there
are zillions of laws on the books in every country. Without a doubt, what is
legal in one place may be against the law elsewhere. For example, income tax
evasion is not a crime in jurisdictions where there is no income tax. Thus,
in most cases (except those with significant political and/or business weight)
countries that are not allies usually don't assist other nations in enforcing
laws that are not laws in their countries. Further, a country has no legal
right to conduct an investigation in a foreign country, without consent of the
respective government. In reality, a country has every right to deny ANY
other nation permission to make examinations in their territory. Therefore,
it is difficult, if not impossible for authorities in the U.S. to obtain
financial transaction records of tax evaders in many foreign-based
institutions (outside of those located in areas that have some type of
cooperation treaties). Strict banking secrecy laws also contribute to the
difficulty. Most tax haves impose lengthy prison terms and/or hefty fines for
violations of a client's secrecy. INTER-FIPOL (The International Fiscal Police)
is the tax crime equivalent of INTERPOL (The International Police Organization),
which is a network of law enforcement authorities in numerous countries which
exchange information on criminals. Many evaders are opening accounts in
fictitious names and using mail fowarding & pick-up drops for privacy.

PRACTICALITY - Movie-makers and recent international scandals, such as BCCI and
Iran-Contra, have contributed to negative views about offshore banking.
Contrary to popular belief, rich criminals and corrupt government officials
make up a small segment of the total number of customers at any given offshore
institution. Now more than ever, the average American blue-collar worker and
businessman is using offshore banking as a way to reduce taxes (through legal
avoidance). Many accounts may be opened for the same amount required in the
U.S (about $100) or less. In some cases, there is no minimum opening deposit
at all. Further, the interest rates are usually substantially higher than in
the U.S. (since federal law sets limits on the amount of interest a bank can
pay you). But by far, the reason most people turn to offshore banks is their

One might ask, "if these banks are so good, why don't they advertise in the
U.S."? The answer is simple...they are prohibited! Federal law restricts
offshore banks from advertising their services in U.S. magazines and newspapers,
unless they agree to the same restrictions that govern F.D.I.C. institutions
(such as interest limitation). Why? That's simple too...to keep competition
down. Opening an account with these banks is as simple as writing a formal
letter to the institution and requesting information about their various
services and the appropriate application forms, and returning them to the bank.
It really that easy! Most banks never have to see you in person.

SAFETY - All offshore banks are regulated in one form or another, like their
U.S. counterparts, but minus the limiting federal laws. Less restrictive
regulations abroad allow foreign banks more freedom in locating the best
investments worldwide, allowing them to pass on and share their profits with
their customers. As for insurance, forget the F.D.I.C. or other private
insurance companies! They usually only allow a liquidity factor (insurance)
of about 10% of public deposits. Many offshore banks are self-insured,
meaning they have AT LEAST one dollar in cash to coverevery dollar on deposit,
That translates to 100%+ insurance. Also, the majority of the world largest
and strongest banks (as far as assets) are overseas, not in the United States.
Call your local library's business & finance or commercial department and ask
the librarian to look it up.

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS) - Treasury form 90.22-1 (Report of Foreign Bank
and Financial Accounts must, by law, be completed and returned to the I.R.S. by
June 30th of each year you possess a foreign account. For a copy of the form,
call the IRS at (800) 829-1040, or check your phone directory for the number of
your nearest forms distribution center.

U.S. CUSTOMS - U.S. Department of Treasury's Currency and Foreign Transactions
Reporting Act details which monetary instruments (checks, money orders, ect.)
must, by law, be reported to the federal government. A copy of an illustrated
circular which explains the act in full is available for the cost of $5 from:
Worldwide Consultants, 2421 W. Pratt Blvd., Suite 971, Chicago, IL 60645 U.S.A.

WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPORT - Here are two categories of instruments that you
are not required to report:

If you make out a personal check or money order to an offshore bank, you don't
have to report it.

And, if you have a check or money order payable to you, you may restrictively
endorse it (i.e. pay to the order of XYZ Bank), and you do not have to report it

TAX EVASION - If you deposit your paycheck in a U.S. bank, chances are you've
already paid income taxes on it (unless it is a personal check). So, you have
no further obligations, since taxes were deducted before the check even hit your
hand. With a savings or brokerage account, at the end of the year when you get
your annual statement, you simply add the total amount of interest or profit
earned to your income, and pay taxes on the grand total. The same is only
true offshore if the country the bank is located in imposes a withholding tax.
Since I'm on the subject of taxes, did you know that the United States and the
Philippines are the only two nations in the world that tax income earned
outside of their countries? Anyway...back to tax evasion. Below are a few
examples of ways some individuals have cheated the IRS:

A lawyer received payment by personal check from a client and deposited it
in his offshore account. Since the deposit didn't appear on his business
reords, the chances are it would never be found out (even if he was audited).

One couple sold a valuable antique and had the buyer send the payment directly
to their offshore bank account. Later the couple used the money to tour
Europe and the Carribean.

Another example is the S&L bank customer who enticed his "unscrupulous" banker
to electronically transfer a large sum of cash offshore without reporting the
transaction to the I.R.S.. Then the customer borrowed the money back from the
offshore bank. Since loan proceeds are not taxable, no taxes were paid.

These types of schemes are no longer used by the rich with extra money to hide,
but by average Americans who don't like to pay taxes on every single cent they

HOW HIDDEN ASSETS ARE FOUND - Having conducted investigations in the
U.S. and abroad, I am familiar with the various techniques which may
be used to locate leads to funds being kept offshore. Here are a few:

1. Checking passports (and travel agents) for evidence of visits to "high
profile" destinations such as: Switzerland, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, Isle
of Man, Netherland Antilles, and other known banking and tax havens. Travel
to these type of areas nwill surely throw up a red flag, giving seekers a
place to start looking for your assets.

2. Examining telephone (home, business & hotel), fax and mobile (cellular)
phone records to identify undisclosed business connections and contacts.

3. Reviewing credit card statements to determine who you do business with,
where you travel (domestic & foreign), and what products and services you use.
These records leave a revealing paper trail miles long.

4. Garbage is often sifted through for information such as statements,
invoices, correspondence, and other relevant material useful in tracking your
affairs. Use a high-quality paper shredder, discard your garbage at another
location, or burn and crush it. It sounds drastic, but what you throw away
says a lot about you, and many leads can be found there.

5. Compiling a list of parties that you have a relationship with (business or
otherwise) by recording the return addresses on your incoming mail. This
technique can disclose friends, associates and partners. If you must receive
important mail at your residence or business address, be sure to have your
correspondents omit using a return address.

6. Looking into banking transactions. All withdrawals or deposits $3,000 or
more must be reported by your bank to the federal government, whether made by
cash, check or electronic transfer. Keep transactions under $3,000.

7. Checking private courier's logs (UPS, DHL, RPS, Federal Express, Airborne
Express, ect.) for delivery of special or important letters and packages.

8. Examining telex records of your company or business to locate areas of
foreign activities.


F.E.C., Inc.
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The above company is the JC Penney of financial privacy. If no one else,
contact them! Provide them with your name, mailing address, and mention
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services to other on a part-time or full-time basis.

3. They give advice and assistance in tax-reduction and setting up
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4. All fees are quite reasonable and affordable by almost anyone.

Scope International Ltd.
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Publisher of numerous reports by Dr. William G. Hill, Esq., the world's most
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All of the above six institutions provide a wide range of offshore
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The above companies are mail fowarding companies provide the fowarding of
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Publisher of Polk's International Bank Directory ($67.50). This publication,
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American Voice Mail, (800) 347-2861

This company can provide you with a voice mail box where you can receive
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Traceless Phone Calls (900) CALL-888

Domestic and International calls can be made through this number without
telephone records of where the call went. The charges are $1.95 per minute
(domestic), and $3.95 per minute (international). For more information about
the service, call Int'l Phone Company at (800) 823-0080 or (408) 738-3700.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - David Johnson is an international consultant specializing
in privacy, security and investigative matters. He has lived in Asia for
close to two years, where he saw ten countries. He may be reached by E-mail
at privacy@well.sf.ca.us


Please feel free to distribute, post, or archive this article on any computer
system worldwide. The publication and/or distribution of this article in
paper format is prohibited without consent of the author.
Anonymous2017-02-15 04:23:55 File: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg (76.559kb, 485x488)
i can only hope that he will get rid off the crimes thats around the big cities
Anonymous2017-02-10 13:22:09
An 8-foot-tall reinforced glass barrier will be erected around the base of the Eiffel Tower, as security forces say that the iconic Paris landmark remains a top target for terrorists, following a series of attacks throughout France in the past two years.

"The terror threat remains high in Paris and the most vulnerable sites, led by the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures," said the assistant mayor for tourism, Jean-Francois Martins. "We have three aims – to improve the look, make access easier and strengthen the protection of visitors and staff."

The anti-ballistic fence will not just cover the steel structure itself, but the gardens surrounding it, and access will be restricted through fewer entry points, making it easier to monitor. Although visitors will have to pass through checkpoints to enter the forecourt, it will remain free.

"All the work to secure the Eiffel Tower is being done in consultation with the Architectes des Bâtiments de France [the country’s architects’ association] so that it fits as well as possible in the neighborhood," Martins said. “This is a necessity in terms of security, but it will also make it possible to re-establish a link between the forecourt of the monument and the gardens."

The 300-meter-tall Eiffel Tower, constructed for the 1889 World’s Fair to be the tallest in the world at that time, is already surrounded by a temporary chain-link fence, put up for the Euro 2016 football tournament last summer, following the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015 that took the lives of 130 people.

The €20 million wall is said to be part of a wider €300 million refurbishment of the Eiffel Tower, which is the most visited landmark in the world, seen up close by about 7 million tourists each year. The project will see more elevators, hopefully cutting the famously long queues and relieving visitors stranded up on the tower, and a sprucing-up of the lower viewing platform.

While most have welcomed the effort to upgrade the site, some politicians have been opposed to the latest announcement.

Yves Pozzo di Borgo, a Senator from the Centrist Union, told the daily Le Parisien that the wall would turn the Eiffel Tower into a “fortress.”

"These measures must not distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings," insisted Catherine Dumas, a member of the center-right Republicans.

The latest terrorist attack in Paris occurred last week, when Egyptian citizen Abdallah El-Hamahmy attempted to assault four soldiers near the Louvre with a machete. El-Hamahmy was shot several times, and remains in critical condition in hospital.
Anonymous2017-02-05 05:58:00
he Clinton Foundation is teetering on the brink of collapse with staff being laid off amid donations completely drying up.

The layoffs come as big donors to the Foundation angrily withdrew their financial support upon realising that their money was wasted.

Anonhq.com reports:

In the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election of the United States, the foundation came under close public scrutiny when the anti-secrecy media outlet, WikiLeaks started publishing secrets of the organization. The foundation’s links with foreign governments and multinational corporations supporting extremist groups in the Middle East, as well as those trading with rebels to destabilize countries in East and Central Africa, were brought to the attention of the public by WikiLeaks.

In summary, the WikiLeaks leaks showed a Clinton Foundation that never worked to help people. It is a pure for-profit organization set up by Clinton and his family to enrich themselves at the expense of vulnerable people around the world. During the presidential campaign, the foundation solicited for funds, helping seat Mrs Clinton in the White House.

In fact, some observers even believe the foundation was purposely set up to nurture the presidential ambitions of Mrs Clinton. The foundation played an active role during the campaign. Foreign governments and big corporations donated funds to help Mrs Clinton win the presidency. The “pay-to-play” dealings that occurred while Mrs Clinton was both a private citizen and Secretary of State of the United States is an example.

The King of Morocco reportedly “donated” $12 million to the Clinton Foundation in return for a meeting with Mrs Clinton, ultimately resulting in a $157 million weapons deal for the African monarchy only a few months later.

Prior to the election, the Saudi Arabian, Australian and Norwegian governments all contributed substantial amounts of money to the foundation to help Mrs Clinton secure the White House seat. For example, between 2007 and 2013, Norway donated around $5 million annually to the foundation. However, when Mrs Clinton’s decision to run for president was finally confirmed, Norway’s donations increased significantly to $15 million in 2014 and $21 million in 2015. We don’t have space to go into the details of that of Saudi Arabia and Australia. It is massive and it’s appalling.

But as Mrs Clinton lost the election, all these donations quickly declined. Norway cut its contribution by almost 87%, less than half of its pre-election contributions. The Australian government has refused to renew its partnerships with the foundation. Other corporate donors, such as Samsung and ExxonMobil, are also completely cutting their ties with the foundation.

In the midst of these plummeting donations, the Clinton Foundation has submitted to regulators that it’s laying off some of its workers. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a sub-body of the foundation has officially filed a WARN — Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification — with New York State’s Department of Labor, announcing that, effective April 15, 2017, it would close its doors and lay off 22 employees. The WARN also revealed the foundation is completely discontinuing the CGI.

The New York Observer reports that the laying off workers and discontinuation of the CGI proves the organization’s clout was predicated on donor access to the Clintons, rather than its philanthropic work.

The CGI describes itself as “networking” adjunct to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the CGI is the main body in the foundation that observers have suspected their influencing and peddling schemes to enrich the Clintons. According to one of the secrets published by WikiLeaks, a co-founder of CGI, Doug Band, wrote in an email to a colleague detailing how the “pay for access” scheme worked for the foundation.

Even a surrogate media of the Clintons, The Washington Post couldn’t help but lash out at the foundation once the top secret document was leaked by WikiLeaks.

“The memo, made public Wednesday [October 26] by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, lays out the aggressive strategy behind lining up consulting contracts and paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department. It describes how Band help run what he called ‘Bill Clinton, Inc.’, obtaining ‘in-kind services for the President and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacations and the like’,” The Post wrote in an editorial.

