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Anonymous2018-09-29 11:38:52
I'm glad I dodged that bullet! I didn't write this but clearly someone who witnessed something risked their life and their family's life to write this, for me, and humanity. I don't know who wrote this, or if they're still alive, but thank you! All I know is that I don't know. I know I've never been to France, never had a passport, and couldn't have possibly witnessed this gruesome ritualistic abuse. I don't plan on going to France any time soon, as long as I'm being oppressed for playing a harp freely and deprived of my human rights under color of law in America.
Anonymous2018-02-14 00:51:28
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Anonymous2018-02-14 00:30:56
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Anonymous2017-08-04 01:32:16 File: THENEWFRANCE.jpg (1207.173kb, 2860x1892)
#France is having big problems as well ( pic related) but your country looks like a nightmare, are your properties going down because of all this ?
Anonymous2017-05-28 02:21:55
they sure are ... actions have consequences and one day france will wake up and it will not be pretty
Anonymous2017-05-10 04:50:20
I'm willing to bet some serious dough civil war in france will start in 2018 when muslims overtake paris
Anonymous2017-05-09 04:32:43
enjoy your niggers
viva la france
Anonymous2017-05-09 03:30:08
Those elections were fuckin rigged.
Can you say.

Anonymous2017-05-08 04:41:50
R.I.P france
Anonymous2017-05-08 03:12:03
i dont believe she lost :( israel and their u.s puppets and merkel wanted macron to win in order to make sure france stays in eurozone
Anonymous2017-05-03 23:50:55
I voted numerous times when things were fairly ok in france but I don't think it will help right now because we already have to many muslims here and they are citizens ! Truth is france is not france anymore and it will be a 3rd world country pretty soon, the number of people living in high poverty areas has been growing fast, say goodbye to good old france.
Anonymous2017-03-06 04:50:47
On Monday, February 20, US-led coalition fighter jets bombed al-Shefaa, a residential area in eastern Mosul (Iraq). Sources from a variety of perspectives say that several dozen civilians died in the raid and a large number were wounded. The highest numbers are being quoted by the Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency, while the lower numbers come from al-Jazeera. The coalition commanders have not answered questions about the raids.

According to Airwars, a large number of civilians have been killed due to US-led coalition bombings that began in 2014. The total civilians killed range from 5,875 to 7,936, while those specifically killed by coalition airstrikes number between 2,405 and 3,517. These are twice the number of civilians as killed by Russian airstrikes in Syria, according to Airwars figures.

The Iraqi military confirms that it has slowed down its advance into Mosul because it does not know how to fight ISIS without endangering the 750,000 civilians in the region. The most recent UN situation report from Iraq counts 160,000 people already displaced as a result of the Mosul crisis. Low income levels, shortages of water, great threats because of the fighting – these define the situation for residents in and around Mosul.

A joint investigation by Airwars and Foreign Policy pushed the US military to confirm that in two incidents in 2015 the United States used depleted uranium (DU) shells against ISIS targets in Syria. When Airwars’ Samuel Oakford asked the United States military whether it had used any DU in Syria, they first denied it, then finally admitted to its use earlier this month. DU ammunition was fired from A-10 aircraft against fuel tankers.

Strikingly, the A-10 aircraft normally carries high explosive incendiary (HEI) ammunition which, according to its manufacturer General Dynamics, ‘provides fragmentation and incendiary effects for use against personnel, trucks, ammunition storage and many other targets’. The HEI would have been sufficient to destroy the fuel tankers, so that it was unnecessary to use DU – a radioactive substance – to contaminate parts of northern Syria.

Make the Desert Glow.

At the same time as the US was using radioactive weapons in Syria, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said of ISIS – ‘We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out’. This was plainly a reference to some kind of radioactive bombardment. It was precisely what the administration of Barack Obama had already been doing.

Not long after Cruz first made this comment – which became a standard for his stump speeches – Mark Halperin of Bloomberg asked another Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, whether he would go nuclear against ISIS. ‘Well, I’m never going to rule anything out’, replied Trump. When pushed by Chris Matthews of MSNBC on this issue, Trump said, ‘Somebody hits us within ISIS – you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?’

Three generals who made their mark in Iraq between 1991 and 2008 now lead President Trump’s national security team. General James Mattis (Secretary of Defense), General John Kelley (Secretary of Homeland Security) and General H. R. McMaster (National Security Advisor) all led the US counter-insurgency operations in Iraq. Of the three, General James Mattis had the closest relationship to the use of radioactive weapons in Iraq. This was during the siege conducted by the United States against the city of Fallujah in 2004. To grasp the attitude of the US officers in this war, reflect for a minute on Mattis’ statement made in a 2003 speech to soldiers regarding how to comport themselves in Iraq, ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet’.

Fallujah is one of the most forgotten contemporary US battlefields. In that battle to defeat the popular insurgency against the American occupation, the United States used chemical (white phosphorus) and radioactive (DU) weapons with great abandon. The fierceness of the war destroyed three quarters of the city and sent most of its population to the grave or into flight. At this time, General Mattis headed the 1st Marine Division that was key to the Fallujah war.

Ironically, the United States went into Iraq in 2003 with the claim that it wanted to destroy weapons of mass destruction. In turn, it was the United States that used weapons of mass destruction inside Iraq.

The United States dropped at least 116,000 kgs of DU ammunition during the bombing campaign of the 2003 Iraq War. At that time, A-10 fighter jets were used for these missions, the same planes used in Syria. Strike logs released to George Washington University in 2013, shows that in the early months of the war (March-April 2003), DU ammunition was used against cars and trucks as well as buildings of all kinds. The widespread use of these radioactive weapons across Iraq contaminated large swathes of the country. What transpired in Fallujah the next year was merely the continuation of what had become normal policy. The data from that war has not been released as of yet. It would show that DU weapons were fired not only from A-10 jets, but also from tanks and other ground-based devices. These not only contaminated the soil, but also endangered US troops.

It is not as if the US military did not know that DU weapons are dangerous. The US Environmental Protection Agency calls these weapons ‘a radiation health hazard when inside the body’. A 1975 US Air Force review suggested that these weapons not be used against troops, but only against ‘tanks, armored personnel carriers or other hard targets’. This prohibition was routinely violated during the US War on Iraq. In 2003, the UK’s Royal Society of Medicine and the UN Environment Program warned against the use of such weapons. None of these warnings were heeded. People like Mattis and Kelley had their fingers on the trigger. There is no available evidence that they cautioned against what is tantamount to a war crime.

Everyone Seems to be Dying of Cancer.

Evidence from Baghdad and Fallujah is compelling. Before she died of leukemia, artist Nuha al-Radi wrote, ‘Everyone seems to be dying of cancer. Every day one hears about another acquaintance or friend of a friend dying. How many more die in hospitals that one does not know? Apparently, over 30 per cent of Iraqis have cancer, and there are a lot of kids with leukemia. The depleted uranium left by the US bombing campaign has turned Iraq into a cancer-infested country’.

Dr. Samira Allani, a pediatric specialist at the Fallujah General Hospital, sees the connection between Iraq and Japan – two countries struck hard by weapons of mass destruction. The rate of children born with birth defects in Fallujah are much greater than that of children born – after 1945 – in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The dust from DU emits alpha radiation, which experts say is twenty times more dangerous than the gamma radiation from nuclear weapons. There was no dramatic mushroom cloud over Baghdad or Fallujah, but the smaller explosions might have been just as deadly.

Over the years, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has pushed a non-binding resolution in the UN General Assembly against the use of DU ammunition. Both in 2012 and 2014, the overwhelming majority of the world’s states voted for a resolution brought by the NAM against DU weapons. Both times the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Israel voted against the resolution. In December 2014, the NAM resolution came just as US A-10 fighter jets arrived in Kuwait to bomb ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. There was fear that the US would use DU weapons once more in the region. This fear, we now find, was not unwarranted. The US has said that it used DU twice. One should not be comforted by this number, since there might be other instances where DU was used in the last few years.