This marks the last days for the Clintons. But there are rumors among political commentators that Chelsea too, has political ambitions. Until she pops up, we can’t say much about her. All we can do is wait and see.
Anonymous2017-02-02 05:04:46

Hi, This is David, I do the political art here at Rense.com. Earlier this week, I received the following distressing letter from Laurie, who, along with her family and pets, have been stricken for the last 14 years with an emerging and mysterious affliction called Morgellons.

She wrote to ask if I would create a Morgellons art image that could wake people up to the fact that, not only are thousands or millions now suffering, but we might ALL one day be in grave danger from its nightmarish effects. So, I read the letter again realizing how difficult it could be to illustrate Morgellons - that is, until I came to the very last line. I could then clearly visualize the concept that became the splash art you see now.

The truth is, this is an extremely difficult subject to confront, so I dare everyone to read Laurie's entire letter; to really consider her and her family's situation, and try to imagine how you might begin to handle it yourself. It is my hope that all of us will read the abundance of Morgellons data, including videos and photographs, on rense.com, and then listen to some of the special Jeff Rense Morgellons programs. Look on the left side of Jeff's homepage for the Morgellons link image. You can also Google Morgellons and study even more photographs. Hopefully, you will then email some of this data to your doctor, local hospitals, medical community and public health agencies. We all need to become far more aggressive in researching and implementing proper treatment for this terrible, devastating science fiction-like disease, or syndrome, or whatever it is.

And now here is Laurie's story...


Dear David Dees...

I see your work every day on Rense.com. Thank YOU for your talent and gifts to the world.

I want to ask you to please do something for all of us FAMILIES suffering from Morgellons (there are 11,046 families KNOWN to be infected). My husband and I, and our pets, have been sickened with this disease for 14 years now. The CDC has been warned for at least 10 years that something HORRIFIC was happening to people, and yet they choose to do essentially NOTHING (except appoint a 'study group') to help the infected - even though entire families are being stricken and ruined by this disease.

'BIO-remediation' may be killing the planet. My husband was infected at a chemical plant in Freeport, Texas - one of the hot spots of Morgellons disease. We have poured our hearts out on the New Morgellons Order Web site - we were the Morgies of the Month for April 2007 - and I have sent hundreds and hundreds of emails to news media, medical universities, medical hospitals, the White House, you name it. I've written to the NIH, WHO (every office worldwide), you name it and NOT ONE PERSON contacted me. The TRUTH, you see, is too frightening.

Back in 1993, my husband was forced to work around MANipulated NANO-engineered microbes. It cost $10,000 for one 35 gallon barrel of these microbes back then and they used about 2 barrels a month at this wastewater treatment plant inside the chemical plant. He was given NO SAFETY PROCEDURES, NO PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, nothing... and there was NO PROPER TESTING to ensure the safety of the maintenance workers forced to work around these open pits and blowers harbouring these microbes. In fact, they would be working and oiling the blowers while they were still running and pouring a mist into the air all around the wastewater treatment plant - a heavy fog, really. These microbes could have been be airborne in that mist NO PROBLEM. In fact, the parking lot for the chemical plant workers was right beside the wastewater treatment part of the plant. The fog hung thick in the air around the parking lot. No wonder this area is considered a hot spot for this disease. The truth will prevail as more and more families are sickened with Morgellons...or whatever it is.

We tried to bring the turth out legally through one of the top environmental attorneys in the country but were told we had exceeded our "Statue of Limitations" - meaning we took too long, even though the CDC and the medical community hasn't got a clue what's going on. We were supposed to figure this all out much sooner by ourselves.

It has been recently shown through the work of private researchers with Clifford Carnicom leading the way, that something is very wrong with the blood of the Morgellons-infected. We have been infected for 14 years now and there is no doubt the public blood supply is compromised and in danger. I would also propose that this disease can transfer from an infected mother to her unborn child. This is a SILENT EPIDEMIC and it has been spreading for years now. The medical community - especially DERMATOLOGISTS - have their heads up their asses on this one. Even when a Morgellons patient has been certified NOT CRAZY by Phyciatrists, these same dermatologists have taken it upon themselves to prescribe 'anti-phycotic' drugs to Morgellons patients. The dermatologists deemed us 'delusional' and 'crazy' with no serious testing on their part or ANY clinical research to back them up.

Morgellons-infected live with open lesions on their body. The left side of my scalp right now is horrendous...lesions creeping and hair loss spreading. My forearms and face and neck at any time can be littered with lesions, and that is just the beginning of what we go through continually. Among many other thinngs, we must also try to deal with:

Eye floaters and constant grit in our eyes.

Almost instant overheating and sweating of our bodies

Chronic fatigue as these 'micromachines' feed off of our energy, zapping nearly every ounce of stamina from us...even small tasks become overwhelming.

Insomnia...chronic and dreadful.

Deteriorating condition of our teeth and tooth loss - my husband has lost 4 teeth and my teeth are deteriorating even though for 38 years I was told what beautiful teeth I had.

Chronic physical wasting - my husband has lost 40 pounds in 4 years I lost 30 pounds in 3 years but for many years I was constantly bloated in my stomach and abdominal area.

Constipation and/or diarrhea...either one or the other, and IBS-type symptoms.

Ringing and thumping in the ears...like tinnitus, but not.

David, there are 93 reported symptoms by the researchers investigating Morgellons. I believe my husband, pets and I live with about 30 of them every day.

I have to mention how this disease effects you mentally. One of the first neurological symptoms we faced was the loss of words. We found ourselves stuttering over the most simple known words that just don't come easily anymore, or at all. So you stutter and stammer or often just insert almost ANY word in a sentence while your mind searches for that word you have known all your life. The brain fog and inability to stay centered on things is simply horrible. My husband has developed a left sided limp and his left foot feels numb or dead to him and even trips him occasionally.

Upon standing, he gets dizzy spells like vertigo but milder in nature. We both have had severe lower back pain that required pain management specialists and cortisone injections by catheter within months of each other.....we both have had liver counts shoot off the charts...and then drop back to normal.

I have found that my desire, or willpower, is gone...even to do the things I Love...which now all sit idle. Morgellons strips you of your creativity and at times I find it very difficult to stay focused. And then there are times you act compulsively or are obsessive in your actions. I never had any of these issues before Morgellons.

You can spend hours and hours tending to painful lesions every day. It feels like plastic or glass coming out of your skin. In fact, I have been SHOCKED at what has come from some of my deep lesions - and all I have is a magnifying glass. There are all the usual fibers and gristle-like things, and then there are red jello-looking globs which almost look like blood clots but are obviously not.

Going out in public has turned into a nightmare. Even in the heat of the summer, I have to wear long sleeve shirts and bundle up so as not to scare people. Morgellons can send your body heat zooming in moments...but we still have to cover ourselves in public. The whole disease is mentally overwhelming...it is anything but just a 'skin condition'.

Perhaps the most devastating of all is the HELPLESSNESS...the complete failure the medical establishment has put upon us. I believe this is the first disease in history where the patients have had to resort to buying their own lab equipment to prove that the DOCTOR is the crazy one and not the patient. We pray every day the medical community will awaken to the fact that this is REAL and spreading and that they could be next. This affliction does not discriminate...everyone is at risk.

Morgellons is infectious or transferrable at close contact. Over the years (14), we have infected other family members including my husband's daughter. Her first-born was premature and almost died and we expect any time now the child's health is going to turn for the worse.

This disease takes time to replicate in your body, but over time you soon become too sick to work and soon after that, it becomes difficult to even do the things just to keep going. Morgellons could come to cripple the entire nation and I see it being far worse than AIDS in 20 years. This is a FAMILY disease. Not only are you infected, but in time the whole family becomes sick - including the pets. We have infected 4 dogs and 1 African Grey parrot. Two of the dogs and the parrot are dead.

Tunes, our Great Dane, came from dedicated breeders...all "show dog" in the blood line and a completely healthy background. At age 5, he became very sick and our vet said it was heart worms - and he underwent that serious heart worm treatment that can kill dogs. Tunes made it through...even though he hacked and coughed and was sick for some time. A year later, a woman approached us at the beach (we lived 10 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico) and asked if we were interested in breeding him - he was a big boy at 220 and big-boned. The mother was also a healthy Great Dane and carried the subequent litter which yielded 6 puppies. But then the mother became sick, and several puppies died, including one we had gifted to friends that died within weeks of coming home. The Vet, again, said it was heartworms. We believe it was Morgellons that caused the whole mess.

Henderson, our Blood Hound, was only 1 and 1/2 when he became sick. Coughing mostly, the vet diagnosed him with with 'Dilated Cardiomyopathy'. His condition went down hill and before he reached 2, we had to put him down. It was VERY SAD. This disease took him fast...he might have been weak to begin with, we're not sure, but it took him down in no time at all. He was still a puppy if you ask me.

Within six months of bringing the African Grey parrot into our home...she had plucked out every feather she could reach. She looked ready for the stew pot, and then died. We asked countless BIRD PEOPLE what was going wrong and even attended a bird show in Galveston looking for help. Some said it was her diet, others that she was lonely. Nothing ever made sense to us. She was gifted to us from Steve's dad who had owned her for many years. Sammie had been pretty much alone...and had the same diet we were feeding her - fresh fruit, seeds and bird treats/goodies. In fact, she had more activity in our home than any time at his dad's, so it wasn't the lonely theory, either. Now, however, it all makes sense to me. Poor Samantha we just didn't know then.

Beardsley, the second of our three bloodhounds, will be 10 in January. He has been sick for years now...rashes and sores, coughing, grit and discharge come out of his eyes, his ears need cleaning daily, and his head overheats at times just like ours do. He was also diagnosed with 'Dilated Cardiomyopathy' and placed on heart medication. Note that all these pets are from different breeders and all came from respectable people dedicated to their litters and healthy puppies. Beardsly even shows signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder sometimes - like just baying over and over at his ball until you nearly lose your mind...and either play with him or hide the ball somewhere.

AnnaBelle, our last bloodhound is 5, and started showing signs of Morgellons a couple of years ago...licking and picking at her privates more than she should and viciously biting at her forearms and forelegs and paws. There are times she is so obsessed with her biting you can't distract her. She also gets the gritty, sticky discharge coming from her eyes, and her ears need attention every other day. And, again, like Steve and I, and Beardsley, she also becomes overheated very quickly and exhibits an extremely hot head.

The only good thing (counting our blessings) is that not one of our little friends ever lost their appetite, they always ate well. However, as much as I love animals these will be our last pets...considering what we know about Morgellons. I was beginning to wonder why everything that came into our loving home has become sick or has died. Now we believe we know.

David, I hope you can draw an illustration that would bring proper worldwide attention to this ever-spreading disease that the CDC is covering up for the EPA. Someone, somewhere in some government lab has created the DISASTER OF THE CENTURY. Everything is sick and dying. THEY created something with these MANipulated microbes that NO living thng on this planet is immune to. Hence, we may be facing the third largest extinction in the history of this planet. It is our belief that this microbe - be it nano-spawned and based, or bacterial or viral (which we doubt) is spreading around this planet. Although it may have been designed to eat and 'process' things like sewage sludge and oil and chemical spills, it is now eating US. Just look around the planet:

* Our bees are disappearing
* Toxic algae is overtaking waterways everywhere
* Dead Zones are ever-expanding in our oceans
* Fish populations are dying (and not just from overfishing like the idiots want us to believe)
* Coral reefs are dying
* Elk, Moose and Deer are dying from some sort of wasting disease (which appears to be a form of BSE)
* 189 species of birds are going extinct and populations everywhere are way down
* Frogs and snakes are dying from some sort of fungus
* Red TIDES and the 'flesh-eating' strep bacteria are invading our lakes and waterways

We believe Morgellons could somehow be involved with some or all of these conditions The Morgellons microbe - likely a nano-created, self-assembling, self-replicating monster - may have been designed to eat 'nasties' in the environment ...but could now be infesting and killing life on the entire planet.

I lived life to the fullest before Morgellons. When I was heathly, nothing could stop me. I was the first female in the painters union in Vancouver, BC in 1978, and then one of the first females to ride with the Houston Fire Department for Emergency Medical Training. It was so wonderful and I learned so much. I even watched 5 different operations standing right next to the anesthesiologist, and worked many, many hours in some of Houston's best trauma hospitals. It was facinating to watch these trauma teams do their stuff. I had one job in Houston at an old bank they converted into a blues club and had entertainment like Ray Charles, BB King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, etc. I was a go-getter - nothing held me down. I never knew a 'stranger' and could talk to anyone. Now? I sit living life as a hermit, a chronically-ill hermit. Thank God Steve and I love each other so much. I would hate to be sick alone. We make the most of what has been dealt to us - we need each other as much as we love each other. I haven't seen my family or friends for almost three years now as I'm in fear of infecting them.

I hope millions of people see your work and my story...and that their jaws drop to the floor. This is what needs to happen to wake the masses up. They need some shock treatment. Just posting the 'wake-up' isn't doing it. EVERYONE needs to read the Morgellons data and view the images at Rense.com. Your work has a way of opening up eyes big and wide. Mine have been open for some time now...they can't get much bigger. We are in deep, deep trouble on this planet of ours...

David, I do enjoy your work very much and I look forward to each new piece when I read my news every morning on Rense.com.

Take Care...and our Best Wishes to you during the holidays... from a very sick and frustrated Morgellons FAMILY,

Laurie Smith
Anonymous2017-02-02 04:45:36
Ryan, for some reason, appears to be picking a fight with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence over the administration’s pledge to tackle the corruption of Big Pharma
By JD Heyes -
01.25.2017 @9:36 AM EST

Though on the surface it may seem like President Donald Trump has it good, politically: He’s a GOP president at a time when he’s also got a Republican majority in Congress. And while Democrats will always be Trump’s biggest political obstructionists, he’s going to get far too much pushback from establishment Republicans who still don’t understand they were given clear mandates by the American people to get certain things done.

One of those things involves dramatically reforming health care—and not like President Obama and the Democrats “reformed” it when they ruled Congress and the White House, a la Obamacare. It’s obvious that some Republican leaders don’t get this, and one of them may be House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Ryan, for some reason, appears to be picking a fight with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence over the administration’s pledge to tackle the corruption of Big Pharma. Every American adult who has had to pay for medications over the last several years knows that they have gone up in price dramatically, and that there seems to be nothing stopping drug makers from boosting prices even on drugs that have been around for a long time. (RELATED: Stay up to date with the Trump administration at WhiteHouse.news)

What’s more, the price increases are only going to get worse this year, as Trump predicted.

In his first press conference in recent days, Trump—speaking at Trump Tower in New York City—promised pharmaceutical industry reforms including proper bidding on prices, among other measures, moving forward, Breitbart reported.

“We have to get our drug industry coming back,” he said. “Our drug industry has been disastrous. They’re leaving left and right. They supply our drugs but they don’t make them here, to a large extent. And the other thing we have to do is create new bidding procedures for the drug industry, because they’re getting away with murder. Pharma has a lot of lobbies, a lot of lobbyists, a lot of power.”

He went on to note that currently, there is very little bidding going on regarding drugs, even though Americans and the U.S. government are the largest consumers of pharmaceutical drugs.

“We’re going to start bidding,” said Trump. “We’re going to save billions of dollars over a period of time.”

Trump doubled down on his criticisms of Big Pharma later, in an interview with the Washington Post, saying that Big Pharma was “politically protected, but not anymore.”

According to Fortune, Trump’s comments sent the pharmaceutical industry into a financial tailspin. Enter the donor class’ favorite House Speaker, Ryan.

In response, Ryan told Mike Allen of Axios that he wants to “have more conversations about” the president’s efforts to crack down on Big Pharma corruption before it actually happens.

For the record, according to money-in-politics watchdog MapLight, the “Pharmaceuticals/Health Products” industries are one of the top 10 donors to Ryan, contributing $381,979 through June 30, 2016.

“I believe that the current premium support system with Part D works extremely well,” Ryan said. “I think there’s some real success stories … and I think we need to tell that story.”

When Allen asked if that also meant telling the president such stories, Ryan replied that it needs to be told to “a lot of people.”

He added: “I think [incoming Health and Human Services Secretary] Tom Price understands this issue extremely well.”

When he was asked about Trump’s comments that Big Pharma was politically protected, “but not anymore,” Ryan replied, “I don’t speak like that, generally speaking. I’m always looking for win-win situations, and I believe there’s a lot more we can do to bring down the price of drugs.” (RELATED: Stay current on this and other issues dealing with the pharmaceutical industry at BigPharmaNews.com)

The tension is more of the kind we’ve seen since the nationalist/populist Trump—the first real president “for all the people” in several generations who wants to stand up to the globalists, crony capitalists and corporatists—began rubbing up against the elitists who ‘run things.’

The Washington political class has never had to deal with anyone like Trump as president. He is not one of them, so he doesn’t view issues and problems through the same politically compromised prism as they do. Trump’s idea of “win-win” isn’t a “bipartisan agreement” per se, it’s any deal that helps as many Americans as possible (especially those who, up to now, have not had a voice in D.C.) while saving the government money and making it more efficient.

The ruling elite see “win-win” as anything that makes it appear as though they’re ‘doing something for the people,’ while actually doing something for the donors who keep them in power.

Big difference.
Via Natural News
Anonymous2016-12-31 02:59:53
I think trump knows more than we do sometimes, the only thing that bothers me is some of the other people around him and NO amnesty for illegals becauase let's be honest it wasn't just clintons that ruined the us.
Anonymous2016-12-22 19:05:02
8. Paganism A few things about our current perspective of paganism, ancient
observatories like Goseck or Stonehenge represent and resulted in several
interesting things, among them a calendar, an appreciation of seasons, The Acht, and
likely the pagan idea that we go around the sun. There are several artifacts that
illustrate this. One of which is on what we are told is a Thors hammer. Ever wonder
why various themes appear on Thor hammer artifacts, and every single one that I have
seen to excludes lightning? Those themes illustrate concepts more powerful than
lightning, and another topic I need to leave for now.

As longstanding truths, none of these ideas constitute myth, and if they aren’t
myths or remotely sinister ideas they are not evil. Considering ancient varieties of
worship and resultant systemic abuse that at times plagued the ancient middle east,
(and to a degree still does) our ancestors did not need a sea parted, a virgin
birth, or a talking angel, nor do you. When reflected against even the most
fervently defended book of myths our ancient truths represent a birthright and
legacy that is both remarkable and wonderful. Some of the most important and
captivating things about us came from roots of understanding so true that they were
set in giant sarsen stones. Including our strongminded pursuit for understanding,
the fascinating elements about and hidden within our languages, our homelands, and
our unique physical characteristics. Each of these foundational aspects connects
directly to these astonishing ancient people and the wonderful truths they intended
for us to know and respect. Today, we can pledge an oath to our ancestors that we
vow to never lose the line of sight to them again. For everything we are, we owe
them recognition of bonds that we work to further understand, appreciate, repair,
and above all else protect.

To conclude: Loved ones that were sent to fight multiple unjust wars. Citizens that
feel angry about failed and contradictory measures of middle eastern betterment. A
public looking forward to an information age intended for everyone instead makes due
with a world of uninspiring culture, fake bias news and fake bias history. Try to
make due with media that serves mostly to destroy America, the world, diminish
intellect and attention spans as people adjust to commercial breaks, sound bites,
clipped stories, and 140 characters. All made consumable and expendable from the
other side, those that continually and frivolously spend our morality, define good
and bad for us through deliberate association of contemptuous claims, senselessly
endangering some and sending others to die for incessant treachery.

Inside are those that can bail out or protect people they choose. Along with the
politicians, bankers, influential lobbyists, the media, professors, the pill
pushers, and the advisers. NSA surveillance and companies that turned the
information age into information to exploit and control expendable society. All
these people, entities, and businesses have interesting things in common, not only
do they look down their nose at the public and military as not worthy of adequate
recognition and respect they all specialize in concealment

People often bring up the Founding Fathers focusing most typically on trying to
decipher their intention related to the second amendment. More than anything else
our Founding Fathers did not want religious institutions or their representatives
influencing this country, I would imagine this includes media. Our Founding Fathers,
our Federal Government, and our media as it stands only one of those is true. This
reason more than any other is what the second amendment is for. The Vatican had
people financially support several Catholics that you ran against, the pope himself
spoke disparagingly about you. Considering the above, right or wrong, soon to be
President Trump, that is dangerous influence, too dangerous, and none of it is worth
chancing. Starting over 400 years ago various Kings of England have done a number of
things, one severed ties with the Vatican, others threw out all the Jews. These
things happened not without very good reason, you have several. In fact all
countries have several very good reasons to throw Jews and Catholics out. We worked
hard to establish their Holy Land, they need to use it or they can use that aptly
named Latin America they murdered their way into.

For us, we chose Luther, Catholic ideology does not belong in our lands, it is
beyond time for you to quit holding on, reformers founded the US so we are in that
fold. In Luthers time Catholics and Chosen might be best described like a girl that
will not take a hint and stay away. Now it is an unhealthy obsession, you
continually try to kill and control us. You exploited my sympathy, you exploited
everyone’s sympathy, I guess my empathy outpaced you and now everyone knows that
instead of a Vatican wart inside the witches boot of the world you belong elsewhere,
in your fence, in your cage somewhere anywhere, hopefully for your sake it is holy.

Let’s expand on your hearkened desire of a time when America was great, a time when
we worked together instead of trying to continually slander, exploit, or send us to
die all the time. The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, US, Communists, the
beneficiaries of Luther, Muslims and more, will all be willing to help because none
of those people want to be hostage to any of their vicious lies anymore. None of
those people want loved ones to find value by sacrificing themselves to their
egocentric faiths anymore. More than anything else, none of those people want loved
ones, friends, or anyone else to die for Jews or Catholics anymore. Just about
everyone on this planet needs shit to do and instead of those typical things, they
would rather work together. Whatever it takes, if we must move that holy land
elsewhere and replace it so the Palestinians can stay in that area so be it. The
most important thing is assisting Catholics and Jews get their faith where they
believe they belong on their promised holy dirt behind their fence as soon as

Between you and I President-elect Trump, (everyone else please avert your eyes) once
that deity comes into their holy lands, we must realize it has been separated from
its chosen people for a very long time, (and it may not even recognize the
Catholics). It may not know what to do, you may need to sneak in, tell it the ropes
on celebrity, (no hot mic this time please). The last time one of their deities were
here it seems it was a little off target, maybe shy, knocking up a virgin? So along
with the ropes explain that girls these days want more than virginal artificial
insemination. Explain that being the big man on holy grounds allows for more
interaction and not to be so shy. Explain that catholic and chosen girls can be fun,
thanks to us they know they are more than just baby machines, they deserve so much
fun beyond their cage but I guess that is where they belong, that birth canal is a
critical component of their belief. It was fun violating it while it lasted. Anyway,
advise that deity as best you can then you will need to sneak back out.

Like these Catholics and Chosen folks speculation of a promised land to begin with,
it isn’t so great for me to speculate future events such as these. That deity could
come and not need advice as to how to behave amongst these Catholics and Chosen at
all. Whatever that deity is, that fence will do more than just keep us out of their
holy land. We will need to maintain and guard it, for the safety of the people

Maybe that is one of the reasons Allah put Muslims there, to guard the Catholics and
Chosen make sure nobody goes in their holy lands and that nothing ever comes out. To
me this makes more sense than fictitious justification for strife, fictitious
grounds for division, fictitious grounds for war, fictitious reasons to keep me out
of the Middle East. I want to go to Mecca, I want to stay at the Burj Khalifa, I
want to go to Iran, I want to go to Baghdad, I want to go to Turkey and I don’t want
to be hated because I am an American due to idiotic, shit religions at our helm.
Beyond my establishment of all sorts of common ground, pagan me or not, I hope they
do realize I actually care about them, us, and the world.

I am an open minded guy, I read a lot, I enjoy various philosophies, I spoke with
people of many faiths, political ideologies, races, professions, along with a
variety of Lagwagon, Bad Religion, and Descendents listeners, and people from
different countries. I think about things, try to angle toward truth. Most of my
encounters with these folks were confirming although none received a package of
thought like this. Ultimately, I covered as many bases as I could in discussing bits
and pieces of the above. As packaged my message could be off, they may not agree.
Jews and Catholics might think I am off base and since they have a strangle hold on
our collective conscious, most people might agree.

If I somehow failed President -elect Trump and cc’d leaders, I am sorry, I really
wanted to try. I am ok with being wrong, as I am ok with being human with a normal
skull. However, to me this would mean we have problems that we are currently
completely unable to recognize. We need to figure several things out, therefore, I
propose that fence needs to be drawn around us as we work on it. I am still intent
on saving us and the world therefore possibilities for emergencies should be
discussed. All leaders and people caught in this fenced in scenario, once inside our
fence, (since this is my idea) if a deity appears I will try to let it down gently.

Inform it that it accidently showed up in the wrong place, let it know about the
important people waiting for in the holy lands of milk and honey. I will be honest
with it, reveal the opinions others that consider our heritage pagan and our race
evil. Let it know that we are in the fence because in nearly every way we seem
unable to relate and feel completely lost. Who knows, the deity might like our
current state of lost common ground, appreciating this world our way, trying to
understand, enjoying the seasons, wandering the trees, talking openly, wondering. It
may realize how much it likes being amongst those that don’t eat skin chips or drink
wine blood or ceaselessly wail at a wall or polytheistically pray to several angels
for specific things or mutilate their genitals or perpetually cry in silence for
things like revenge or empires or war or control or to be chosen or money or schemes
or promised lands. If that is the case, terrific it can stay, if not we must let it

This isn’t due to any fault of ours, our ancestors obviously showed correct respect
ages ago, in return we never needed to endlessly cry for such miracles. The others
descend from people that might forever need to wail for attention on this world let
them be, it is their culture. We need to keep wandering along enjoying the trees,
contemplating how we came to this life, appreciating the seasons, wondering about
the universe, protecting this world and our future place in it. These elements
amount to the miracles everyone was meant to recognize, understand, appreciate, and
respect. We let nature observation and natural existence become pagan and we were
severely punished for 2000 years for letting this go and it must be reclaimed in the
lands that matter most to us, without exceptions.

Along with their cries for miracles, we cannot be contaminated by or rely on anyone
else’s expectations they place on God about the hereafter. This is backwards, God
sets expectations on us. From what everyone on this world would understand
appreciation would consist of how we came to this life, how we experience changing
seasons, how we experience this world, how we experience this universe. However long
we wend our life these experiences combine into adequate or inadequate appreciation
for the miracles we are intended to protect, understand, and recognize. That isn’t
all, adequate appreciation includes doing everything without emphasis on
expectations for anything further, we are grateful for Althings, our miracle, that
is our whole heritage.

President-elect Trump I have little doubt you can make America great again, do so
and you will make the citizens proud.