It would be naïve to assume that the United States and its coalition are not using DU weaponry in the fight against ISIS in Mosul and elsewhere. These are dangerous weapons, whose radioactivity lasts a very long time and damages societies for generations. Statements by Trump and Cruz about the use of nuclear weapons and the lack of outrage against that shows how desensitized the population has become about violence against the brown bodies of West Asia.

And even against the ecology of the region. In her captivating memoir, Nuha al-Radi writes about fleeing into her family orchard when the US bombing of Iraq took place in 2003. ‘The birds have taken the worst beating of all’, she wrote. ‘They have sensitive souls, which cannot take all this hideous noise and vibration. All the caged lovebirds have died from the shock of the blasts, while birds in the wild fly upside down and do crazy somersaults. Hundreds, if not thousands, have died in the orchard. Lonely survivors fly about in distracted fashion’.

Whether Nuha, powerful artist that she was, wrote of the birds alone or wrote with allegory close to her pen is moot. Both the birds and Iraqis as well Syrians go about in a distracted fashion. Their lives continue to be turned askew by the hideous bombardment of this ongoing war.
Anonymous2017-02-10 13:22:09
An 8-foot-tall reinforced glass barrier will be erected around the base of the Eiffel Tower, as security forces say that the iconic Paris landmark remains a top target for terrorists, following a series of attacks throughout France in the past two years.

"The terror threat remains high in Paris and the most vulnerable sites, led by the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures," said the assistant mayor for tourism, Jean-Francois Martins. "We have three aims – to improve the look, make access easier and strengthen the protection of visitors and staff."

The anti-ballistic fence will not just cover the steel structure itself, but the gardens surrounding it, and access will be restricted through fewer entry points, making it easier to monitor. Although visitors will have to pass through checkpoints to enter the forecourt, it will remain free.

"All the work to secure the Eiffel Tower is being done in consultation with the Architectes des Bâtiments de France [the country’s architects’ association] so that it fits as well as possible in the neighborhood," Martins said. “This is a necessity in terms of security, but it will also make it possible to re-establish a link between the forecourt of the monument and the gardens."

The 300-meter-tall Eiffel Tower, constructed for the 1889 World’s Fair to be the tallest in the world at that time, is already surrounded by a temporary chain-link fence, put up for the Euro 2016 football tournament last summer, following the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015 that took the lives of 130 people.

The €20 million wall is said to be part of a wider €300 million refurbishment of the Eiffel Tower, which is the most visited landmark in the world, seen up close by about 7 million tourists each year. The project will see more elevators, hopefully cutting the famously long queues and relieving visitors stranded up on the tower, and a sprucing-up of the lower viewing platform.

While most have welcomed the effort to upgrade the site, some politicians have been opposed to the latest announcement.

Yves Pozzo di Borgo, a Senator from the Centrist Union, told the daily Le Parisien that the wall would turn the Eiffel Tower into a “fortress.”

"These measures must not distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings," insisted Catherine Dumas, a member of the center-right Republicans.

The latest terrorist attack in Paris occurred last week, when Egyptian citizen Abdallah El-Hamahmy attempted to assault four soldiers near the Louvre with a machete. El-Hamahmy was shot several times, and remains in critical condition in hospital.
Anonymous2016-12-22 19:00:14
4.Misguidance and Misrepresentation: Like JASTA with its design to hold foreign
government officials, various institutions, and individuals accountable for
Terrorism. Guidelines should be made to likewise punish, (domestic or foreign)
individuals or groups that work toward the creation and preservation of deliberately
blurred histories, questionable policies, distortions or disintegration of natural
ties, and our sacrificial otherwise vapid culture.

As people run to our lands, (not South America, not Africa, not India etc.) from all
over the planet, for even questioning such a thing we are routinely slandered by our
governments, media, and various leaders as ignorant or racist. Words never ascribed
onto people from/in cultures that we are told to view as far more narrow, only us.

Then our people are used to resolve something on behalf of those that flee and/or we
are encouraged to fight someone else’s battle, resulting in us again frequently
being cast as the bad guy. Vietnam is a perfect example, pulled in by exceedingly
Catholic France, (I do not think France realizes the extent they have been abused
and used by Rome and later Vatican) to fight the spread of Communism at the height
of our government/media anti-communism propaganda campaign, most of us consider that
bad enough. So, as the military guys were fighting and dying, the fact that Nixon
sold the manufacturing base out from under them at the same time to Communist China
is again treachery. This isn’t the fault of Communism or Asia this is again
questionable and contradictory guidance.

Considering these elements and to the point of this, media with its world renown
spintastic image making abilities chose to forever make the bad guys the vets.
Accordingly, the vets fought an unjust war, they behaved poorly in it, and many died
in the mud while guys lucky enough to know to stay back fucked their drugged up soon
to be ex in the mud at Woodstock. Never mind about the federal government or media’s
role in anything Communist related propaganda prior to or during Vietnam because
according to the media everybody got what they deserved.

When considering the squacking discontent media served us for years about US
Government Vietnam involvement when reflected against Iraq, it is disgraceful. Fake
reasoning didn’t matter, Wikileaks footage of journalists getting blasted didn’t
matter, and photos of tortured prisoners didn’t matter. The only unified corporate
media criticism of Iraq was declaring Mission Accomplished by Bush, this proposed
victory mattered!! If it weren’t a hypocritical, opportunistic, evil, single minded,
and middle east vision driven, I’d think it was a joke. – Jews and Catholics are
sickening people, (just wait lest you think I adhere to some Hitler bullshit).

Finally, someone sparks what amounts to gigantic pyrrhic war after gigantic pyrrhic
war after gigantic pyrrhic war and some of us get barely recognized as the good guy.
All of this for what? More reasons our leaders are not taking us, our lands, the
role we play in this world serious enough, and this has got to change. – and again
here you are, President-elect Trump.

Communism is an interesting thread in our recent history. I always suspected that
pope John Paul was selected to make Communist Poland yearn to be free due to him
being the first Polish pope ever. Then I thought it interesting that he was the
first Polish pope ever. Looking it up, I learned he was the first non-Italian pope
in over 400 years. What happened over 400 years ago? Martin Luther.

5.WAR: Beyond the commonalities of terrorism and what appears as widespread
governmental disregard for everyday citizens in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Norway,
Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, in different ways Russia and
others. All of us suffer other links, most of us come from the inadequately
appreciated principal combatants of essentially three recent world wars,
(Napoleonic, WWI, and WWII). Incredible as it may seem, there are people today that
continue to fan those embers, people that would like to see more war between us. On
order to forever stop such manipulation we need to better scrutinize events and
powers that guided leaders like Hitler.

We can start with examining the state of Communism as it took hold in Russia.
Governments in Europe were leaning more and more left; despite all the internal
discord Communism was largely viewed as an idea worth exploring in our world, a
stride toward equality. However, since Communism successfully did away with
religion, age old institutions of religious doctrine took notice. Lucky for them
Fascism had been crafted, said to be designed in part by a Roman Catholic “Teutonic
Barbarian” hating Italian.

Likewise, Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler, primary members of the Fascist regime in
Germany were all Roman Catholic. Were it not for the contemporary perspective that
these men were driven by paganism and purity, this would be considered substantial.
Scholars might maintain it more accurate to say they were only raised Roman

When reflected against the rampant examples of sexual abuse Roman Catholic priests
push on children, the cover up, and protection those abusers get from the Vatican is
all apparently routine. It makes one wonder what possibly could have happened to
little Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler to make them later turn their backs on the
Vatican. Considering even those horrifically abused kids of today, when they grew up
they were surrounded by several valid options including Islam, Lutheranism, even
Paganism they tend to remain Roman Catholic. Which above anything else displays that
even today Roman Catholicism has followers that will remain loyal as they, their
loved ones, friends and greater community endure life altering disturbing things.
From all this the only unquestionable conclusion we can gain is that the Vatican is
quick to cover things up, it will likely forever remain at best a known unknown the
depths of abuse Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler may have suffered from.