Working with leaders, asking them to be fair makes sense. Working with leaders from
a position that lacks a further agenda provides a deeply needed clarity. A
perspective that should allow for a great step in making the world a better place
for the first time in this “modern” era. Do so, and you will make your citizens,
Founding Fathers, ancestors, and the entire world whole.

Thank you for your time everyone that read this.

Especially you President-elect Trump. Godspeed.


DataPatch 1.0 of X
Nature’s God & Jefferson’s Wall
Anonymous2016-12-22 19:01:14

Not just WWII but three massive wars that the casualties really mounted against
these protestant descendants. Aside from someone wanting us to become hostile
enemies and remain separate from Islam, those same people clearly want us, to hate
each other, and however possible get us wiped out. We aren’t even supposed to
consider these points, instead all attention is on Jews, the only victims, ever.
Nobody really won these massive wars because everyone lost, there is not a bigger
tragedy, ever. Even worse, connection, and identification is absent because identity
is lacking and so this cycle can continue. Aside from massive wretched wars are
there other ritualized means of our destruction? If we allow such perception, to
keep looking like losers, what does this do for our women? Look at our media, look
at our society, you tell me.

How many possible ways can this be put, WWII was a blatantly clear holy war.
Numerous scholars examined all of this, they know quite well that it was. Hitler,
Goebbels, and Himmler were likely ordained priests. Eva Braun went to Catholic
school and spent time in a Convent, these are not coincidences and none of them are
pagan, they adhered just as well to racial claims. Braun and Hitler waited till
their last breaths deep in a bunker to get married, if that is at all true, who were
they afraid of upsetting? Mostly we consider Jews to be the expert source in
everything WWII I suspect they deliberately chose to exploit this racism pagan
charade further because it gets them better attention. I wish they merely suffered
confirmation bias but this amounts to an enormous repulsive unequivocal
collaboration. Maybe Jews don’t want the Catholics to be outed as losing WWII due to
age old historical cultural and financial complicities between Jewish leaders and
the Vatican, maybe it goes deeper.

Ultimately, for sycophantic Jews and Catholics WWII marks most strikingly a minor
switch in their approach. They went from viewing these people, (my people) who they
determined looked different because of some evil pagan heritage to these people look
different and because of that they are all ignorant and evil racists. Same troubled
song and dance from which they and sadly those that believe them, (Americans)
currently and constantly outright state or imply through Federal Government leaders
and corporate media. This reminds me most of a quote, “If you tell a lie big enough
and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.” - Joeseph Goebbels. From
what institution did he gain this information? Second by second WWII grows more
hollow for Jews and Catholics. We did not pay so many prices for so much
exploitation. They do not need to vanish, they need their holy land even if they
need to dig out the holy dirt out of Palestine and replace it with something else
they need to exist somewhere somehow away from us.

Returning to a poignant and prophetic quote from another person that benefited from
Luther’s reformation. “When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself;
and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so
that its professors are obligated to call for help of civil power, it’s a sign, I
apprehend, of its being a bad one.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Hence the curtain, a religion hiding in our political ideology that guides our
government in every possible way that makes little sense to any of us but benefits
long term goals of these religions. In defending such beliefs, it really is
troubling that Israel or Italy should ever control any weapons. They need to feel
safe without them and without us. Again this holy land thing needs to be sorted out.

6.Censorship: If for one reason or another I cannot return to these ideas, those
that investigate them with an open mind will enjoy researching them and sharing the
information on their own. There is incredible sorrow, woe beyond comprehension,
possibly as deep as 2000 years is long. It needs recognition, and it does pass as
the good overcomes it.

There are those that will immediately strike to refute these things, by mostly
hurling insults. Along with the cynics these institutions likely have contingencies
set for such a person as me, abusive control and power of such magnitude is not only
mildly interesting it plainly surpasses their beliefs to uphold it. One can be
certain this will be attacked and likely I will be attacked, if I vanish, or they
kill me and I cannot continue take the following to heart.

The most important thing in all of this, if I am off about everything, these topics
matter, they are nowhere near over and nowhere near wrong to discuss or think about,
should be far from censored, especially the next two.

I may have forgot to place a few cc’s along the way so here is the general
reasoning. Some specific leaders were cc’d to let them see what will happen when
someone disbelieves the conventional wisdom, myths and the ill-advised acts that
amount to serious plagues within this and other countries. As they consider allowing
and disallowing religions and cultures into their country, (as I believe they
should) they deserve a rounder perspective. At least a perspective that tries to
understand this guidance that has persistence matched only by wretchedness.

I cc’d other leaders because I assume they actually know some of this and would like
to share with you and others some pertinent information. Others I cc’d because these
things have deeply affected their people in ways they possibly haven’t considered.
Obviously, Merkel and Putin should run laps around me, listen to their guidance,
more than anyone on this world their countries need to reconcile.

Do not worry so much about people fleeing the US, they can be found. To keep things
easy for a bit the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe might consider tighter
international flight restrictions. Maybe strike a deal with Israel its chosen ones
can return if they get rid of their nukes. Others that did not get cc’d I apologize
but I am in a crunch. President-elect Trump, work with them all, build a beautiful

For the remaining institutions, dogmatic, media, resisters, racists, and perhaps
members of the Federal government, I suspect you are suffering some unpleasant
feelings toward me. Most that may have a problem here I presume would include the
groups that I will narrow down to the Jewish guy, Hitler guy, and Catholic guy.
Since the Hitler fan shares media exploitation that resembles Muslims the most I
doubt his perspective will be shared. Besides, after #5 Hitler guy probably needs
time to reconsider everything, including his informant buddies.

Before I talk about the other groups, I want to discuss a bit about race for the
stultified Hitler person. The talking hairdos on CNN last week discussed the notion
that groups that do things like burn the US flag do so as representations of the
first amendment. The segment argued somewhat circularly that people burn the flag
because they do not feel like they are part of America, a last desperate vestige of
their freedom of speech. Whereas, per the show host Don Lemmon, Nazi flag holders
represent only hate. This was the most emphatically made point in the whole flag
burning debate, an odd digression that no panelist argued with. Knowing a bit about
corporate media, it was likely prepackaged bit inserted into the segment as a final
thought. While I do not know anyone that totes or even owns such a flag, I disagree
with the mouth piece of CNN. I suspect the reason one has such a flag is due to
problems that are far more serious than freedom of speech or exclusion.

Notions of cohesion that come prepackaged with endlessly emphasized ideas about
hate, rejection, and loss I think emulates experiences that primarily we suffer
from. Does it come automatically within us or is it educated into us? I have met so
many beautiful intelligent women that are independent with no designs for family,
caught between career pursuits and/or educational ones. Success amounts to societal
achievement and their independence are what resonate most for them, unity and/or
family is in absolute peril.

I recently caught a statement one woman wrote about racism. -

“As a blond-haired blue-eyed person of Scandinavian descent, (these) white
supremacists boil (her) blood, need to be shut down, and should be educated into

As a person who studied comparative religion, the modern corruption of the swastika,
an ancient Indian symbol of peace and goodwill, (turning) it into a symbol of Nazi
hate, is revolting.

As a person who studied German language and culture, the sudden uptick of white
supremacy worries (her). The German people have worked several generations to
distance themselves from radical Nazis. Surprisingly, there are still Americans who
equate Germans with Nazis and we do not need that number to grow…”

An interesting and palpable declaration, she is doing much more than wielding
measures of authority based on her educational experiences. She is presuming an
inherency in people that share aspects of her physical characteristics that without
such governing makes them hate, (something needs educated out). When considering the
stereotypes that flourish in these lands about blond-haired blue-eyed females,
compliments about educational prowess might be hard for guys to beat, does that make
her subservient to education? It very well might, as though her mind can no longer
tolerate relationships that utilize what she has deemed her lesser features,
physical traits, a womb, placing education above companionship and family. Instead
the cerebral acuity she obtains from education completes her. She serves as the
shining light of tolerance and awareness not to be despoiled by lower pagans or
racists that would like her for any lower characteristics, she represents something
more. At the very least we can consider the idea that she has been educated into

Therefore, she has also unwittingly suggested that men that share her perspective
have been turned subservient by such an education. In many respects, they have been,
although like her this has happened through several means, (not just education)
males too are conditioned into suffering from similar submissive mindsets.
Considering what is currently positioned as the single, (designed by the Vatican,
distorted by our media, and completely erroneous) alternative, what choice do they
have? None really. Until today.

Least overt in this statement, but likely the most genuine concern is her scorn for
being associated with white supremacists, Nazis, and in a way those she resembles,
traits she has little need or care for. As she points out people have some tendency
to view Germans in this country as racists. (This includes the repeated associations
that comes from corporate Media and Federal Govt over and over, I mentioned
earlier.) She is stereotyping for her readers, since picking out what “German”
people look like resembles mostly people from Northern Eurasia, (people that have
more features than blond-hair and blue-eyes).

If she feels her presence, in ways her very existence is tainted by these oft
repeated associations, a growing danger of their racist presence, threatens her and
those like her that serve as a beacon of educated awareness. Imagine couples that do
manage to get together obviously too suffer associations of racism or worse.
Pressures that contribute to unknown, unexamined, and what I would call deliberate
strains on their actual relationship. When nearly every mass message goes contrary
to it, why bother try to be a caring loving couple? It may influence others who
could potentially make more children adding to the basket of deplorables.

Accordingly, a group of people that share these various physical traits is almost
unheard of, I don’t think I ever experienced it. What I suppose would be one of the
most natural experiences, from my perspective seems incredibly uncomfortable,
unnatural. Has the US media developed an idea that such solidarity cannot be
trusted? One war and we are to believe that our entire racial history is suspect, an
idea that is as preposterous as it is likely true. If that war emblemized a bit of
actual truth, what we suffer would still be too much. Unity or cohesion that amount
to levels of normalcy for people all over this world are really at odds for us.
Since there is an undeniable message that is educated and by several other means
coerced into us, pride or group loyalty in any adequate sense does not exist in any
way for any of us.

This needs to change, we have spent 2000 years under control of these wretched
institutions. So, Hitler guy, it is hard to really step in your shoes but I would
imagine that your perspective of difference started in the education system, honed
through corporate media, and possibly work environment however you got there, where
do you turn? I feel for you, I really do. If we are honest, I think most of us have
felt those things. Luckily I suppose since I never felt an affinity to or from
Hitler, my experiences of excessive disharmony regarding race is somewhat different.
No matter the expression, our existence has been so thoroughly tied to racism others
struggle to even allow much less consider the topic, our race today has become the
devil worship and witchcraft of years ago, they have become self-governed, and
obedient, so good for you break that chain. I think figuring out how to free
yourself from your group and the cult of lies they adhere to will not be too hard.


What will be hard will be figuring out how to woo these women frozen to ideas that
lie to them and harm all of us. Luckily you do share common ground with her, you are
both suffering from being involuntarily placed into isolating states of self-fear,
self-hate, self-doubt, group-fear, group-hate, and group-doubt. From the age of
Martin Luther until 100 years ago well-meaning people have unwittingly, and I
imagine some deliberately worked toward an age of awareness. I doubt it had much to
do with race, it was more how to free us from religion that most sensed was abusive
toward us. They didn’t realize that ever since the invention of Jesus our people
have endured these strains of condemnation due to race. Only now has the suffering
grown clear and far more broad. Religion, blame, and guilt has enervated,
emasculated, degraded, and disestablished all awareness of our people.

Jewish and Catholic leaders have thrust us back to the beginning of the Catholic
Church, we have been cast into two make believe dead-end roads, those that hate stay
together, those that do not stay together are good but since they lost that hate
they are empty and require mental, (religious and now educational) and physical
“conversions.” I am a little unsure about what constitutes mental illnesses vs mind
distortions in these regards but I’d bet these things create and exacerbate all
sorts of mental problems. Along with everything else, these things too must be
fixed. A little friendly advice, wooing a highly-educated female with slick talk
about fixing her mental illness isn’t the best route, you will figure it out, you

The rest of us need to understand how our society has gotten here. It seems there is
bias everywhere media, govt, and an educational system that caters to girls. We need
damage control, better understanding, we need to design a culture to undo what they
have done to you and her. We need a healthy existence, a future to look forward to,
away from all these hideous lies. From what I can gather that does not fully exist,
it must, this is my single commandment.

404 Compliant - those that ran the media, those that ran the banks, ran the state
department, universities, medical, other government, legal etc.. Guys that have
proven very capable of devising spectacular endless slander.

Who am I though, hard to imagine preconceived elaborate schemes against me. If
anything, these people will barely notice me I am hard to see from atop their piles
of unparalleled influence and judgement, they will treat me easier than mass of
President-elect Trump voters. If this does blip on their radar they will run their
path of outage with heightened levels of fury. Growling that I am an intolerant
ignorant racist, snarling that I am a pagan. Demand that everyone disavows me, all
as it should be. They are viewed by the public as authorities on such labels. So, to
be fair, this amounts to far more than snarling and growling. Additionally, this is
a well-worn path of what is considered legitimate, righteous, and dignified.
Obviously, I do not stand a chance, I will likely be dispatched into whatever hell
crazy chosen racist pagan catholic deeding nonsense, banished into obscurity, and
best of all everyone would be made to feel better about it, morally. The problem is
this; me being right or wrong, their voice of distinction comes from an overly-worn
out path of exploitation and deception that serves only them.

These Catholic guys and Jewish guys likely do not believe me when I say that I am
for them, for their culture and for their religion. If Wahhabi Islam wants to throw
gay men from the roof or chop up women for other reasons, ok. That does not make
full sense to be but I am not to judge without full understanding. Obviously, I
respect culture and religion enough to consider that these people know what they are

Therefore, I am convinced, Jewish guy and Catholic guy that you believe staying
behind those beliefs, being chosen, the rituals, whatever hierarchical, oil lamps,
vicar, wailing walls, holy land, holy water, all order up down in and out it is your
everything. Those that are outside of your beliefs do not matter in the least, best
when used as cannon fodder. According to your beliefs, India is full of pagans,
China is full of pagans, Northern Eurasia is full of pagans, a world full of evil
people you can destroy to get your Middle East lands of milk and honey. They should
be aware that you will literally do anything include have us lie to the UN to
safeguard your shit beliefs and enact your vision on the Middle East. Beyond an ugly
necessity for power this curtain is a nuisance and since operating from behind it
comes at the expense of others, it needs to go and there is only one way for that to
happen, the holy lands.

I hope you remember that we gave you nearly 2000 years. For ignorant pagan racists,
that is remarkably tolerant.

7.Race: Interestingly, most of us are content with and/or encouraging of others to
find pride in themselves, their culture, homeland, and race. We are no different, we
are worth understanding and protecting as a people. Yet this does not occur for us,
quite the opposite we tend to be plenty uneased by it. What is undermining the
development of these meaningful parts of existence? The simplistic, erroneous, and
overly promoted racial and pagan perspectives of WWII certainly aid in such

Something is educated into us, what that person is also suggesting is there is
something inherent in people that flourishes without education. Rather than a
natural burgeoning racism from race, this inner thing that drives them to the only
figure that they are told is on their side, is deliberately toxic. What might have
been a natural a notion of race, something as fundamental as gender and could be as
important as it is suppressed by corporate media and education. Linking oppression
to educational achievement is not only wrong it is dangerous, especially how it is

For instance, due to this invented notion that we are in dire need to be minded by
these religions, (without their good, they desperately want us to believe we have
none). Through their educated guidance, they instill thin traces of their valued
morality, and luckily corporate media is there to keep us in line by routinely
telling us how ignorant and potentially racist we are. More than that though,
through their guidance they can point out what actions and allowances we can take in
the Middle East. This is because we “know” that our condemnation is morally
justified and bound to their religions. For this and other lies, we are, above
anything else on this planet, bound to their esteemed beliefs. With their morally
valid religious guidance influencing everything, who needs evidence to invade or who
needs to provide promised stability? When such valued religions guide every action
and allowance, so what if it serves only them, accordingly without them we equate
hate or nothing at all.

Through these rampant associations of hate, racism, and ignorance through corporate
media, Federal Government, and education does more than senselessly justify actions
and associate notions of false inevitable racism strictly to us. It makes
challenging racial and pagan aspects of WWII seem racist, it makes no matter how
innocuous the talk is to discuss our race to appear racist, it makes everyone
consider our very existence as racist. Combined these norms serve to not just divide
us but compel us to demonstrate disgust and infidelity for lies. An imposed
disregard of something that may be as foundational in our society as gender or even
if it were completely innocuous, these methods of oppressive pressures have been
made to destroy our very identity.

Does media outside of “news,” (episodic television, movies, advertising, etc.) play
a causative role in our conditioning? Yes. For example, where we are used to
routinely deliver ideas that are generally destructive, mostly for us but others as
well. Or where celebratory value and/or meaning is had by other races or cultures
while we serve as a perfunctory reflection, a capitulatory failure, and/or the
single voice of prejudice. Or where we are ritually used to signify racial
destruction or superficial companionship or human trophies. Others are typecast as
well and you will find scholarly study on those examples whereas ours, that study is
considered repugnant, which doesn’t help matters much either.

If figures in media, government, and education routinely use these combined elements
to maintain a culture of suspicion where we are kept in check with blame, guilt,
that comes from lies, (or even if it was truth) it is all done with the English
language, they are abusing us in our language. We were kind enough to let these
people in it, they are our guests. This culture does not belong in our language, it
is time to get them out and for us to start over.

Clearly media currently benefits someone though. Would those that govern media use
it to carry out a vendetta against a race they desired to become part of? This is a
big planet, why did Jews flee to the middle of Europe 2000 years ago? According to
history they seemed huddled in their fiddler on the roof villages segregated and
segregating themselves as Gods race. It appears that many of them physically
changed, was it through all that time? Whether they wanted to resemble our physical
features or not. Most Jews do not resemble me, and they use media to vilify,
ridicule, and leave us in the mud holding the bag.

As I mentioned, allowing Hitler to be the supposed exception, (I do not accept his
fawning about my race to be legitimate). Other mentions of race by contemporary or
historical figures are lacking. For thousands of years being around Jews who proudly
exclaim themselves as the chosen race of God, therefore unwilling to mix due to the
special status. That seems kind of unusual, were my ancestors not allowed to express
inherent natural aspects of race around Jews? Due to religious evil pagan
association, and suppressed by it. From this would seem obvious that there is an
easy way and a hard way, we can ease our way into healthy identity absent of
continued associations and abuse or we can wait for a maniac that doesn’t give a
flip about us and we can go bananas killing whoever.

Only if Jews or Catholics were capable of sharing any truth. Sadly, insults and
whatever bullshit they can make up is all they have, which makes sense considering
this history of theirs. All we can do is review antiquity and what happened to
people Jews consider to have wronged them in the past. Look at their time in Egypt
with their plagues and frogs making people sick more than anything else this
resembles media and politicians making us sick.

Then there are Jews that do resemble me, no matter how you kidnapped, bluffed,
tricked or waited in that region long enough to make your way into features that
appear most among my race. Please know that either through time or mixing with
unchosen your existence lead more directly to the camps than anything else. So you
certainly can be Jewish and welcome aboard, it is nice to have our representation in
the holy land. Just know that a wide majority of this race has a problem with
exalted racial labels thrown upon us. Such as pure or master or chosen by God they
are all viewed as equally vile. You should tell your rabbi or jew buddies to stop
saying such lies and if not that, try the politically correct angle.

For the rest of us white is currently meaningless, there are several racial titles
out there that have meaning between white and some egotistic exaggeration and/or
lie. Find something your ancestors would appreciate and love it. Identity and
understanding from our perspective is obviously lacking. Past leaders and thinkers
starting with Luther realized this and recognized we are being used because of it.
It is time for us to make sense, for us, at this point any outside influence good or
bad about anything, does not belong.

Media might be a tool to enlighten and help people. Instead it is damaging,
exploitive, a means to further agendas, blind the public from important aspects of a
message or a story or a war, encourage bad ideas, twist or remove meaning,
manipulate, destroy natural ties, promote bad food, and sell drugs for problems
media itself obviously contributes to. If media is to remain as a powerful means of
expression, we need less of these splashy glimpses of fabula and syuzhet and the
resultant stars or thumbs. It needs actual examination of what is it doing to people
and I am sure they know.

And to be clear about other races, I do not hate or whatever similar thing has been
programed to run through your brain ungoverned. These “colored” traits likely
emerged from every skin shade we can see on this planet, we did not ask to change we
just did. One can safely assume others, like Jews seem to have, can too. We need to
define what they change into, it needs to make more sense than these lies about
simplistic associations of holy war and its fallout. We are more than this, much
more, and that is a good thing.
Anonymous2016-12-22 18:59:27
1.Leave JASTA alone. Several prior statements suggest, our politicians should leave
The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act alone. Our government protecting
foreign individuals and/or governments that appear to fund terrorism is a mistake.
Likewise treating terrorist groups like Isis differently because of who they are
funded by or target is a mistake.
2.Validate US Federal Government. You are not to blame for this President-elect
Trump, but to remain viable for US citizens and the world the US Federal Govt. must
do some act that solely benefits the people in Iraq, in Syria, and in Iran. Whatever
that is, for example to help them find a maintainable stability, defend the
defenseless people that represent various ancient cultures, protect artifacts that
belong to the world. I do have some suggestions but mostly, I realize it is past
time to ask them, maybe they simply want us get out of their business for a while so
they can figure out how to deal with things. Even abiding by their request to keep
out of their business for a while is valid, whatever it takes to help these
countries will help US Citizens and the world begin to recover their view of the US
Federal Govt.
3.Reviewing Possible Paths: Constructivist visions of Middle East recovery, what
others may desire to see as promised land “recovery,” and the new American Way.

Lucky for me every Muslim I have ever met I liked, (they were all Sunni, a few from
Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Qatar) I believe I have met 10-15 total. I cannot
say the same for individuals that represent the primary strains of overly
represented religion I’ve met here. Perhaps for this reason, I actually desire to
understand and help the people, as some of my prior comments may illustrate my
knowledge of Islam is limited; I would expect it to be less than that of our
government. Especially with the help our leaders get with things like JASTA and
other decisions that take large teams of intellectuals to reflect, research, and I
suspect do a good thing here and there.

There are multiple issues that surround the refugee crisis, (none of which I blame
Muslims for). For instance, the entire world was not blind they saw rivers of people
that had at the least proportional male representation week after week, wave after
wave, month after month. From my periodic glances over several months and seeing a
strong representation of males, I thought at minimum there is some leadership and
perhaps army. Let’s work with them, train them, and assist them going back. This
thought stayed in my mind because within the same week, Obama was shouting from
places all over the world, from every country and rooftop that would take him,
shaming us for neglecting the needy single mothers that the refugee crisis consisted
of. Claiming that turning them away amounted to islamophobia, and that fearing these
needy mothers will let Isis win. Obama’s worldwide spin was obviously designed,
opportunistic, preloaded, devised merely to shut people up, for me it marked more
deception and more disgrace of our Federal Government.

Maybe these refugees couldn’t less about their homelands, or my idea would not work
for a different reason, maybe there are several other things going on. How are we to
know? At no point in all our dealings with Muslims, for decades, not once have I
heard media allow opinions be formed by them here, there, or anywhere at any time.
Except when our media and various leaders trot them out only when they can exploit
them for their agenda, and that should sound very familiar. Which is another
interesting thing about 9/11 prior to it we heard regular reports about Palestinian
clashes in Israel. Almost immediately after 9/11 they vanished. Since 9/11 media has
been accented by Jewish people acting in solidarity with Muslims or special
attention is made to Jews that traipse around claiming to be pro-Palestinian. The
one thing that didn’t stop was commercials asking for money for the holy land of
Israel. Again, it isn’t Muslims fault that our media and government mistreat,
manipulate, and exploit them.

Historically, after wars with countries some started by us some elsewhere, fought on
various sides, after we settled our differences we became friends, allies. Unless it
does not suit someone’s agenda, not my agenda. At least to me it would seem more
suitable for our allies to be Russia, N. Europe, China, Japan, Both sides of Korea,
Vietnam, and Muslims, that hatchet is buried. It may surprise Muslims and N.
European people we have some truly incredible things in common that are way more
interesting than the Federal Govt and Media mistreatment, manipulation and
exploitation. That too will need to be explored another time, we have plenty to
consider here.

Again, due to single tracked media and political exploitation we are never allowed
to learn what Muslims think. So I they should speak up, let them be reactionary,
(they deserve it) let them be reasoned, they are very capable of opinions outside
what our media decides to promote.

In the meantime, here are constructivist visions to consider. 1. I consider
humanitarian 2.(a. and b.) I consider religiously humanitarian 3. I consider the
current American way.

Humanitarian recovery option one: (skipping the long list of reasoning) The people,
(not the religion) of those lands deserve for us to keep a liars promise to do what
is necessary to help them stabilize, rebuild, and begin to develop the understanding
necessary for better cooperation between our people. This does not mean callously
throwing money at a rebuilding effort this means a sustained, interactive,
considerate, hands-on assistance that will help the world. The problem we must face
is the US, and its advisers appear committed to continued destabilization in the
Middle East. Due to this and obvious internal concerns coordinated assistance may
take a while because it must be done without endangering anyone.

Religiously humanitarian recovery option two (A and B): Since largely protestant
countries are those that these Muslims feel safe to flee toward and live among they
must generally trust us above even other Muslim countries. Alongside these realities
sits a Pope that at times exploits the tragedy to appear gracious and others to bash
the protestant countries that seem to be doing all they can to help as many people
as they can. Therefore, Islam, Catholics, and even Greek Orthodox people need better
exposure to one another. Luckily there is plenty of money to finance opportunities
that lend themselves to this sort of deeply needed religious exposure and expedite
this holy land experience. When political or religious leaders want to play the
exploitation game what do they say? That’s right, deal me in!

Religiously humanitarian option A. As Muslims ran northward straight across Italy
and Greece they passed people that have historical problems with pulling their
weight. So we can set up an exposure recovery program Muslims can trade places with
the populations in these countries. By sending those Catholics and Greek Orthodox
people to the Middle East we give the inhabitants of the Middle East better exposure
to them, their faith, and a means to organize in ways that are better suited for
some visionary middle east. In return these Italians and Greeks can earn their keep
by learning about them, and helping them rebuild. In no time the Idyllic vision of
the Holy Land can come together, even Vatican City can be setup somewhere in the
land of Milk and Honey near the Holy Sea, it makes more sense. Look at Israel, the
Jews make more sense now. This method is much safer than war and much faster than
these destabilizing measures, and it will end this outsider view of envy the Vatican
must suffer from. By having Muslims in Greece and Italy they can contemplate their
existence away from the turbulent Middle East without suffering burden, guilt,
exploitation, isolation, or resentment. Instead of committing acts of terror on
France you can work on conversion and hey Spain is right there plenty of Islamic
heritage to be shared. Also, these places are close enough to adequately understand
and continue to offer appropriate help for the displaced people of Islam.

Religiously humanitarian option B. Interestingly there happens to be a Catholic
country south of here that nobody wants to live in. The place is besieged with
violence, their commitment to spreading dangerous drugs all over the world is
unparalleled. The place is so troubled it makes sense that the Latino people cannot
stand living there. They could go to the Middle East and do the exposure recovery
exchange. Naturally not all the Catholics will not want to go to the Middle East and
those that don’t will feel just as at home somewhere on their namesake continent.