We should remain thankful that we are left with some prevailing wisdom, which
amounts to this; without any reason what so ever these men dropped Roman Catholicism
and replaced it with pagan worship. Although, again, as scholars maintain, they
didn’t work fully on behalf of their newfound appreciation and worship of paganism.
Instead, they worked mainly on behalf of an obscure racial deference for purity. To
fuse these newfound loves of paganism and purity these men used a brand new
political doctrine called Fascism and to support this mix of elements they joined
forces with predominantly Roman Catholic Italy, hand in hand they went to war for
paganism and purity. Seems about right.

This summation is emblematic of the wildly grotesque and highly manufactured
historical frame most people on this planet currently see from. It consists of
multiple impossible coincidences. You would likely find more accuracy in the
following statement, Hitler was a “messenger” for the Vatican/Italy during WWI.
Partially because someone with such a lifelong lust for warfare, so much so he was
eagerly awaiting and celebrating the WWI announcement live in Munich. It would seem
unusual for them to ever stoop to messenger, researching, for any reason.
Furthermore, it is interesting that he vanished for approximately two years until he
magically appears this day of WWI announcement in Munich. Two possibilities it was
during these two years that he was getting abused by the church and found paganism,
or he was getting training for something for the Vatican.

Whatever the case could be you must recognize that every contrivance and every
action these men made was for the Vatican. From the hakenkreuz (hooked cross not
swastika), to binding the Third Reich to the Holy Roman Empire (not the pagan people
before it), to the protectionist stance toward collecting catholic countries, to the
foremost need to stop religion absent communism, to the final solution of
eliminating the meddling competition. More than anything else this was a holy war
done on behalf of the Vatican.

Dubious? If these men were motivated by race and paganism, why would they bring war
to ancient “pagan” or similarly “pure” people? Was it because that these similar
“pure” ancient “pagan” countries had populations that happened to consist of
non-Catholics or Communists? Yes. In speeches does Hitler maintain talk about
paganism or Roman Catholicism? His speeches are full of Roman Catholic messages, I
would suspect if someone were to look for it you may find contrary messages to race
and paganism. One such message is his “1000 year reich.” Who places an end date on
not only their reign but that of their people? It compares measly to the nearly 2000
year control the Roman Catholic church has had and that is merely a faith in Christ.
A belief, not a flesh and bone supreme race as we are told over and over that he
speaks on behalf of. When speaking does Hitler appear proud or like a furious
preacher reprimanding his followers? On behalf of our ancestors, Pagans, and
non-Catholics everywhere on the planet, what significance does the religion of those
that kill a man of the same religion that others of a different religion care
desperately about, have? None. Of all the actions that matter in respect to WWII
which of them that we are told over and over and over were made on behalf of
paganism and/or race, which one benefits pagans and/or a race? None.

Since Hitler was instructed to connect his reich to the Holy Roman Empire, (again,
instead of the pagan people before it) it is notable in two ways.
1.Germania, (Roman name for Germany) translates into things like the germ of mankind
or beginning man. For Romans and later Vatican, Germania as home to beginning man
likely pointed to something religious, actual Eden where “pure man” would be placed
by God. There is much more to this but I need to leave it, Germania as Vatican Eden
or not.
2.Charles Darwin and his idea of evolution did ruin whatever Eden myths the Vatican
held as longstanding truths. Darwin debunked the bible in a grave way, and so along
with Communism, (absent religion, it likely resembled a version of paganism to the
Vatican) evolution posed a critical, instrumental, and enormous threat to the

What institution of manipulation would overlook clear beneficial actions made on its
behalf and pin those actions on an overly abused under represented scapegoat
paganism and an obscure racial deference of purity? The same institution of
manipulation that has proven to protect itself above all else. When you stop to
consider the volume of strife Europe has known, the Vatican learned ages ago how to
influence, when and how to play multiple sides, how not to show its hand, and how to
disguise hate filled revenge.

Which brings to mind a documentary I watched recently called Holbein: Eye of the
Tutors, made by a Catholic man reinterpreting a painting from 1533 by Hans Holbein,
a friend of Erasmus and contemporary of Martin Luther called The (French)
Ambassadors, (interestingly for our Federal Government of today I would call it The
Advisers). According to the reinterpretation, this documentary claimed this painting
provided evidence of Hans Holbein being a Roman Catholic, where the pope acts as
vicar of Jesus Christ to the Vatican and Catholic Churches, (hierarchical). Further
stating that Holbein used this painting to hide a secret loyalty to Roman
Catholicism instead of the Protestant Reformation, where your relationship with God
is yours, (without hierarchy).

This painting is most certainly about religion, that is about where our opinions
cease to match. I would say that his interpretation lends very well to a Roman
Catholic ritualized tradition of historical fabrication, sanctification, a tradition
at least as old as Eusebius rewriting Constantine. does Gabriele Finaldi the
Director of the National Gallery play into that? I suspect the documentarian is
suffering from a more typical form of cognitive bias.

This painting is without a doubt the most interesting and clear remark about
religion I have ever seen. The Roman Catholic and Protestant Reformation debate can
be settled easily by the selected hymns in Luther’s “open book.” Hymns that do not
belong together in the actual hymnal are placed together. This is a notable
distinction, considering the concise measuring instruments and multiple clear
contrasts Holbein deliberately laid these songs side by side. The hymn to the right
describes the ten commandments; I am Lord and God! Take heed No other Gods doth thee
mislead; thy heart shall trust alone in me. The hymn to the left says people of
different lands and tongues let them all unite in praise of God. Thou holy light,
guide divine, Oh, cause the Word of life to shine! Teach us to know our God alright
and call Him Father with delight. From every error keep us free; let none but Christ
our Master be.

Luther is bluntly saying Christ is an error, a Master, and not a God. The Protestant
Reformation was marked by removing crucifixes from churches, their presence goes
against Gods very own commandments, all other Gods mislead, Jesus Christ is a lie.
Deeper inspection of this painting suggests that Luther was not as anti-semetic as
the ritual tradition of historical fabrication suggests. Considering how tied to
Jesus Christ many reform churches are it illustrates more constructivism nudging
people back into worshiping “Christianity” a lie, Evangelicals are not Christian.

This painting goes much further sharing with us that whatever education,
categorization of earthly or celestial science and discovery, idea, wealth, or
religious category. Just about every conceivable thing, up, down, good or bad, truth
or lies, in or out the Vatican not only knows but controls. To access this
information the Vatican way, you can go through known clerical dressed, book leaning
person to the right. A book held doubly closed by a golden buckle and by him, (to
contrast Luther’s open book). Or choose differently and have the well paid, equally
Vatican righteous secularly dressed multiple weapon wielding person either pay or
kill you and give your information to the Vatican. Which this painting could also
suggest because years earlier Holbein painted astronomer, mathematician, clock maker
and friend Nicholas Kratzer building one of the objects in this painting and has
others that we can presume he made behind him that are all on this table of these
Ambassadors. Mostly, Holbein displays that the Vatican has every possible thing
thought of and methodically covered, except itself.

From above it all, literally backing the well-financed war figure to the left,
hidden in deliberate partial cover by a curtain, the truth is exposed. By thinking
itself to be literally behind and responsible for everything the Vatican bared
itself as having an empty self-affirming, self-serving, simplistic egotistical
purpose. Because of all of its sin, lies, control, and manipulation, Holbein shows
us through this anamorphic skull when viewed from the opposite side of the crucifix
and matching downward angle to it, you realize their connection. The only other
thing that is in deliberate and even more cover is that of the Star of David, which
is hidden by the skull itself, and I imagine hidden commandments. Everything else in
the picture is clear and open including having normal life and death in their own
way being equal. It is only the Vatican that is dying an unnatural, prolonged, and
grotesque death. Once it is over, everything comes into view, the truth just like
the skull will be revealed, only then will you see how warped, hideous, unnatural,
and evil the life the Vatican had. I suspect Holbein and Kratzer were huge
contributors to Henry VIII taking an about face on the Vatican. This painting is as
chilling as it is absolutely brilliant.

With that in mind, Hitler sent people to collide with others that unwittingly shared
everything, killing millions and millions and millions and millions. Copying a war
decades earlier that Germany was never intended to win killing millions, and
millions, and millions. Hitler sent to die those that represented people that all
held dear ideas not just from Luther himself but also those that Luther made
possible like Holbein, Engels, Brakel, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Jefferson,
Darwin, Jung, Paine, Newton, Friedrich Schlegel, even Karl Marx and obviously, many
more. Each one representing ideas better than the tome of myths that they or someone
somewhere in their lineage dropped behind them and for that the Fatherland,
Motherland, and their descendants were sent to destroy each other again and again
and again.

All the while, those that ran the fascist regime, to those that ran the camps, to
those that ran the cities, and to those special populations in special countries
that Hitler gathered and protected, all continued Gods work. Some worked in media,
some in the schools, and some with those they despised most, the ones that killed
their master, Jesus Christ.

The fascist regime was a mere bandage though, intended only to heal wounds as old as
Luther. So as the front line drew near, someone special reminded, “save the
churches.” And so from the very beginning through to the very bitter end, everyone
and everything worth saving remained. Mostly cloistered in Roman Catholicism. And
until today mostly hidden behind the Vatican curtain. – Truth

Anonymous2016-12-22 18:59:27
1.Leave JASTA alone. Several prior statements suggest, our politicians should leave
The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act alone. Our government protecting
foreign individuals and/or governments that appear to fund terrorism is a mistake.
Likewise treating terrorist groups like Isis differently because of who they are
funded by or target is a mistake.
2.Validate US Federal Government. You are not to blame for this President-elect
Trump, but to remain viable for US citizens and the world the US Federal Govt. must
do some act that solely benefits the people in Iraq, in Syria, and in Iran. Whatever
that is, for example to help them find a maintainable stability, defend the
defenseless people that represent various ancient cultures, protect artifacts that
belong to the world. I do have some suggestions but mostly, I realize it is past
time to ask them, maybe they simply want us get out of their business for a while so
they can figure out how to deal with things. Even abiding by their request to keep
out of their business for a while is valid, whatever it takes to help these
countries will help US Citizens and the world begin to recover their view of the US
Federal Govt.
3.Reviewing Possible Paths: Constructivist visions of Middle East recovery, what
others may desire to see as promised land “recovery,” and the new American Way.

Lucky for me every Muslim I have ever met I liked, (they were all Sunni, a few from
Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Qatar) I believe I have met 10-15 total. I cannot
say the same for individuals that represent the primary strains of overly
represented religion I’ve met here. Perhaps for this reason, I actually desire to
understand and help the people, as some of my prior comments may illustrate my
knowledge of Islam is limited; I would expect it to be less than that of our
government. Especially with the help our leaders get with things like JASTA and
other decisions that take large teams of intellectuals to reflect, research, and I
suspect do a good thing here and there.

There are multiple issues that surround the refugee crisis, (none of which I blame
Muslims for). For instance, the entire world was not blind they saw rivers of people
that had at the least proportional male representation week after week, wave after
wave, month after month. From my periodic glances over several months and seeing a
strong representation of males, I thought at minimum there is some leadership and
perhaps army. Let’s work with them, train them, and assist them going back. This
thought stayed in my mind because within the same week, Obama was shouting from
places all over the world, from every country and rooftop that would take him,
shaming us for neglecting the needy single mothers that the refugee crisis consisted
of. Claiming that turning them away amounted to islamophobia, and that fearing these
needy mothers will let Isis win. Obama’s worldwide spin was obviously designed,
opportunistic, preloaded, devised merely to shut people up, for me it marked more
deception and more disgrace of our Federal Government.

Maybe these refugees couldn’t less about their homelands, or my idea would not work
for a different reason, maybe there are several other things going on. How are we to
know? At no point in all our dealings with Muslims, for decades, not once have I
heard media allow opinions be formed by them here, there, or anywhere at any time.
Except when our media and various leaders trot them out only when they can exploit
them for their agenda, and that should sound very familiar. Which is another
interesting thing about 9/11 prior to it we heard regular reports about Palestinian
clashes in Israel. Almost immediately after 9/11 they vanished. Since 9/11 media has
been accented by Jewish people acting in solidarity with Muslims or special
attention is made to Jews that traipse around claiming to be pro-Palestinian. The
one thing that didn’t stop was commercials asking for money for the holy land of
Israel. Again, it isn’t Muslims fault that our media and government mistreat,
manipulate, and exploit them.

Historically, after wars with countries some started by us some elsewhere, fought on
various sides, after we settled our differences we became friends, allies. Unless it
does not suit someone’s agenda, not my agenda. At least to me it would seem more
suitable for our allies to be Russia, N. Europe, China, Japan, Both sides of Korea,
Vietnam, and Muslims, that hatchet is buried. It may surprise Muslims and N.
European people we have some truly incredible things in common that are way more
interesting than the Federal Govt and Media mistreatment, manipulation and
exploitation. That too will need to be explored another time, we have plenty to
consider here.

Again, due to single tracked media and political exploitation we are never allowed
to learn what Muslims think. So I they should speak up, let them be reactionary,
(they deserve it) let them be reasoned, they are very capable of opinions outside
what our media decides to promote.

In the meantime, here are constructivist visions to consider. 1. I consider
humanitarian 2.(a. and b.) I consider religiously humanitarian 3. I consider the
current American way.

Humanitarian recovery option one: (skipping the long list of reasoning) The people,
(not the religion) of those lands deserve for us to keep a liars promise to do what
is necessary to help them stabilize, rebuild, and begin to develop the understanding
necessary for better cooperation between our people. This does not mean callously
throwing money at a rebuilding effort this means a sustained, interactive,
considerate, hands-on assistance that will help the world. The problem we must face
is the US, and its advisers appear committed to continued destabilization in the
Middle East. Due to this and obvious internal concerns coordinated assistance may
take a while because it must be done without endangering anyone.

Religiously humanitarian recovery option two (A and B): Since largely protestant
countries are those that these Muslims feel safe to flee toward and live among they
must generally trust us above even other Muslim countries. Alongside these realities
sits a Pope that at times exploits the tragedy to appear gracious and others to bash
the protestant countries that seem to be doing all they can to help as many people
as they can. Therefore, Islam, Catholics, and even Greek Orthodox people need better
exposure to one another. Luckily there is plenty of money to finance opportunities
that lend themselves to this sort of deeply needed religious exposure and expedite
this holy land experience. When political or religious leaders want to play the
exploitation game what do they say? That’s right, deal me in!

Religiously humanitarian option A. As Muslims ran northward straight across Italy
and Greece they passed people that have historical problems with pulling their
weight. So we can set up an exposure recovery program Muslims can trade places with
the populations in these countries. By sending those Catholics and Greek Orthodox
people to the Middle East we give the inhabitants of the Middle East better exposure
to them, their faith, and a means to organize in ways that are better suited for
some visionary middle east. In return these Italians and Greeks can earn their keep
by learning about them, and helping them rebuild. In no time the Idyllic vision of
the Holy Land can come together, even Vatican City can be setup somewhere in the
land of Milk and Honey near the Holy Sea, it makes more sense. Look at Israel, the
Jews make more sense now. This method is much safer than war and much faster than
these destabilizing measures, and it will end this outsider view of envy the Vatican
must suffer from. By having Muslims in Greece and Italy they can contemplate their
existence away from the turbulent Middle East without suffering burden, guilt,
exploitation, isolation, or resentment. Instead of committing acts of terror on
France you can work on conversion and hey Spain is right there plenty of Islamic
heritage to be shared. Also, these places are close enough to adequately understand
and continue to offer appropriate help for the displaced people of Islam.