Like other interesting things here in the new world, new and changing names have
occurred since the earliest record, for instance Skraelings for Vikings, a word that
has plenty to do with dry things, like fish or meat or pelt or tobacco and if those
words aren’t oddly matching enough the word “record” is also related. 500 years
later these Skraelings were met by Roman Catholics who changed their name to
Indians. For Roman Catholics this label meant rape or rob or torture or slave and
eventually kill off as many as possible. Why kill off? Because Torah or Old
Testament justified different slaves and they were not too far away. The descendants
of Noah’s Ham were captured and spread throughout the new world. It is no wonder the
Vatican wants the world to focus attention on that Theresa woman in India rather
than where Columbus and the following centuries of Roman Catholics thought they
were, India. Maybe that is the path to sainthood, playing your part in a deceptive
smokescreen. Other name changes included New Amsterdam to New York and finally that
wildly fortuitous namesake continent from South America to Latin America, how
fortuitous. We could drop the current name, split it up somehow, (for instance) we
can call everything from Guadalajara to Guatemala, New Palestine, great ring to it.
This would lead to grateful good Muslim neighbors vs miserable violent drug dealing
Catholic neighbors that endanger themselves and the world by being there.

How about it Muslims, do you want to live in Italy, Greece, or New Palestine? Maybe
they don’t or maybe they do but don’t want Catholics, Greek Orthodox, or even Jewish
people in the Middle East? If that is the case do those people go to Latin America,
Africa, or someplace else? Just like Israel now or China in the past for one good
reason or another some people need walls. I for one do not think the people of New
Palestine would need a wall, they would be fantastic neighbors.

Several of these options can be realized and funded by the Vatican, Italy, and
Israel by selling off all sorts of investments like properties in North America and
Europe things like religious retreats, places of worship, schools, other structures,
all the places they deedle kids, and they can stop investing in high profile
political candidates here. It is their vision; they should pay for the land, pay for
the resettlements if they end up impoverished in the holy land well that too seems
like biblical stuff. Maybe to help they can keep their commercial to the rest of the
world on air for all time, asking for money for the holy land.

The Current American Way: Personally, I do not like option three, not a single bit,
I do suspect it to currently be the most accurate.

As the good Muslims ease into the west, enjoying bubbly sugar water and junk food in
safety some level of remorse will sink in for leaving far behind those that weren’t
deemed good enough. So this message is for you, don’t feel bad about such
abandonment, you are considered good and those government officials have some very
special people that desire to study you. Thanks to nodes of SOCMINT, you as object
of possible terror the profiles of cognition. You can be certain Israel, The
Vatican, and our Federal Government already know how to find and turn on inner human
terror bombs, a known known. This is the hand that fits the glove of US perception
waiting for the key moment to trigger outrage, same as us. These are forgone
conclusions, more interesting are the known unknowns, because they are after more,
much much more, they are closely monitoring your tv viewing, phone, and computer
habits, you are being used as a sample audience still in sync with the Middle East.

You see, media designed in certain ways does way more than drive people to destroy
or buy things, it can lead to actual behavior changes like peace and passivity.
Because of the many abilities of programing, it can enable things like peaceful
intake of bubbly sugar water and junk food from Morocco all the way to Pakistan.
Through the magic of such programming, all those people can expect equivalents of
Sex and the City, The New Normal, and Brave New Girls. Children’s “programming” will
include things along the lines of The Legend of Korra, Glee, and Gossip Girl.
Luckily some changes will just fall into place like The Wives of Said al Said. Porn
can be had but we can use different women since you valiantly try to protect yours
from such objectification. Sounds great, right?

Yea, there is a catch though, all those behavior changes amount to mental and
physical problems that negatively impact all of society. Don’t fuss about that
though, those that devise the programming will formulate loads of deceptive feel
good measures to medicate and mask whatever ailments your people may suffer from.
Furthermore, these are mere short-term problems; drafting propaganda of this sort is
relatively new. You should be pleased to know, ultimately their aim is to
synchronize such programming. Everyone they consider organized and pious will be
rewarded. Those that aren’t, like the unorganized protestants of today, with any
hope, will be forever made to look foolish, guilty, racist, and evil. Interested?

These options aside,

This business of giving the Middle East destabilizing actions amounts to the stick
and excess aid to Israel or Italy or migrants or Africa amounts to the carrot. These
things aren’t good for them or us. In either case if and how they want to change it
is up to them. Just like us, we absolutely need to change but can’t quite see it
yet, we can figure it out and we can lead by example. Of course we should still help
when necessary, what does that mean though outside of emergencies. It is more
important to establish what does actually help countries, at this point this should
be a reciprocal process meaning again we need to learn things. For example learning
why the hell did everyone flee at once from Africa and the Middle East, in the midst
of what we were told important regime changes and our “assistance” was helpful. Were
they spurred on at the same time by someone or some entity? Was that supposed to
spark a war? The pope even called it an invasion, that seems incendiary. Compared to
carrot and stick interference, figuring out what is helpful may not be easy.

Anonymous2016-12-22 18:58:36
Reviewing other fears:

That JASTA would diminish our ability to put countries on the state sponsors of
terrorism list. Let’s look at the current list, we have three countries on it,
Syria, Sudan, and Iran.

When considering the US and its theoretical stance on democracy, the hand our
government played in ousting the democratically elected Iranian president, we
deserved a measurable backlash for our governmental pretense, our biggest and
perhaps only selling point is democracy, and for that reaction we isolated Iran for
decades. If you look at their actions directly toward us it appears retaliatory.
This might sound familiar. The US government talks about retaliatory actions all the
time. One current example, the respondent Russian hacking that our government has
deemed intent on interfering with your election, and they said they were considering
retaliation. We are so quick to forget that our government hacked and spied on
governments all over the planet, (friend or foe) post Iraq treachery. So, whoever is
responsible for the hacking, this could be easily viewed as a retaliation for that.
First stone is hard to determine for many countries, not so much for us though,
still retaliation begets retaliation…

Like you and other government officials that do so today, looking back to 9/11 when
condemning Iran was fever pitched, nobody thought twice about it. The reality is
this, Iran did not celebrate, Iran mourned, Tehran was filled with mourners in the
wake of 9/11. Our government knew that, and of vast more importance they knew all
along Iran could have been an ally as they are surrounded
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunni_Islam#/media/File:Islam_by_country.png by well
established radical hate filled Sunni groups. Groups that are most responsible for
the senseless carnage that ruined countless lives. Instead, our Government choose to
further vilify and isolate Shia Iran as an axis of evil, (evil people that mourned
our 9/11 tragedy) and then attack a heavily sanctioned, heavily inspected, terrorist
free, Iraq for WMDs that didn’t exist. While to the entire world it appeared that
Saudi Arabia had its fingerprints everywhere on 9/11 and managed escape with hardly
a harsh word sent their way. This makes no sense, what the hell is going on?

This makes sense - Obama vetoed and Congress wishes to remove the teeth of JASTA
because it enables US victims of the 9/11 attacks ability to sue the Saudi (royal)
government, for possibly funding the 19 Saudi hijackers for terrorist acts. It
should come to no surprise then that along with Obama and Congress, Saudi Arabia
takes issue with JASTA. If Saudi Arabia has a sincere concern about the expense of
potentially meritless lawsuits and the US government is concerned about retaliatory
lawsuits impacting resources they should weigh prices of legal resolution and piece
of mind against the cost of terrorism and war (justified or not). If our government
has actual intentions on ending terrorism why would they care if JASTA stays in
effect as is? This is a pretty big hint about our government persisting on
incredibly destabilizing acts in the Middle East and partially answers your question
what is going on in the Middle East.

More than anything else it appears that our government is trying to shield certain
sponsors of terrorism while pointing at places like Iraq or Iran whose citizens have
inflicted zero terrorist acts on our soil. The main reasons Iran and Syria are on
the state sponsors of terrorism list is because of their support for Palestine. Why
are these three places connected? They are primarily Shia populated and controlled
areas & they are doing what they can amid strains of displacement, shame, isolation,
and hellish chaos.

Hellish chaos, (to put it mildly) includes the extremist Sunni terrorist group Isis
that rapes and slaughters Yazidi, Kurdish, and Christians in Iraq and Syria. A less
promoted but officially known foundational aim for Isis was to instigate war with
the Shia. As our leaders damned and acted in ways to weaken what amounts to the Shia
hold in the region, (Iran, Iraq, and mostly the Shia government in Syria) Isis
mushroomed out of control. Like the regional victims of Isis, citizens, (not
Government officials, not important people, and not important buildings) average
people in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the
United States have been attacked over and over and over stabbed, shot, raped, and/or
blown up by what amounts mostly to directly connected or similar well-funded Sunni
extremists. According to our Government those average everyday citizen victims
should not have the legal recourse JASTA provides.

Instead of allowing lawsuits our government must think they are doing enough, so
let’s review recent examples of terrorism reaction. When compared to a Palestinian
that faced continual displacement, shame, and harsh treatment elects to blow
themselves up, the Israeli government responds by enacting harsher treatment, more
displacement, more walls, more segregation, and occasionally more war. This happens
because the Israeli government believes its citizens to be incredibly special, worth
protecting, and its land worth expanding, likely at damn near any expense and that
includes ours.

By contrast, when some Muslim shoots, rapes, stabs, and/or blows people up in
France, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom or the
United States our governments react by absorbing more Muslims. Muslims that come
from countries that if the situation were reversed have a government or cultural,
(religious) leaders that would rather kill us than allow us citizenship due to
religion, attire, freedom of speech or whatever you are. If that feels like
incredibly harsh hypocritical bullshit, it is. But it isn’t their fault, it is ours.
What we are told to review as abhorrent with human rights issues, hiding politics in
religion amounts to their culture. For even moderate Muslims, traditions matter,
they are upholding and see deviations as incredibly problematic. Obviously, they
like the traditions as they are, I don’t blame them in the least, and if this
changes for them they will change it, not us. Change is not easy, removing all those
“good” people will not help.

Luckily there is a terrific and recent example of this change in societal growth and
protection. Communism was allowed in China, the three teachings remained in China,
and the Pope is not allowed in China. These were decisions based on what good means
for that society and look at how they have flourished. President-Elect Trump, you
added to such credibility with your remarks about them being a competitive threat,
this is a wonderful compliment. Again working with them to give Americans some shit
to do might not be so hard. The entire world needs shit to do, maybe adjust such
manufacturing on what would use the least amount of natural resources around the
world, essentially make or do what makes sense where, maybe China is that answer.
Manufacturing and consumption is a multi-faceted world concern that I need to leave

Another interesting example of ancient traditions would be Israel raising their
children with the belief that they alone belong to a very special race, the Semites,
the chosen people of God. You can be certain that this exalted unparalleled status
significantly benefits the growing character of a child. Also, this vaulted position
contributed mightily to their adhesion while in exile from the land that they
believe God promised them. One must admit, these beliefs of placement for their
people appear worth guarding. From the chorus of equality it isn’t pc to question
the reasons they act as the loudest objectors to other claims of doubtful status.

From Muslims and the Chinese, we can learn how valuable aspects of ancient
traditions, adoption of ideas, and rejection of others prove undeniably beneficial
to citizens. This is how politics and culture should work everywhere on this planet.
N. Europe, the US, and probably other places that seem to suffer from odd
misguidance need to heed this advice from Muslims and the Chinese and work on this.

We are truly suffering due to it, we need adherence to something that loves us back.
Of course I will return to this.

In summation-
1.The bipartisan drive to eliminate and/or water down JASTA to amount to nothing for
current and future victims of terrorism.
2.Our governments nonreaction to general public terrorism, (when reflected against
decades of Israel’s set example, ours does little).
3.After all we have been through, after all the middle east has been through, our
government would allow a terror group like Isis to not just exist but flourish and
slaughter people we said we were protecting for decades.
4.Our governments persistence with these actions and allowances that are stated to
improve the Middle East that align more closely with continued destabilization, the
obvious contributor to Middle Eastern and Western terrorism.
5.Our government’s policies on removal of “good” Muslims from places that would be
better served by such good people staying put. Also, these places that protect their
culture that would kill most of our citizens were the situation reversed.
6.All this damned deception and treachery.

From these points, we can easily derive the importance of average citizens of all
involved countries to be nil. Who are our governments trying to shield and in whose
interest are they acting? Obviously, it is not us, not ours, not those of our
allies, and not these parts of the Middle East.


Continued terrorism appears to be part of what is going on. Would all this be for
Saudi Arabia? If so you would think Saudi Arabia would let the America and our
Allies know how grateful they are for so much blind effort and sacrifice made in
Iraq on its behalf. Instead, Saudi Arabia at least raises terrorists, has some yet
to be proven, (or at least made public) support of terrorism, and allows such a
label as sufferers of islamophobia to be cast around so many of us without
hesitation. If we are doing all kinds of things in the middle east for Saudi Arabia
why does it appear so closely tied to terrorism, so much so they want to end JASTA.
This should provide enough doubt that we are not doing all these things in the
middle east for Saudi Arabia. Like several things here, it is odd to say that Saudi
Arabia is innocent because of their tie to terrorism, but I think they are.


Is this a tradeoff for oil? Africa gets oil, China, India, Japan, I don’t think they
need to do activities to get it. These places don’t have Sunni human time bombs
pointed at them. We are supposedly wealthy, trillions spent for no good reason. Why
are we doing things that destabilize this part of the middle east? Again, what the
fuck is going on?


This is where things start to get bad.

We all know teams of people work toward foreign and national policies that amount to
constructivist long term plans. Again, I hoped Obama would bring change. His
loosening grasp of Iran made sense to me, his general position appeared to be
grounded to helping the Middle East. That slow hand of advisers got to Obama though
when the time came, 44 acted just like past leaders and tried to disguise it again
with deceptions of moral acts and allowances.

For decades, these decisions have been communicated to US citizens as though various
pieces aren’t fitting right in someone’s visionary idyllic Middle Eastern puzzle.
Therefore, leaders decide to disrupt the picture of the Middle East by multiple
means; direct action, assisting, or allowing others to shake up the pieces. Again
removing several million of the best pieces of the Middle Eastern puzzle and
scattering them in fairly specific places, does nothing more than further the plan
of destabilizing actions and allowances. Therefore, Obama has wittingly or not has
done several things to step in accord with someone’s visionary puzzle of Middle
Eastern idyllic future.

As humanitarian acts, for the people in the Middle East, these actions and
allowances have proven to do what for them? Are they safer? More stable? Do they
feel better morally? We don’t need the morality boost we have done several things we
were told would help them. From their side not so much, these people have faced
decades of these destructive actions and allowances that seems to them most likely
to resemble senseless bullying, and we gripe about terrorism. Both are wrong. (see
Saudi Arabia/ Muslims despite supporting JASTA I have your back).

The visionary people though, those that are currently figuring out how to guide your
question of what the hell is going on, too have constructivist visions. And since
you, per snake lips Kissinger haven’t shared any loyalty to their groups they may
stay quiet, causing a hold off in action and plans. They know though that holding
off or taking part in small measures amount to an incredibly long road.

Obviously it is only for them, those that cling to notions about people, their
homelands, and allied countries that makes it is easy to send the lot to die
fighting people that stand in the way of their vision. If they cannot spark the war
they wanted, they might as well flood their lands with people that stand in their
way. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, we are not enemies of the Muslims, but it
sure seems like people are hell bent on this happening. As far as the involvement in
the Middle East is concerned, real war, fake war, good or bad, killing or fleeing,
all actions are sold as “morally good,” why? For who?

Only to the believers in these faiths, morally good leads to their vision. It does
not matter if you are from Europe, North America, or other places in Asia. It does
not matter about your beliefs, you could be Lutheran, Baptist, Taoist, Hindi, Sunni,
Buddhist, Communist, Shia, or any other sect. To these believers, you are all
equally wrong largely sinful and pagan.

This, I suspect, President-elect Trump is what is going on in the Middle East,
destabilizing, fighting, and spending trillions working toward a special
constructivist vision of the Middle East. For Jews and Catholics, influential
leadership and advisers prove over and over again that they will do whatever it
takes, this includes fake war reasoning as a “moral good.”

You might be surprised to learn, in many ways I believe this needs to happen, I am
ok with that, I have ideas to help. It just isn’t going to happen through us, our
allies, or Muslims acting in these ways in the Middle East. The believers of these
faiths need to feel secure in some way wherever preferably in their holy lands,
unarmed. They should not need to sneak behind these curtains of deceit when dealing
with their religion, belief, and faith. We can figure out a way to help but clearly,
again, everything needs to change.

“When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not
support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are
obligated to call for help of civil power, it’s a sign, I apprehend, of its being a
bad one.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous2016-12-22 18:57:39
Furthermore, at what point do we get to feel unity, accomplishment, or victorious?
USSR dropping Communism was supposed to be a big deal, we fought wars against its
spread. We waited decades for the ability to bring them back into the fold, where
was the supposed victory for humanity that communism threatened so viciously? A date
of recognition? Instead in little time our federal govt and media cast Russia into a
different enemy.

Setting aside unity, victory, human rights, or war recognition for a moment. What do
we have? A continued state of enemies that hint more toward loss than anything else,
the enemy is still there. Why does that happen?


Since acquiring your new title I assume there are people besides the state
department, ambassadors other advisers are all working hard to explain for you our
government or perhaps a world position on what is going on in the Middle East. A
process that began after the election when your fifteen-minute meeting with
President Obama turned into ninety as he shared what he and his advisers came up
with for their perspective as to what the hell is going on in the Middle East. Or
your recent meeting with Henry Kissinger who noted that compared to every single
person he has worked with in foreign policy, your lack of obligation to groups
stands alone. To contrast this Kissinger mentioned several recent meetings with
Putin without mentioning Putin’s obligation and to what group/s. Compared to
Kissinger and many influential incredibly well respected people in these fields, I
could be off. Again, since I have some real concerns about how such well respected
people have advised our presidents in the past, I feel relieved my perspective
differs greatly.

As I already pointed out there are a few things that forced my hand to this. One of
which came from learning about comments made about Muslims hiding religion within
politics. True or not, we cannot fear ideas that guided them for ages and
realistically pose us no harm, (this is important and I will get into this further).
I suppose this is a way to put all Muslims in some further category, it seems
spurious, but mostly unnecessary. After reading this letter they may not want to
stay anywhere near us. Remember though our aim was to help them, what this really
means is get them to help themselves. We cannot nor should not force away what
amounts to their culture.

Yes Isis needed to be stopped, terrorism must end. You are right, we were supposedly
helping stablilze the middle east as the refugee crisis began, this too needs
serious inspection, understanding, and better resolution for everyone because,
(again) removing 8 million of what our countries deem as the best, most reasoned,
educated, likely moderate Muslims hurts only the Middle East again. More things than
not need to change, I agree.

If we can call it good news there is some in this regard. These acts that consist of
fictitious motives, less than half measures of questionable often contradictory
assistance has led to the majority of the American public, allies, and enemies alike
all share a feeling of being misled by the US Federal Government. Spending, I
believe you mentioned several trillions of dollars of our money in the process.
“Help” our Federal Govt. provides, amounts to things that appear designed more to
slowly bleed the Middle East. Destabilizing actions that endanger not us but the
people of the Middle East most.

Considering there are cases where even lesser actions were made by a foreign
government, we would likely remove that governing body from the people and the
entire world would applaud, (for a change). Like it or not this is you, your role,
again you represent revolution. Do as you proclaimed, drain the swamp, get the swamp
monsters out forever, no more same or slightly modified approaches, (i.e. making
yesterday’s communism into today Islam) consider different sides, do not accept
partial information, think long term above easy solutions, your job really is to
change everything. Way beyond deals and jobs, do you fully appreciate how special
and daunting this is?

Therefore, CC reason 2 these leaders and people need to be aware of these matters,
make sure you remain in power, not overthrown, or assassinated, there needs to be
very serious changes and several of them understand these processes, they should
embrace you, and help you help our country. A huge task is about to be unfurled

Beyond this there is a future I think everyone needs to see, which amounts to
figuring out what “help” means to a country, to a culture, to a people. Time allowed
us to change, although we feel measures of development we have been proven to be
continually mislead. Interestingly the wisdom of our Founding Fathers provided
enough guidance for us to not only avoid such misguidance but see us through it.
Like you said, why do Muslims hate us after we have done so many things we were told
would help them, for them, spending trillions, and sacrificing so many lives. They
are not ingrates; these attempts lack integrity and it shows. Because…

Unfortunately, recent history appears to have gone more this way; like past
presidents you will be evaluated, (by people like Kissinger) for your stance on
various things to determine your place, and from this, you could be encouraged to do
what seems like the right or necessary things and make yet again another series of
disastrous moves, hence those made by 43 and 44. With that, let’s get into some


Several weeks ago you likely caught wind of a law called The Justice Against
Sponsors of Terrorism Act, (JASTA) the in-trouble law allows current and future
victims of terrorism legal ability to go after foreign companies, individuals, and
government officials that support terrorism. For each act of terror; whereby someone
crashes an airplane, shoots up a bar, or blows up parts of our cities, war is
reasonably impossible. Therefore, to account for acts of terrorism, victims and
their families desire the ability to seek some accountability for those actions. The
politicization of JASTA by both parties, exposed policy guidance, distortion, and
its hopeful destruction to be influenced by and for foreign powers above the
interests of US Citizens.

The important Findings and Purpose in JASTA, (copied directly from the act).

(6) Persons, entities, or countries that knowingly or recklessly contribute material
support or resources, directly or indirectly, to persons or organizations that pose
a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism that threaten the security of
nationals of the United States or the national security, foreign policy, or economy
of the United States, necessarily direct their conduct at the United States, and
should reasonably anticipate being brought to court in the United States to answer
for such activities.

(7) The United States has a vital interest in providing persons and entities injured
as a result of terrorist attacks committed within the United States with full access
to the court system in order to pursue civil claims against persons, entities, or
countries that have knowingly or recklessly provided material support or resources,
directly or indirectly, to the persons or organizations responsible for their

(b) Purpose.—The purpose of this Act is to provide civil litigants with the broadest
possible basis, consistent with the Constitution of the United States, to seek
relief against persons, entities, and foreign countries, wherever acting and
wherever they may be found, that have provided material support, directly or
indirectly, to foreign organizations or persons that engage in terrorist activities
against the United States.

You can read the entire page long JASTA here

Briefly the US government reasoning to eliminate, (Obama) and now significantly
weaken (Congress) JASTA -

1 JASTA threatens to reduce Fed Govt. ability to label a country a state sponsor of

2 JASTA could impact the sovereign immunity protecting our government officials,
service members, and those acting on behalf of the government from legal troubles

3 JASTA could potentially accuse U.S. partners of complicity in a terrorist attack.
Fearing to expose secret cooperation with the US govt.

You can research around for bits of reasoning and find some exact wording here -

While alarming, the fears are laden with words like “possible” “coulds” “threatens”
& ”potentials.” If you read the entirety of the simple one page act you would need
to contort your mind to appreciate the fear our government has forced upon this tiny
document with iffy consequences. For those that take these concerns to heart, the
one that could appear greater than the rest would be, protecting the sovereignty of
our government officials overseas. The problem with this concern is that nothing in
JASTA points to this loss of sovereignty and more importantly this concern exists as
a possibility with or without JASTA.
Anonymous2016-12-22 18:56:17
Recently a struggling writer/actor in significant legal trouble, went to investigate
an Italian restaurant said to be trafficking children. You would think that someone
that has an interest such media could see that the buildup of this “fake news story”
adheres more to a somewhat typical string of conspiratorial speculation everyone has
experienced in this country for a long time. Examples being, the vast right wing
one, “facts” about WMDs told to the UN, NSA, Google, and facebook spying on
everyone, inside job of 9/11, Area 51, GMOs, Roswell, DB Cooper, War on Drugs,
fluoride, Y2K, chem trails, Trump cannot win, on and on.

More than anything else when reviewing the labels used to deride Trump supporters, I
view these presumed inferences regarding these emails to be about catharsis from the
battering they received for a few years coming from corporate media. Apparently the
slanderous remarks the public received daily from “legitimate” news isn’t real news,
turnabout isn’t fair play. Corporate media will push on, touting levels of
evidential vindication as they taunt and disparage these voters. Yeah, I disagree,
and now their world is about to implode.

Glancing at a BBC article related to the fake news case where the Italian restaurant
owner was interviewed. He mentioned a photo of little girl standing in a basket,
apparently to the conspirators they figured it signified she was for sale. Upon
looking up the photo and seeing a blonde haired blue eyed little girl made me
rethink Clintons phrasing, “… a basket of deplorables.” Many Americans have had
Hillary in their lives a long time, considering she publicly unveiled this seemingly
commonplace phrase of hers three times that week, it was more than unique. It was
delivered with awkward measures of flippant nonchalance, attached to a message of
authorship. Her coined glib phrase apparently also came with an error, only on
delivery, she meant to say “some” not “half.” How did she get her own idiom wrong?
All of it is uncharacteristic compared to everything prior in her career, this
phrase came from someone else. That expression was likely used inside her camp, or
her inner circle, to describe Trump voters vs Hillary voters, half of Americans are
deplorable and half support Hillary. Her correction still remains true, some, since
she had more than half the votes.

More than revenge for continued smearing of Trump voters, the situation points to
the fact that citizens are so untrusting of the entrenched political machine,
corporate media, and the federal government that they are desperate to uncover
anything, something is amiss. Recounts, rigged elections even insiders don’t trust
the apparatus. Whoever won, things need to change.

If I could point out one thing that really disturbed me about your candidacy
President-elect Trump, it would be the disapproval you showed for someone unable to
recall something about 9/11. Since it seems that you care about people remembering
9/11 you will enjoy this letter as it contains several uncharacteristically good
things to recognize about 9/11. Including something you can do to help family
victims of 9/11 and a coincidental unusual, unexpected, and beautiful thing that
relates to Muslim celebration. Those that did not celebrate after 9/11, do you
remember that? If you can’t, consider apologizing to the man you disparaged. That is
a bit of a trick question because it wasn’t very publicized.

One would think politicians and media would take the opportunity to promote that
glimmer of non-celebrating Muslim consideration, care, and morning because they
repeatedly caution the public to not lump all of Islam into a basket of deplorables
due to extremism, but no, they don’t. Our government and media prefer to endlessly
underscore the difference for us so we can know again and again that good Muslims
exist. Who did we go to war for again? Wasn’t it for protecting Muslims and other
cultures from these abusive leaders?

Once you are in the Whitehouse perhaps you can let us know if these State Department
government advisers really think that people in this country do not know how to
differentiate between “radical Islamic extremism” and those that are not. Maybe tell
the outgoing important advisers that rudimentary notions of good and bad are grasped
early on, I think by most everyone. There are extreme religious believers and there
are believers that are not. There are overly represented religious beliefs and there
are Muslims and Evangelicals. There are people that are proud of their race and
there are those that are not allowed to be.