Religiously humanitarian option B. Interestingly there happens to be a Catholic
country south of here that nobody wants to live in. The place is besieged with
violence, their commitment to spreading dangerous drugs all over the world is
unparalleled. The place is so troubled it makes sense that the Latino people cannot
stand living there. They could go to the Middle East and do the exposure recovery
exchange. Naturally not all the Catholics will not want to go to the Middle East and
those that don’t will feel just as at home somewhere on their namesake continent.

Like other interesting things here in the new world, new and changing names have
occurred since the earliest record, for instance Skraelings for Vikings, a word that
has plenty to do with dry things, like fish or meat or pelt or tobacco and if those
words aren’t oddly matching enough the word “record” is also related. 500 years
later these Skraelings were met by Roman Catholics who changed their name to
Indians. For Roman Catholics this label meant rape or rob or torture or slave and
eventually kill off as many as possible. Why kill off? Because Torah or Old
Testament justified different slaves and they were not too far away. The descendants
of Noah’s Ham were captured and spread throughout the new world. It is no wonder the
Vatican wants the world to focus attention on that Theresa woman in India rather
than where Columbus and the following centuries of Roman Catholics thought they
were, India. Maybe that is the path to sainthood, playing your part in a deceptive
smokescreen. Other name changes included New Amsterdam to New York and finally that
wildly fortuitous namesake continent from South America to Latin America, how
fortuitous. We could drop the current name, split it up somehow, (for instance) we
can call everything from Guadalajara to Guatemala, New Palestine, great ring to it.
This would lead to grateful good Muslim neighbors vs miserable violent drug dealing
Catholic neighbors that endanger themselves and the world by being there.

How about it Muslims, do you want to live in Italy, Greece, or New Palestine? Maybe
they don’t or maybe they do but don’t want Catholics, Greek Orthodox, or even Jewish
people in the Middle East? If that is the case do those people go to Latin America,
Africa, or someplace else? Just like Israel now or China in the past for one good
reason or another some people need walls. I for one do not think the people of New
Palestine would need a wall, they would be fantastic neighbors.

Several of these options can be realized and funded by the Vatican, Italy, and
Israel by selling off all sorts of investments like properties in North America and
Europe things like religious retreats, places of worship, schools, other structures,
all the places they deedle kids, and they can stop investing in high profile
political candidates here. It is their vision; they should pay for the land, pay for
the resettlements if they end up impoverished in the holy land well that too seems
like biblical stuff. Maybe to help they can keep their commercial to the rest of the
world on air for all time, asking for money for the holy land.

The Current American Way: Personally, I do not like option three, not a single bit,
I do suspect it to currently be the most accurate.

As the good Muslims ease into the west, enjoying bubbly sugar water and junk food in
safety some level of remorse will sink in for leaving far behind those that weren’t
deemed good enough. So this message is for you, don’t feel bad about such
abandonment, you are considered good and those government officials have some very
special people that desire to study you. Thanks to nodes of SOCMINT, you as object
of possible terror the profiles of cognition. You can be certain Israel, The
Vatican, and our Federal Government already know how to find and turn on inner human
terror bombs, a known known. This is the hand that fits the glove of US perception
waiting for the key moment to trigger outrage, same as us. These are forgone
conclusions, more interesting are the known unknowns, because they are after more,
much much more, they are closely monitoring your tv viewing, phone, and computer
habits, you are being used as a sample audience still in sync with the Middle East.

You see, media designed in certain ways does way more than drive people to destroy
or buy things, it can lead to actual behavior changes like peace and passivity.
Because of the many abilities of programing, it can enable things like peaceful
intake of bubbly sugar water and junk food from Morocco all the way to Pakistan.
Through the magic of such programming, all those people can expect equivalents of
Sex and the City, The New Normal, and Brave New Girls. Children’s “programming” will
include things along the lines of The Legend of Korra, Glee, and Gossip Girl.
Luckily some changes will just fall into place like The Wives of Said al Said. Porn
can be had but we can use different women since you valiantly try to protect yours
from such objectification. Sounds great, right?

Yea, there is a catch though, all those behavior changes amount to mental and
physical problems that negatively impact all of society. Don’t fuss about that
though, those that devise the programming will formulate loads of deceptive feel
good measures to medicate and mask whatever ailments your people may suffer from.
Furthermore, these are mere short-term problems; drafting propaganda of this sort is
relatively new. You should be pleased to know, ultimately their aim is to
synchronize such programming. Everyone they consider organized and pious will be
rewarded. Those that aren’t, like the unorganized protestants of today, with any
hope, will be forever made to look foolish, guilty, racist, and evil. Interested?

These options aside,

This business of giving the Middle East destabilizing actions amounts to the stick
and excess aid to Israel or Italy or migrants or Africa amounts to the carrot. These
things aren’t good for them or us. In either case if and how they want to change it
is up to them. Just like us, we absolutely need to change but can’t quite see it
yet, we can figure it out and we can lead by example. Of course we should still help
when necessary, what does that mean though outside of emergencies. It is more
important to establish what does actually help countries, at this point this should
be a reciprocal process meaning again we need to learn things. For example learning
why the hell did everyone flee at once from Africa and the Middle East, in the midst
of what we were told important regime changes and our “assistance” was helpful. Were
they spurred on at the same time by someone or some entity? Was that supposed to
spark a war? The pope even called it an invasion, that seems incendiary. Compared to
carrot and stick interference, figuring out what is helpful may not be easy.

Anonymous2016-12-22 18:58:36
Reviewing other fears:

That JASTA would diminish our ability to put countries on the state sponsors of
terrorism list. Let’s look at the current list, we have three countries on it,
Syria, Sudan, and Iran.

When considering the US and its theoretical stance on democracy, the hand our
government played in ousting the democratically elected Iranian president, we
deserved a measurable backlash for our governmental pretense, our biggest and
perhaps only selling point is democracy, and for that reaction we isolated Iran for
decades. If you look at their actions directly toward us it appears retaliatory.
This might sound familiar. The US government talks about retaliatory actions all the
time. One current example, the respondent Russian hacking that our government has
deemed intent on interfering with your election, and they said they were considering
retaliation. We are so quick to forget that our government hacked and spied on
governments all over the planet, (friend or foe) post Iraq treachery. So, whoever is
responsible for the hacking, this could be easily viewed as a retaliation for that.
First stone is hard to determine for many countries, not so much for us though,
still retaliation begets retaliation…

Like you and other government officials that do so today, looking back to 9/11 when
condemning Iran was fever pitched, nobody thought twice about it. The reality is
this, Iran did not celebrate, Iran mourned, Tehran was filled with mourners in the
wake of 9/11. Our government knew that, and of vast more importance they knew all
along Iran could have been an ally as they are surrounded
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunni_Islam#/media/File:Islam_by_country.png by well
established radical hate filled Sunni groups. Groups that are most responsible for
the senseless carnage that ruined countless lives. Instead, our Government choose to
further vilify and isolate Shia Iran as an axis of evil, (evil people that mourned
our 9/11 tragedy) and then attack a heavily sanctioned, heavily inspected, terrorist
free, Iraq for WMDs that didn’t exist. While to the entire world it appeared that
Saudi Arabia had its fingerprints everywhere on 9/11 and managed escape with hardly
a harsh word sent their way. This makes no sense, what the hell is going on?

This makes sense - Obama vetoed and Congress wishes to remove the teeth of JASTA
because it enables US victims of the 9/11 attacks ability to sue the Saudi (royal)
government, for possibly funding the 19 Saudi hijackers for terrorist acts. It
should come to no surprise then that along with Obama and Congress, Saudi Arabia
takes issue with JASTA. If Saudi Arabia has a sincere concern about the expense of
potentially meritless lawsuits and the US government is concerned about retaliatory
lawsuits impacting resources they should weigh prices of legal resolution and piece
of mind against the cost of terrorism and war (justified or not). If our government
has actual intentions on ending terrorism why would they care if JASTA stays in
effect as is? This is a pretty big hint about our government persisting on
incredibly destabilizing acts in the Middle East and partially answers your question
what is going on in the Middle East.

More than anything else it appears that our government is trying to shield certain
sponsors of terrorism while pointing at places like Iraq or Iran whose citizens have
inflicted zero terrorist acts on our soil. The main reasons Iran and Syria are on
the state sponsors of terrorism list is because of their support for Palestine. Why
are these three places connected? They are primarily Shia populated and controlled
areas & they are doing what they can amid strains of displacement, shame, isolation,
and hellish chaos.

Hellish chaos, (to put it mildly) includes the extremist Sunni terrorist group Isis
that rapes and slaughters Yazidi, Kurdish, and Christians in Iraq and Syria. A less
promoted but officially known foundational aim for Isis was to instigate war with
the Shia. As our leaders damned and acted in ways to weaken what amounts to the Shia
hold in the region, (Iran, Iraq, and mostly the Shia government in Syria) Isis
mushroomed out of control. Like the regional victims of Isis, citizens, (not
Government officials, not important people, and not important buildings) average
people in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the
United States have been attacked over and over and over stabbed, shot, raped, and/or
blown up by what amounts mostly to directly connected or similar well-funded Sunni
extremists. According to our Government those average everyday citizen victims
should not have the legal recourse JASTA provides.

Instead of allowing lawsuits our government must think they are doing enough, so
let’s review recent examples of terrorism reaction. When compared to a Palestinian
that faced continual displacement, shame, and harsh treatment elects to blow
themselves up, the Israeli government responds by enacting harsher treatment, more
displacement, more walls, more segregation, and occasionally more war. This happens
because the Israeli government believes its citizens to be incredibly special, worth
protecting, and its land worth expanding, likely at damn near any expense and that
includes ours.

By contrast, when some Muslim shoots, rapes, stabs, and/or blows people up in
France, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom or the
United States our governments react by absorbing more Muslims. Muslims that come
from countries that if the situation were reversed have a government or cultural,
(religious) leaders that would rather kill us than allow us citizenship due to
religion, attire, freedom of speech or whatever you are. If that feels like
incredibly harsh hypocritical bullshit, it is. But it isn’t their fault, it is ours.
What we are told to review as abhorrent with human rights issues, hiding politics in
religion amounts to their culture. For even moderate Muslims, traditions matter,
they are upholding and see deviations as incredibly problematic. Obviously, they
like the traditions as they are, I don’t blame them in the least, and if this
changes for them they will change it, not us. Change is not easy, removing all those
“good” people will not help.

Luckily there is a terrific and recent example of this change in societal growth and
protection. Communism was allowed in China, the three teachings remained in China,
and the Pope is not allowed in China. These were decisions based on what good means
for that society and look at how they have flourished. President-Elect Trump, you
added to such credibility with your remarks about them being a competitive threat,
this is a wonderful compliment. Again working with them to give Americans some shit
to do might not be so hard. The entire world needs shit to do, maybe adjust such
manufacturing on what would use the least amount of natural resources around the
world, essentially make or do what makes sense where, maybe China is that answer.
Manufacturing and consumption is a multi-faceted world concern that I need to leave

Another interesting example of ancient traditions would be Israel raising their
children with the belief that they alone belong to a very special race, the Semites,
the chosen people of God. You can be certain that this exalted unparalleled status
significantly benefits the growing character of a child. Also, this vaulted position
contributed mightily to their adhesion while in exile from the land that they
believe God promised them. One must admit, these beliefs of placement for their
people appear worth guarding. From the chorus of equality it isn’t pc to question
the reasons they act as the loudest objectors to other claims of doubtful status.

From Muslims and the Chinese, we can learn how valuable aspects of ancient
traditions, adoption of ideas, and rejection of others prove undeniably beneficial
to citizens. This is how politics and culture should work everywhere on this planet.
N. Europe, the US, and probably other places that seem to suffer from odd
misguidance need to heed this advice from Muslims and the Chinese and work on this.

We are truly suffering due to it, we need adherence to something that loves us back.
Of course I will return to this.

In summation-
1.The bipartisan drive to eliminate and/or water down JASTA to amount to nothing for
current and future victims of terrorism.
2.Our governments nonreaction to general public terrorism, (when reflected against
decades of Israel’s set example, ours does little).
3.After all we have been through, after all the middle east has been through, our
government would allow a terror group like Isis to not just exist but flourish and
slaughter people we said we were protecting for decades.
4.Our governments persistence with these actions and allowances that are stated to
improve the Middle East that align more closely with continued destabilization, the
obvious contributor to Middle Eastern and Western terrorism.
5.Our government’s policies on removal of “good” Muslims from places that would be
better served by such good people staying put. Also, these places that protect their
culture that would kill most of our citizens were the situation reversed.
6.All this damned deception and treachery.

From these points, we can easily derive the importance of average citizens of all
involved countries to be nil. Who are our governments trying to shield and in whose
interest are they acting? Obviously, it is not us, not ours, not those of our
allies, and not these parts of the Middle East.


Continued terrorism appears to be part of what is going on. Would all this be for
Saudi Arabia? If so you would think Saudi Arabia would let the America and our
Allies know how grateful they are for so much blind effort and sacrifice made in
Iraq on its behalf. Instead, Saudi Arabia at least raises terrorists, has some yet
to be proven, (or at least made public) support of terrorism, and allows such a
label as sufferers of islamophobia to be cast around so many of us without
hesitation. If we are doing all kinds of things in the middle east for Saudi Arabia
why does it appear so closely tied to terrorism, so much so they want to end JASTA.
This should provide enough doubt that we are not doing all these things in the
middle east for Saudi Arabia. Like several things here, it is odd to say that Saudi
Arabia is innocent because of their tie to terrorism, but I think they are.


Is this a tradeoff for oil? Africa gets oil, China, India, Japan, I don’t think they
need to do activities to get it. These places don’t have Sunni human time bombs
pointed at them. We are supposedly wealthy, trillions spent for no good reason. Why
are we doing things that destabilize this part of the middle east? Again, what the
fuck is going on?


This is where things start to get bad.

We all know teams of people work toward foreign and national policies that amount to
constructivist long term plans. Again, I hoped Obama would bring change. His
loosening grasp of Iran made sense to me, his general position appeared to be
grounded to helping the Middle East. That slow hand of advisers got to Obama though
when the time came, 44 acted just like past leaders and tried to disguise it again
with deceptions of moral acts and allowances.

For decades, these decisions have been communicated to US citizens as though various
pieces aren’t fitting right in someone’s visionary idyllic Middle Eastern puzzle.
Therefore, leaders decide to disrupt the picture of the Middle East by multiple
means; direct action, assisting, or allowing others to shake up the pieces. Again
removing several million of the best pieces of the Middle Eastern puzzle and
scattering them in fairly specific places, does nothing more than further the plan
of destabilizing actions and allowances. Therefore, Obama has wittingly or not has
done several things to step in accord with someone’s visionary puzzle of Middle
Eastern idyllic future.

As humanitarian acts, for the people in the Middle East, these actions and
allowances have proven to do what for them? Are they safer? More stable? Do they
feel better morally? We don’t need the morality boost we have done several things we
were told would help them. From their side not so much, these people have faced
decades of these destructive actions and allowances that seems to them most likely
to resemble senseless bullying, and we gripe about terrorism. Both are wrong. (see
Saudi Arabia/ Muslims despite supporting JASTA I have your back).

The visionary people though, those that are currently figuring out how to guide your
question of what the hell is going on, too have constructivist visions. And since
you, per snake lips Kissinger haven’t shared any loyalty to their groups they may
stay quiet, causing a hold off in action and plans. They know though that holding
off or taking part in small measures amount to an incredibly long road.

Obviously it is only for them, those that cling to notions about people, their
homelands, and allied countries that makes it is easy to send the lot to die
fighting people that stand in the way of their vision. If they cannot spark the war
they wanted, they might as well flood their lands with people that stand in their
way. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, we are not enemies of the Muslims, but it
sure seems like people are hell bent on this happening. As far as the involvement in
the Middle East is concerned, real war, fake war, good or bad, killing or fleeing,
all actions are sold as “morally good,” why? For who?