People from Fairbanks to Edmonton to Miami and those from Moscow to London to San
Diego all can articulate such distinction. Many could spot such allegiances or lack
thereof by watching just about any corporate media production or by looking right
out their own window.

Because media and government officials frequently make this as a distinction vs
implication of ignorant Americans make no mistake the singular intent is that of
association. We are all somewhat used to this & it relates to a larger point I will
elaborate on later.

Back to fragmented messages of yours in “legitimate” corporate media -

Statements of yours endlessly repeated in news had me wondering in the past as well.
One statement that everyone should know, was your call for "total and complete
shutdown" of the entry of Muslims to the United States "until our country's
representatives can figure out what is going on." Corporate “legitimate” media ran
with the aspect of Muslim exclusion without ever once considering the question as to
why our government cannot figure out what is going on in the Middle East. I have
discussed this with several people who didn’t even know you had a larger message.

That last part of your statement is the interesting and critical part, not just to
me but it matters to every person and leader effected by the terrorism. It matters
most to people from the Middle East. Later in your statement you ask why do they
hate us? As I will point out later, this too is an interesting question because they
actually do appear not allowed to speak in our media, unless it suits someone’s
agenda. Ultimately why are we doing so many things that we are told will help them,
that don’t. Such State Department guidance keeps on making matters worse. Your
question is exceedingly valid, what is going on in the Middle East?

Misleading guidance supposedly toward improvement to full on mislead war in the
Middle East, again toward improvement. There is a stark difference between joking
about the fact that no WMDs were found in Iraq and how the top levels of our Federal
Government appear to have used fabricated intel and fabricated evidence from our
country and/or they un/knowingly used fabricated intel and fabricated evidence made
by other countries. (This brings to mind Rumsfeld and his unknown knowns drivel.)
All of which led to bunch of death and destruction in the Middle East. Due most
accurately to piling up bullshit and conjecture in front of the UN, essentially the
world. Just like we shouldn’t suspect that Colin Powell knew he was carrying a vile
of our anthrax, a photo of books, a photo of tubes and an array of overstated
(non)facts, reasons our government used ultimately to send the US and our allies,
(who we have suffered enough with, for, and due to by the way) to kill and die. Nor
should we blame Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi either. At that time there was no area
on this planet better scrutinized by professional inspectors ever. “Verified facts”
were absolute lies our federal government said to the world.

Ask your VP how he feels about, (I assume) being not just deceived by that
administration but used as a step toward the ensuing treachery that was leveled
against not just US citizens but the entire world. Even if it was not treachery,
everything was above board, fine & legitimate. We invaded with the claimed intent to
protect people from Saddam & they were slaughtered by Isis. Our involvement,
consists of mounting tragedy, this White House offer of State Department
“professional help,” needs it.

Interestingly, the world is to believe this war came with zero reasoning. Aside from
showing total disregard for the lives of our allies and our military, why would we
fake war interests? For who? For what? When Bush spoke from an aircraft carrier with
a banner that read “mission accomplished” media gave its loudest unified criticism.
His message was not of victory, his message was that the regime had been overthrown,
that mission was accomplished. Since they were so supportive of going in, supposedly
to get rid of Saddam Hussein, why did media object so strongly to this message?
Based on their coverage, it appeared that people in Iraq were reasonably happy about
it. How possibly could they have known guerrilla warfare was around the corner?
Whatever the case, why object so forcefully and unified to that message, they wanted
more war, did we cause more war for corporate media? Odd, reflected against the
anti-war stance corporate media swiftly took with regard to Vietnam, very odd.
Middle East at any expense seems to be the unified corporate media, state
department, federal govt message.
Anonymous2016-11-25 07:30:21
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on alternative media outlets that she says are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public.

Merkel joined the chorus of other world leaders and huge multi-national media outlets who wish to rid the internet of alternative media websites, under the guise of “fighting fake news“.

Speaking in parliament, Merkel claimed that public opinion was being swayed away from establishment politics, claiming that independent news outlets posed a danger to national security.

Home » News » Merkel Promises To Rid Internet Of Alternative Media
Merkel Promises To Rid Internet Of Alternative Media

Posted on November 25, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, World // 0 Comments
Angela Merkel declares war against alternative media outlets

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared war on alternative media outlets that she says are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public.

Merkel joined the chorus of other world leaders and huge multi-national media outlets who wish to rid the internet of alternative media websites, under the guise of “fighting fake news“.

Speaking in parliament, Merkel claimed that public opinion was being swayed away from establishment politics, claiming that independent news outlets posed a danger to national security.
Obama declares war on conspiracy theorists, vowing to eliminate the first amendment
Obama Declares War On Alternative Media And The First Amendment
Donald Trump thanks the alternative media for his historic election wijn
Donald Trump Thanks Alternative Media For Historic Win

Yahoo News reports:

“Something has changed — as globalisation has marched on, (political) debate is taking place in a completely new media environment. Opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago,” she said.

“Today we have fake sites, bots, trolls — things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms and we have to learn to deal with them.”

Merkel, 62, said the challenge for democrats was to “reach and inspire people — we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it.”

She said she supported initiatives by her right-left coalition government to crack down on “hate speech” on social media in the face of what she said were “concerns about the stability of our familiar order”.

“Populism and political extremes are growing in Western democracies,” she warned.

Last week, Google and Facebook moved to cut off ad revenue to bogus news sites after a US election campaign in which the global misinformation industry may have influenced the outcome of the vote.

But media watchers say more is needed to stamp out a powerful phenomenon seen by some experts as a threat to democracy itself.

Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats are the odds-on favourites to win the German national election, expected in September or October 2017.

But she is facing a strong challenge from a resurgent rightwing populist party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has her liberal refugee and migration policy in its crosshairs.

It is currently polling at around 12-13 percent which could complicate the complex maths of coalition building after the poll.

All of Germany’s mainstream parties have for now ruled out forming an alliance with the AfD.
Anonymous2016-11-25 03:40:43 File: average-iq-score.jpg (63.842kb, 1024x466)
This is a better picture that shows average iq in each country around the world, clearly black countries are having the lowest iq from other places.

Nice photo OP
Anonymous2016-11-15 05:31:58
around blacks never relax
Anonymous2016-10-09 14:08:48
"Radiation suits" (something that will protect you from high levels of radiation) do not exist. Never have.

The first thing to understand is the difference between radiation and contamination. Basically contamination is the shit and radiation is the stink.

What are commonly referred to as "radiation suits" are anti-contamination clothing. They're nothing special. Just a cloth or plastic suit designed to prevent radioactive materials in dust or water from getting on your skin. Basically the same as a chemical suit. It keeps the shit off your skin, but can't do anything about the stink.

In other words, if you in the presence of an unshielded high radiation source for too long, you're fucked no matter what you wear.

The only way to reduce radiation exposure is Time (Less time smelling shit), Distance (Stay away from the shit), and Shielding (Put something between you and the shit).

"OK, smarty pants, why not build the shielding into the suit?" Glad you asked. Radiation harms you because it causes interactions with the atoms in the living tissue of your body. If the DNA gets screwed up enough, you get cancer. If the dose is really high, the cells get killed. The only way to shield against radiation is to use a material that has a better chance of having the radiation interact with it as it passes through it before it gets to you. If a particular radioactive subatomic particle passes through you, it does precisely nothing to you, but why take the risk? Here's where it gets sticky.

In addition to the strength of the radiation, you need to take into account the type. There are four:

Alpha (helium nucleus): Highly charged (+2), relatively massive (4). Low energy (speed), Very reactive.

Beta (electron): Charged (-1), relatively small (0.000…). High energy, Pretty reactive.

Neutron: No charge. Pretty massive. Medium energy, Kinda reactive.

Gamma: No charge. No mass. Very high energy, A bit reactive.

The paradox here is that the more reactive types penetrate less, but do the most damage if they get to living cells.

Sometimes this is explained with the Cookie problem: You have four cookies made out of shit. Alpha, beta, gamma and neutron. You have four exclusive choices: Hold it in your hand, put it in your pocket, eat it, or throw it away.

Solution: Hold the alpha cookie in your hand. The outermost layer of your skin is dead and will react with the alphas, blocking them from getting further into you. The skin cells shed as they do naturally. For god sakes don't eat it because the tissue inside you is still living.

Put the beta cookie in your pocket. Although it's more reactive than the alpha, it will still be stopped by a shield as thin as a piece of paper. Fabric is enough.

The neutron cookie? Throw that bitch away. Now. Nothing you can wear will stop neutrons and they will fuck you up.

Eat the gamma cookie. Nothing you wear can shield you, but gammas stand as much of a chance of passing through you doing nothing as they do in reacting. Way less risky than that neutron fucker.

So the anticontamination suits are fine to prevent you from getting beta shit on your skin and possibly ingesting alpha shit. What about neutrons and gammas? These need relatively massive substances to stop. Water and plastic actually do a pretty good job of stopping neutrons because they contain lots of hydrogen atoms to interact with. This is also why they fuck you up so bad. Better the plastic than you. Problem is, you need a pretty substantial thickness and a suit that would protect you would be too heavy to move around in. Luckily, the vast majority of neutrons are produced in nuclear reactors and bombs. Neutron shielding a reactor is easy (put it in a big water tank) and luckily nobody with half a lick of sense is testing nukes. For gammas, becaus ethey are high energy photons and not actual particles, you need something thick and dense. Lead works well, but it's density makes it extremely heavy. You know that apron your wear when getting an X-Ray? You might be able to wear that around for a bit, but it's only covering the front and Gammas are hundreds of times more powerful than X-Rays. So wearing something that can block gammas is out of the question. Interestingly, I've seen gamma sources used for X-raying Radiographing steel that were shielded with depleted uranium. Yep, using a very dense radioactive material to shield a much more powerful radioactive material.

Source: Trained in nuclear power by the US Navy. Hence the profane and memorable examples.

TL;DR: Radiation suits cannot exist. Stay away from shit cookies.
Anonymous2016-10-09 03:16:54 File: 5467543576.jpeg (9.138kb, 312x162)

*Clinton Said Financial Reform “Really Has To Come From The Industry Itself.” *“Remember what Teddy Roosevelt did. Yes, he took on what he saw as the excesses in the economy, but he also stood against the excesses in politics. He didn't want to unleash a lot of nationalist, populistic reaction. He wanted to try to figure out how to get back into that balance that has served America so well over our entire nationhood. Today, there's more that can and should be done that really has to come from the industry itself, and how we can strengthen our economy, create more jobs at a time where that's increasingly challenging, to get back to Teddy Roosevelt's square deal. And I really believe that our country and all of you are up to that job.” [Clinton Remarks to Deutsche Bank, 10/7/14] *Speaking About The Importance Of Proper Regulation, Clinton Said “The People That Know The Industry Better Than Anybody Are The People Who Work In The Industry.”* “I mean, it's still happening, as you know. People are looking back and trying to, you know, get compensation for bad mortgages and all the rest of it in some of the agreements that are being reached. There's nothing magic about regulations, too much is bad, too little is bad. How do you get to the golden key, how do we figure out what works? And the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry. And I think there has to be a recognition that, you know, there's so much at stake now, I mean, the business has changed so much and decisions are made so quickly, in nano seconds basically. We spend trillions of dollars to travel around the world, but it's in everybody's interest that we have a better framework, and not just for the United States but for the entire world, in which to operate and trade.” [Goldman Sachs AIMS Alternative Investments Symposium, 10/24/13]

#neverhillary #corruptedhillary #crookedhillary #hillaryforprison2016
Anonymous2016-09-11 04:48:31
>I was in the World Financial Center when this all happened. It's directly across the street form the WTC. I was close enough to feel both jets fly by and expload into the towers. I literally missed seeing the second impact by 10 seconds.

>When the first one happened I thought it might be a bomb in my building but the sound was nowhere near as loud as i would expect. I thought it may be a flash thunderstorm and was stunned to hear my manager say a plane had hit the WTC. Ran to the window and sure enough Tower 1 was on fire. But we couldn't see any plane wreckage. All we saw were people running for their lives and a couple of car accidents on the road below. We didn't really think much of this first impact, just that it was an accident.

>After about 5 mins of watching the aftermath I ran back to my desk to call my family and that's when I heard a second rumble and explosion which was louder than the first. I ran to the window and saw that the second building had been hit. This is when tensions started to rise and anxiety kicked in. People started yelling, "Everyone get out!". We all ran for the emergency stairs and began our long, slow, decent to the ground level. You could see the worry in people's eyes, some even begining to cry. It's weird because along with anxiety, my survival instinct kicked in. I realized that I was prepared to trample people just to get out. It also raised self doubt of how "good" of a human being I really am.

>I made my way outside the building and stood among the hundreds of helpless people that were watching the towers burn. This is when I saw a person dive out of the building to their death. This is when reality finally smacked me in the face. I began to make my way uptown. Turned around to take another glance and saw a second person jump to their death. This is the point I began to feel vulnerable. Just looking around me to see hundreds of people unable to help the situation is truly depressing.

>I was able to make it home after a very long trek uptown. I passed by thousands of people. All I can think about is the tourment that people were feeling, the sadness in their eyes. My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones or will lose loved ones . . .
Anonymous2016-09-09 14:13:53
Tons of mexicans just walked across your border and became citizens somehow and trump thinks he can stop this. Being american does not mean anything anymore, everywhere you go you have mexicans and niggers around, how delusional people are here and believe he will change something
Anonymous2016-09-03 04:17:44 File: j7gfg5ugchmvbn.jpg (606.624kb, 1180x842)
everyone is scared of trump because he will actually clean the whole bs around us with high energy, cant wait for this to happen #trump2016

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