Only to the believers in these faiths, morally good leads to their vision. It does
not matter if you are from Europe, North America, or other places in Asia. It does
not matter about your beliefs, you could be Lutheran, Baptist, Taoist, Hindi, Sunni,
Buddhist, Communist, Shia, or any other sect. To these believers, you are all
equally wrong largely sinful and pagan.

This, I suspect, President-elect Trump is what is going on in the Middle East,
destabilizing, fighting, and spending trillions working toward a special
constructivist vision of the Middle East. For Jews and Catholics, influential
leadership and advisers prove over and over again that they will do whatever it
takes, this includes fake war reasoning as a “moral good.”

You might be surprised to learn, in many ways I believe this needs to happen, I am
ok with that, I have ideas to help. It just isn’t going to happen through us, our
allies, or Muslims acting in these ways in the Middle East. The believers of these
faiths need to feel secure in some way wherever preferably in their holy lands,
unarmed. They should not need to sneak behind these curtains of deceit when dealing
with their religion, belief, and faith. We can figure out a way to help but clearly,
again, everything needs to change.

“When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not
support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are
obligated to call for help of civil power, it’s a sign, I apprehend, of its being a
bad one.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous2016-11-27 04:33:17
France is not a multicultural country and never should be, the conservative front-runner for President has said.

Speaking in the final head-to-head debate before the second round of the Republicans presidential primary, François Fillon insisted that multiculturalism was a bad idea, and that migrant communities must

In rhetoric that suggests France’s establishment conservatives are increasingly keen to imitate populist candidate Marine Le Pen, Mr Fillon spoke of French “identity”, “culture” and “history” as he sparred with rival Alain Juppé.

France24 reports that when asked whether France’s future should be as a multicultural nation, Mr Fillon said: “The answer is no.”

“France has a history, a language, a culture, of course this culture and language have been enriched by the contributions of foreign populations, but it remains the foundation of our identity,” he added.

He also denied that France was already a multicultural nation, adding: “In any case it’s not the choice we made, we did not make the choice of communitarianism and multiculturalism.”

“When we go to somebody’s house, we don’t try to take power,” he said.

However, Mr Juppé, who is seen as much more centrist than Mr Fillon, disagreed, saying: “We come from different ancestors, we have different skin colours, and different religions, and that is our strength.”

Breitbart London reported earlier this week how Islamic hardliners, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are urging supporters to vote for Mr Juppé in the primary as he is much softer on immigration.

Whoever wins the primary will likely go up against the Front National’s Marine Le Pen in next year’s presidential election, with observers saying that tactical voting could put whoever opposes Ms Le Pen in power.

The Front National leader has been riding high in the polls and is likely to top the first round of France’s presidential election next spring as French voters abandon the establishment and warm to her policies to limit immigration and confront the European Union.
Anonymous2016-11-20 06:18:14
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Nina Planck Nina(at)NinaPlanck.com 212-982-6462 H 646 285 8541 C

51 MacDougal Street, Suite 19 New York NY 10012-3076

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Patrick Jarreau jarreau(at)lemonde.fr 334688694664 C

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Patti Solis Doyle Pattisolis 703-469-2008 W 202.263.0190 W 744-5191 C

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35 Graham Ave. Apt. 1B Brooklyn NY 11206

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Washington Monthly

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Paul London 966-7893 H

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Phil Singer 202-215-2537 C

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Philip Bobbitt pbobbitt(at)law.utexas.edu 512-472-2779 C 512-970-8314 C C C C

Philip Gould philip(at)freud.com

Philip Turner philipsturner(at)gmail.com 917-293-0901 W

Philippe Reines Philippe_Reines(at)clinton.senate preines(at)hillaryclinton.com preines(at)gmail.com 202-224-2873 W 202-494-4581 C

Philippe Sands philippesands(at)btinternet.com 44 20 7794 7666 H

Rahm Emanuel recos(at)who.eop.gov 312-665-4289 H 773-255-2274 (Amy cell) Fax 312-953-3088 C

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Ralph Alswang ralph(at)ralphphoto.com (202) 745-0455 H

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15 Forestedge Road, Amherst MA

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Regional NetW News RNN 437 Fifth Ave. 11th Floor NY NY 10016 Apt: 3 E. 71st St 12th Fl. 212-535-4499 212-535-8540 Richard French (Peter)

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RHM Global RHM Global LLC 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor New York NY 10019 Richard

Parker richard_parker(at)Harvard.Edu richard_parker(at)Harvard.Edu 617-475-5139 H (617) 495-8269 W 617-216-2752 C

535 Quincy Mail Center Cambridge MA 2138

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Rob Malley rmalley555(at)aol.com 202 352 3242 C

Rob Reiner (310)395-5505 H (310) 285-2300 W

Rob Riemen riemen(at)nexus-instituut.nl 31) (0)73 5130217 H 31. 6 11 53 18 40 C

Rob Russo RussoRV(at)state.gov

Rob Stein 703-647-4350 W

Robert Bryce robert(at)robertbryce.com 512-445-5097 H 512-589-8235 C

Robert McNamara 667-5550 H 682-3132 W

Robert Pape rpape(at)uchicago.edu 773-702-8071 W

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Robert Schlesinger rschles(at)earthlink.net 703-683-4494 H 202-427-6984 C

Robert Jay Lifton rjlifton(at)yahoo.com bjkappa(at)aol.com 508-349-9601 H 508-349-3544 H 617-547-5671 H

Roger Cohen rocohen(at)nytimes.com rocohen(at)nytimes.com 718-499-7065 H

NY Times

Roger Stone players02(at)hotmail.com 202-262-3034 C

Rolf Ekeus 468312653 H 317031125500 W 46705662777 C

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Revolution LLC Counsel 1717 Rhode Island Avenue, NW 10th Floor Washington DC 20036

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Ladden & Allen 55 W. Monroe St Suite 3950 Chicago Illinois 60603

Ron Luckerman rluckerman(at)gmail.com 818-674-0665 C 818-758-9464 H C C C

Ron Steel steel(at)usc.edu (202) 234-6686 H 626-389-7098 C USC School of International Relati University Pk LA CA 90089 Ron Suskind 202-841-4011 C

Rose Styron rosestyron(at)gmail.com 860-354-5939 (Conn.) H 212-888-6304 W 508-693-2535 (MV) Fax

12 Rucum Rd Roxbury, CT -6783 Box 1166 Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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Ruthie and Richard Rogers 207-974-9823/730-4887 H 207-386-4250 (River Cafe) W 7785530254 C London 45 Royal Ave SW34QE

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Sam Gardiner samgard 703.534.7402 H 571.236.9747 C

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Hogan and Hartson 555 13th St. NW Suite 300 West Washington DC 20004 4228 45th St. NW Washington DC 20016

Sarah Chace sarah_chace(at)ksg.harvard.edu 617-852-9102 C 617-441-3015 H

Sarah Hurwitz shurwitz(at)hillaryclinton.com 202-297-7831 W

Scott Berg 310-274-0116 H

Scott Horton shorton(at)pbwt.com 914 712 0706 H 212-336-2820 W C 917-216-2319 C C patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler 1133 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10036

Scott Turow scottft(at)ameritech.net scott(at)scottturow.com 847-786-4081 H 312-876-8000 W 847-905-0410 W

Evanston 848 Dodge #104 , Ill. 60202

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Sharon Luckerman sluckerman18(at)sbcglobal.net 313-885-4761 C

Shaun Woodward shaunwoodward(at)me.com 207-233-2216 H 1865554251 H 7919596707 C 07740428580 Camilla C 44 207 2191291 W 10 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 Clink Wharf, London mustique 17844888151

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Sheldon Hackney shackney(at)history.upenn.edu shackney(at)history.upenn.edu 508-693-0467 (MV) Fax

Simon Hoggart 181-8911780 H 207-219-0026/219-6738 W 7780958610 C London 27 Sandy Coombe Road Sloan Harris sharris(at)icmtalent.com sharris(at)icmtalent.com 203-762-7092 H 212-556-5721 W 917-748-2483/754-9212 C

ICM 40 W. 57th St. 17th Fl. NY NY

Spencer Ackerman sackerman(at)tnr.com 202-518-3894 H 202-508-4472 W 917-627-7424 C

Stanley Scheinbaum 310-471-9541 H 310-476-9853 Fax

345 N. Rockingham Avenue LA CA 90049 Stanley Sheinbaum SKS345(at)aol.com 310-472-9541 H

Stanley Sheinbaum 310-472-9541 H 345 N. Rockingham Ave. LA CA 90049 Stephanie Cutter 548-6800 W

Stephanie Streett sstreett(at)clintonfoundation.org 501-748-0420 W

Stephen Holmes HOLMESS(at)juris.law.nyu.edu (646) 336-7296 H (212) 998-6357 W C 390572318564 C 917 856 8463 C

Stephen Rivers smr(at)riverspr.com 310-395-2993 W 310 991 2401 C

Stephen Schlesinger SchlesiS(at)newschool.edu 212-866-1650 H 212-229-5808 x3214 W

Steve Clemons Clemons(at)newamerica.net 202-232-2655 H 202-276-1176 C

Steve McMahon smcmahon(at)tmsnewmedia.com smcmahon(at)tmsnewmedia.com 703-519-8600 W 703-626-9943 C

Steve Rattner srattner(at)willettadvisors.com steve(at)rattner.com C 212 396 4343 W C C C

Steve Ricchetti sricchetti(at)comcast.net steve(at)ricchettiinc.com 879-9321 W

Ricchetti, Inc. Suite 700 East 1001 G St NW Washington DC 20001

Steve Weisman sweisman(at)PETERSONINSTITUTE.ORG 301-320-2565 H 202-454-1331 W 917-207-9133 C

Steve and Maureen Rattner maureen(at)rattner.com maureen(at)rattner.com 508-693-8282 (MV) Fax

Steven Gaghan gaghan(at)gmail.com 310-908-1461 C

Stewart Wood Stewart.Wood(at)hm-treasury.x.gsi London Exchequer Sun Loma sloma(at)sbglobal.net 773-262-3148 H 773-610-1318 C

Sun 773-262-3148 H 773-610-1318 C

Susan Blumenthal 240-432-0281 C 301 437 8485 C

Susan Eisenhower seisenhower(at)eisenhowerinstitut eisenhower.strategy(at)starpower.net 301-652-6299 H 571 201 3170 C

Susan Loewenberg SALoewenberg 310-202-1863 H 310-560-1788 C

Susan McCue susan_mccue(at)reid.senate.gov susan_mccue(at)reid.senate.gov 224-0412 W 202-439-2732 C

Susie and Mark Buell belindavm(at)buellofficesf.com asteele(at)buellofficesf.com 415.248.7820 W

1550 Bryant Street, Suite 770 San Francisco, CA 94103

Tamera Luzzatto luzzatto(at)aol.com 202-333-0585/2382 H

3014 32nd St. NW Washington DC 20008

Tamera Luzzatto Luzzatto 244-3542 H 224-0290 W 228-1948 C

Taylor Branch mail(at)taylorbranch.com

Taylor Marsh taylor(at)taylormarsh.com 202-368-6441 H

Ted Widmer ted_widmer(at)brown.edu 401 863 2725 W 401-523-1148 C 401 272 2939 H

John Carter Brown Library Box 1894 Providence RI 2912 Terry Alford talford(at)nvcc.edu 703-256-6748 H

Terry McAuliffe 863-8002 (Yael Belkind) W

Terry McAuliffe terry(at)tdmca.com,

Thomas Caplan thomcap(at)aol.com 410-886-2196 H

Tanglewood PO Box 223 21339 Foster Avenue Tilghman Maryland 21671 Tim Grieve

tgrieve(at)salon.com 916-254-0807 W 916-837-3199 C

Timothy Garton Ash timothy.gartonash(at)sant.ox.ac.u 1865274470 W 7767248733 C London St.

Antony's College Oxford OX2 6JF UK Tina Brown TBOfficeNY AssistantTB(at)yahoo.com (Kara)

Tina.Brown(at)TheDailyBeast.com 212-572-2240 H 212-371-1121 W C 917-301-3056 C 6463003562 C 1745 Broadway, #22E01 New York NY 10019 447 E. 57th St. NY NY

Todd Gitlin tg2058(at)columbia.edu tg2058(at)columbia.edu 212-663-8884 H 212-854-8124 W 917-523-4005 C 518-325-5278 H

2828 Broadway Aprt. 12A NY NY 10025

Tom Baldwin tom.baldwin(at)thetimes.co.uk 202 333 4131 H 202 347 7659 W 202 368 0626 C

Tom Chandos tom(at)northbridgefunds.com tom(at)northbridgefunds.com 207-722-8329 H 207-499-7772 W 01488668037 (country) H 7798727014 C 2083456789 TC1 Pager London 9 Park Pl London

Tom Edsall tedsall(at)nationaljournal.com tedsall(at)tnr.com 202 546 8389 H 202 266 7158 W 202 631 2611 C

Tom Edsall edsallt(at)washpost.com t.edsall(at)verizon.com 546-8389 H 212 854 6042 W 202 631 2611 C

Tom Frank wedelbe(at)gsbalum.uchicago.edu 202 363 6867 H

3801 Alton Pl NW washington DC 20016

Tom Freedman TFreedma 237-9008 H 328-5046 W 271-7832 C

Tom Geoghehan geogh77(at)aol.com 312 372 2511 W 773 936 3663 C

Tom Mangold 7802880088 H 208-995-0930 W London Tom Matzzie tom(at)zzranch.com

Tom Oliphant Tom.Susan2(at)verizon.net 202-965-5415 W

Tom Schaller schaller67(at)hotmail.com schaller67(at)hotmail.com 202-518-8722 H 410-455-2845 W

Toni Morrison 914-398-7792/398-0242 H 773-667-4201 W 773-667-5429 Fax

Tony Blinken ABlinken antony_blinken(at)foreign.senate.gov 265-1362 H 224-4448 W 202-390-3914 C

Tony Podesta 352-4645 W

Tricia Davey 207-432-0803 (4) W London ICM 4-6 Soho Square 2nd Floor London

Trish Enright triciaenright(at)hotmail.com 202-230-2376 C

Tyler Drumheller tdrumheller1(at)cox.net 703-448-6702 H 202-638-5339 W 703-376-1625 C

8122 Boss St Vienna VA 22182 Viet Dinh 234-0090 W

Vladimir Pechatnov pechatnov(at)gmail.com

VV Harrison twovees(at)aol.com

Walter and Ann Pincus pincusw(at)washpost.com pincusw(at)washpost.com 333-7770 H 334-7429 W 252-261-8247 H

Warren Beatty mp2980(at)hotmail.com 310-470-4752 H

Wayne Barrett 718-832-2454 H

Wayne Koontz clifton(at)eclipsetel.com 338-8303 H 298-6532 W

Wes Boyd wes(at)moveon.org wes(at)moveon.org 510-558-1328 W

1141 Walnut St. Berkeley CA 94707 Wes Clark 501 244-9522 W

Will Hutton will.hutton(at)virgin.net will.hutton(at)virgin.net 207-479-2158 W 7788564710 C London 34 Elms AVenue Muswell Hill N10 London William Weld 212-835-2007 W

wilson valerie 202-213-4905 C

Wolfgang Ischinger wolfgangischinger(at)web.de l-vz1(at)lond.diplo.de 0044 20 7824 1301 W London German Embassy 23 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PZ UK

Wolfgang Nowak wolfgang.nowak(at)db.com 49, (0)30-34 07 42 06 W 0049 172 2402473 C

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft Sprecher Unter den Linden 13-15 10117 Berlin Germany

Yosri Fouda yosri21(at)talk21.com

Zoe Chace zchace(at)yahoo.com 917-301-6983 C

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